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From: Laurence Cox <•••@••.•••>
Date: 3 July 2010 09:27:01 IST
Subject: [interface-spokescouncil] Interface website – collaborators,  translators and donations  needed!

Dear friends, colleagues, comrades and compandres –

Many thanks for your support and interest in Interface: a journal from and for social movements. 
As you probably know, we have done a lot over the past two years: we have published our first
three issues (on movement knowledge, civil society vs social movements and on crises, social
movements and revolutionary transformations respectively). We’re working on our fourth issue 
(on movements and media), have a call out for our fifth (on repression and social movements) and
are starting to think about our sixth (on feminism, women’s movements and women in movements).
In all of these we welcome contributions on topics other than our main theme.

We are also working hard to develop ourselves into a genuine forum for dialogue: balancing movement
theorising and research, activists and academics; developing true regional collectives in the different
parts of the world; expanding our multilingual brief; findings ways of becoming more accessible and
relevant; hosting dialogues around more immediately political themes; and so on. 

Please have a look at the journal as it now exists if you haven’t done so recently, and if you like
what you find maybe blog it or email the link to friends, colleagues and fellow-activists: 

As part of this, we are keen to encourage those who have already expressed an interest to become 
more active in the journal. The most obvious way of doing this, and one which we always welcome, is
by joining or becoming active in the regional collectives that we use to structure our work. The list of
editorial contacts on our website is also a list of contact points for doing this – this is how you can 
become more involved in commissioning and reviewing articles, and in discussing the direction of the 
journal and its relationship to movements. Basically the regional editor needs to know what your 
research interests are and what languages you can work in / with; we also look for one activist and / 
or one academic affiliation for the list of participants on our website, which gives other people a sense
of the kind of project we are.

At the moment, we are putting a lot of energy into developing a new and more effective website. We are
doing this in WordPress, which is a flexible and free tool for online publishing, and are looking for
people who would like to help us work on this side of things: learning the basics (which we are also
teaching ourselves!), connecting the various elements of the site, improving the design and layout,
etc. This should be a fun and straightforward way of playing with online publishing. If this is something 
you might like to be involved in, please contact <•••@••.•••> directly.

This also gives us a chance to work on translation. At present we have some website material in English,
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian. We also have articles
in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian. Our goal is both to develop the website “frame” in
multiple languages (this is a key reason for the new site) and to add translations, whether of whole 
articles or of abstracts. Again, we are looking for volunteers!

Finally, if you would like to help but don’t have any time to contribute in any of these ways, we are 
starting to organise ourselves financially. We hope soon to have a proper structure for supporters,
contributing a small amount annually, to enable various kinds of development; right now we are making
an appeal for one-off donations (even $10 / €10 / £10 etc. would be a real help!) to cover the costs of the
new site. If you feel able to do this, electronic payments can be made to Ulster Bank (College Green 
branch, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland), account number 16479545, sort code 98-50-10, made out to 
“Action Research”. The Swift Code is ULSBIE2D and the IBAN is IE39ULSB98501016479545. 

Many thanks in advance for any help you feel able to give in any way. 

solidarity and best wishes,

Laurence Cox

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