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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In 
America's War on Iraq -  At Least 665,000 + +

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed 
(Officially acknowledged) In America's War On 
Iraq 3,352

Cost of America's War in Iraq
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Key Articles
Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President
The President's Real Goal In Iraq
The Project for the New American Century.
The Plan Is For The United States To Rule The World.
America's War for Global Domination:
Will Iran Be Next?
Memo: Bush Made Intel Fit Iraq Policy
Secret Downing Street Memo
UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse"
Leaked Cabinet Office paper
Poll: U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The 
Map? - Does He Deny The Holocaust?

The U.S.' War on Democracy

Interview with John Pilger

The United States has long waged a war on 
democracy behind a facade of propaganda designed 
to contort the intellect and morality of 
Americans and the rest of us. For many of your 
readers, this is known. However, for others in 
the West, the propaganda that has masked 
Washington's ambitions has been entrenched, with 
its roots in the incessant celebration of World 
War Two, the "good war", then "victory" in the 
cold war. Continue

"Worthy and Unworthy Victims"

By Stephen Lendman

In a recent article, John Pilger quotes historian 
Mark Curtis' characterization of "unworthy 
victims" as "unpeople" while Herman and Chomsky 
explain the "propaganda system," played out in 
the dominant media, characterizes people abused 
and victimized by us or our client states as 
"unworthy." Continue

Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes or Less

By Robert Jensen

We are told, over and over, that capitalism is 
not just the system we have, but the only system 
we can ever have. Yet for many, something nags at 
us about such a claim. Could this really be the 
only option? Continue

Sweet Waters From a Bitter Fountain
Monetary Reform for the United States

By Richard C. Cook

"This money power is not only the most governing 
and influential, but it is also the most unjust 
and deceitful of all earthly powers. It entails 
upon millions excessive toil, poverty and want, 
while it keeps them ignorant of the cause of 
their sufferings; for, with their tacit consent, 
it silently transfers a large share of their 
earnings into the hands of others, who have never 
lifted a finger to perform any productive labor. 

Iraq: At Least 61 Killed In Another Bloody Day Of 
U.S. Occupation: The Iraqi army killed 25 
"insurgents" and arrested 122 others during the 
last 48 hours in different parts of Iraq, the 
Defence Ministry said.

Some analysts see Iraq war eclipsing toll from 
Vietnam: As fighting in Iraq enters its fifth 
year, an increasing number of specialists in 
foreign policy and national strategy are 
contending that the biggest difference might be 
that the Iraq war will inflict greater damage to 
US interests than Vietnam did.

Another 3,700 American occupation troops arrives 
in Baghdad : A statement Wednesday says the new 
brigade will help Iraqi security forces clear, 
control and retain key areas of Baghdad in order 
to reduce violence.

Anger in Baghdad as Americans finish wall: 
American forces have completed construction of a 
concrete wall around the Baghdad district of 
Adhamiya despite protests from the Iraqi prime 
minister and local residents who claim that they 
are now at the mercy of militants.

Iraq says U.S.-backed oil law sent to parliament: 
The Iraqi government has sent to parliament a 
landmark draft oil law, the oil minister said on 
Wednesday, a major step towards meeting one of 
the political benchmarks Washington has set for 

Digging In : If the U.S. government doesn't plan 
to occupy Iraq for any longer than necessary, why 
is it spending billions of dollars to build 
"enduring" bases?

Iran calls on U.S. to leave Iraq on eve of Egypt 
meet; - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on 
Wednesday on U.S. and other foreign forces to 
leave neighbouring Iraq, reiterating an Iranian 
demand on the eve of an international meeting to 
discuss the violence there.

War pimp alert: Countdown has begun : US, Israel 
prepare for Iran strike in wake of new 
intelligence information

"These People Frighten Me" The Candor of Mike 
Gravel: "Some of these people frighten me--they 
frighten me. When you have mainline candidates 
that turn around and say that there's nothing off 
the table with respect to Iran, that's code for 
using nukes, nuclear devices.

Iran nuclear official 'detained' : Hossein 
Mousavian was deputy to Iran's chief negotiator 
in talks with Europe on the nuclear issue before 
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power.

Afghanistan: 51 civilians killed by U.S. led 
occupatio forces: Regional officials said 
Wednesday that 51 villagers, some of them women 
and children, were killed in recent fighting in 
western Afghanistan. The U.S.-led occupation said 
it had no reports of civilian deaths.

Karzai says Afghans lose patience over killing of 
civilians by occupation forces; : Nearly 60 
civilians have been killed in raids by U.S.-led 
troops in the past week, Afghan officials say, 
sparking four days so far of anti-American, 
anti-Karzai protests

Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian: A top 
Palestinian Health Ministry official, Muawiyah 
Hassanein, identified the man killed as a 
34-year-old civilian.

Israel's violations of the right to life: Report: 
The Israeli military employed violent, excessive 
and disproporti onate force against Palestinian 
civilians. This was evident in the bombardment of 
civilian houses and infrastructure; the 
extrajudicial killing of Palestinian activists 
resulting in the killing of civilian by-standers; 
and the opening of random gunfire leading to the 
deaths of children

The Color of Olives: Video: From Mexican director 
Carolina Rivas and cinematographer Daoud Sarhandi 
comes this elegant and visually breathtaking new 
film about the Palestinian experience. The Amer 
family lives surrounded by the infamous West Bank 
Wall, where their daily lives are dominated by 
electrified fences, locked gates and a constant 
swarm of armed soldiers

Israel FM calls on prime minister to resign: 
Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called on 
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign on Wednesday 
over a damning Lebanon war report, upping the 
pressure on the beleaguered premier to step down.

Amnesty: Kenya denied Somali refugees : Kenya has 
turned away thousands of refugees at its border 
with Somalia and forcibly returned hundreds who 
had fled Somalia's rampant violence before the 
border was closed - leaving them susceptible to 
hunger, beatings and rape.

African Union troops deployed in Mogadishu: 
African Union peacekeepers have been patrolling 
the streets of Mogadishu for the first time since 
the start of fighting that killed more than 1,300 
civilians and caused tens of thousands of people 
to flee to Somali capital.

Interview: With Longtime warlord, new Mogadishu 
mayor: Dheere, who has long cooperated with the 
CIA in grabbing al-Qaida operatives in the 
capital, promised that the ''time of terrorists 
is over,'' saying he would keep the city quiet by 
using 20 police vehicles to patrol the streets 
''day and night.''

US, Montenegro sign pacts; THE United States 
signed a defence pact today with Montenegro that 
could open the way for the deployment of US 
forces to the young Balkan republic - a step 
likely to fuel tensions with Russia.

Venezuela nationalisation goes on : Venezuela has 
continued its nationalisation drive by taking 
control of privately run crude oil installations 
in the Orinoco basin that together account for 
one-fifth of the country's production.

Venezuela has not notified IMF of plans - Rato: 
International Monetary Fund Managing Director 
Rodrigo Rato said on Wednesday he had not yet 
received an official notice from Venezuela of its 
intention to withdraw from the institution.

Venezuela's Bolivar Declines on Concern About IMF 
Withdrawal ; Venezuela's currency tumbled in 
unregulated trading on concern President Hugo 
Chavez's pledge to withdraw from the 
International Monetary Fund will trigger defaults 
on $21 billion of bonds

Sharing the Wealth - Beyond the American Way: 
After the Bush administration's 2001, 2002 and 
2003 tax cuts, the savings enjoyed by U.S. 
households above the $500,000 bracket alone 
amounted to $50 billion per year. Compare that to 
the total of $15 billion that the administration 
gave in foreign aid in 2004.

Mike Gravel on CNN Situation Room with Wolf 
Blitzer : 7Minute Video: Talks about iraq, iran, 
nukes, his presidential run, the other candidates 
and more.

Gonzales' Safety Net: No matter how many members 
of Congress lose confidence in Atty. Gen. Alberto 
R. Gonzales, President Bush is unlikely to let 
him go. If Gonzales resigns, the vacancy must be 
filled by a new presidential nominee, and the 
last thing the White House wants is a 
confirmation hearing.

Top aides say Bush can order warrantless 
wiretaps: Senior Bush administration officials 
told Congress on Tuesday that they could not 
pledge that the administration would continue to 
seek warrants from a secret court for a domestic 
wiretapping program, as it agreed to do in 

Administration pushes to expand domestic 
surveillance: Claiming that federal investigators 
are missing key information on terrorists because 
of an outdated spying law, the top U.S. 
intelligence official called on lawmakers on 
Tuesday to revamp the foreign surveillance act 
and make it easier to eavesdrop on non-citizens 
in the U.S. with suspected links to terrorism.

Secret court OKs all but one domestic spying 
request: A secret court approved all but one of 
the government's requests last year to search or 
eavesdrop on suspected terrorists and spies, 
according to Justice Department data released 

Are You On the government's 'watch list'?: YOU 
MIGHT not realize it, but your government might 
be targeting you for an extra little dose of hell 
next time you try to board an airplane.

States Wiretap Far More Often Than Feds: State 
investigators listened in on more than 3 million 
phone conversations last year as local 
prosecutors sought a record number of wiretaps, 
mostly to investigate drug crimes.

Immigration rally disrupted by police: Video: It 
was a dramatic and chaotic end to what was 
otherwise a peaceful day here in Los Angeles. Š 
Police started to move and disperse the crowd and 
fired rubber bullets, dozens of rubber bullets, 
into the crowd. People went running and fleeing, 
trying to get out of their way

Tape 'reveals order' to shoot Vietnam protesters: 
37-year-old recording of Kent State killings found

Arctic ice cap melting 30 years ahead of forecast 
: This means the ocean at the top of the world 
could be free or nearly free of summer ice by 
2020, three decades sooner than the global 
panel's gloomiest forecast of 2050.

George Monbiot: How to Stop the Planet From 
Burning: All over Washington, you can hear the 
giant scraping sound of officials and legislators 
frantically back-tracking. After years of 
obfuscation, denial, and lies about climate 
change, all but the most hardened recidivists are 
rebranding themselves as friends of the earth.

Why There Was No Exit Plan

By Lewis Seiler, Dan Hamburg

For all the talk about timetables and benchmarks, 
one might think that the United States will end 
the military occupation of Iraq within the 
lifetimes of the readers of this opinion 
editorial. Think again. Continue

In case you missed it

The War Party


Panorama investigates the "neo-conservatives", 
the small and unelected group of right-wingers, 
who critics claim have hijacked the White House. 
They brought us war against Iraq - what do the 
hawks in Washington have in store for us now? 

Enter the Empire

By Manuel Valenzuela

The wealthiest nation-state the world has ever 
seen has for the last sixty years been standing 
atop the upper crust of humankind, basking in the 
splendor of unfathomable richness, enjoying 
unprecedented standards of living, accumulating 
power and control at tremendous speed and 
becoming, at the expense of the planet and its 
inhabitants, the latest incarnation of Rome. 

Don't Steal, Don't Lie and Don't Be Lazy

Evo Morales and the New Wave of Democracy in Latin America
A Must Listen Audio Report

Democratically elected with 54% of the vote, he 
is soft-spoken, honest, mature, humble and trying 
to balance a history of oligarchic elitism with 
the growing needs on his people. A new breed of 
government which has the Bush Administration 
perplexed and unable to put in their pocket. 
Click to listen

H a r l a n C o u n t y USA:

Least we think that America was built by the 
starched shirts and expensive suits featured on 
FOX News and CNN. This documentary will help to 
remind us that our freedoms and working 
conditions were not won by U.S. soldiers in 
foreign lands but through the suffering and sweat 
of our fathers and grand fathers in their 
struggle against commercial interests. Continue

Post Mortem for the Stock Market

By Mike Whitney

The real estate market is crashing faster than 
anyone had anticipated. Housing prices have 
fallen in 17 of 20 of the nation's largest cities 
and the trend lines indicate that the worst is 
yet to come. Continue

Millions Will Die

By George Monbiot

Rich nations seeking to cut climate change have 
this in common: they lie. You won't find this 
statement in the draft of the new report by the 
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which 
was leaked to the Guardian last week. But as soon 
as you understand the numbers, the words form 
before your eyes. The governments making genuine 
efforts to tackle global warming are using 
figures they know to be false. Continue

At least 24 killed in another savage day of U.S. 
occupation: Gunmen attacked a minibus south of 
Baghdad late on Monday, killing 11 passengers 
including women and children, Iraqi police said 
on Tuesday.

Al Qaeda denies reports top leader in Iraq 
killed: An Iraqi insurgent umbrella group denied 
Tuesday that the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq was 
killed, saying he was alive and safe, according 
to an Internet statement.

U.S. Cites 91 Percent Rise In Terrorist Acts in 
Iraq: The number of terrorism incidents in Iraq 
-- and resulting deaths, injuries and kidnappings 
-- skyrocketed from 2005 to 2006, according to 
statistics released by U.S. counterterrorism 
officials yesterday.

U.S. Military wife tells off neocon Kristol : 3 
Minute Video: On a C-Span morning call-in show, a 
military wife took issue with William Kristol's 
disconnect from the personal strains of military 
families. Kristol was almost speechless

Some straight talking: but is anyone in America 
listening?: According to a recent poll, one in 
four Iraqis has personally experienced or 
witnessed the murder of a family member as a 
result of violence since the US-led invasion.

Baghdad up close and personal: Pepe Escobar, is 
back in Iraq and in the Red Zone - that is, 
outside "Fortress USA", the Green Zone. This is 
the first of his unembedded, 
non-Kevlar-protected, bodyguardless reports.

Price tag for war in Iraq on track to top $500 
billion: The bitter fight over the latest Iraq 
spending bill has all but obscured a sobering 
fact: The war will soon cost more than $500 

Everywoman - Iraqi women : Video explores the 
lives of 4 Iraqi women living under U.S. 

Few Iraqi refugees allowed into U.S.: The United 
States admitted 68 Iraqi refugees in the six 
months through March, a tiny percentage of those 
fleeing their homes because of the war, State 
Department figures show.

Syria blames US, Israel for refugee influx: 
Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Shara yesterday 
blamed the "violent policies" of the US and 
Israel for the plight of millions of Iraqi and 
Palestinian refugees in the Middle East.

Andrew Cockburn: "Make Sure This Happens!!": How Rumsfeld Micromanaged Torture

Ex-CIA Analyst Accuses Tenet of Hypocrisy : Six 
former CIA officials, including former top 
terrorism experts, are accusing Tenet of 
hypocrisy for not speaking out earlier. In a 
letter issued over the weekend, they call on 
Tenet to "dedicate a significant percentage of 
the royalties from [his] book to the U.S. 
soldiers and their families who have been killed 
and wounded in Iraq."

Coalition statement in support of impeachment : A 
group of prominent Americans gathered at the U.S. 
Capitol to speak in support of beginning 
impeachment proceedings against President George 
W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

A Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key: 
Bush administration officials have been 
scratching their heads over steps taken by Prince 
Bandar's uncle, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, 
that have surprised them by going against the 
American playbook, after receiving assurances to 
the contrary from Prince Bandar during secret 
trips he made to Washington.

30 Civilians Killed By Occupation Forces In 
Afghanistan : At least 30 civilians were killed 
during recent fighting in the Afghan province of 
Herat, police and government officials say. They 
say that women and children were among the 

Afghans protest over civilian deaths for third 
day: Burning an effigy of U.S. President George 
W. Bush and chanting anti-U.S. slogans, hundreds 
of Afghans staged a third day of protests on 
Tuesday over the killing of civilians by U.S.-led 
coalition forces

Taliban Behead Afghan Police Officer : The 
governor of the southern Afghan Kandahar Province 
says Taliban militants today beheaded an 
18-year-old police officer.

Iran says "evil approach" by U.S. prevents talks: 
Iran will not negotiate with the United States 
until it stops its "evil approach", the 
government spokesman was quoted as saying on 
Tuesday, two days before the two foes were due to 
attend a meeting on Iraq.

'They sold out the world for an F-16 sale' : The 
US and its allies allowed Pakistan to 
clandestinely acquire most of the technology for 
its nuclear program from abroad, unwittingly 
facilitating the spread of nuclear weapons 
technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya over 
the past several decades.

Jordan censors story on dissolving Haniyya 
legislature: Jordanian censors halted printing of 
Monday's edition of the weekly Al-Majd over an 
article detailing a plan for Palestinian 
President Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve Parliament, 
its editor said.

Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience: Video: 
This documentary offers rare footage of Rachel 
talking to a camera and describing Israeli human 
rights violations against a Palestinian civilian 
population.The film opens with grim images of 
dinosaur-like Caterpillar bulldozers turning 
urban Rafah into a garbage pile of destroyed 

FBI outsourced dirty work to secret Ethiopian 
prisons: While we have been awash in news stories 
about the firing of U.S. attorneys, Don Imus and 
the Virginia Tech horror, how many Americans know 
that the FBI and, to a lesser extent, the CIA 
have been interrogating suspected terrorists in 
secret prisons in Ethiopia?

Background on Somalia: Somalia: Ogaden War 77/79 
: 7 Minute Video: This documentary includes 
exclusive interviews with the former US president 
Jimmy Carter, the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro & 
former Russian officials in which they confess 
that the Ethiopians were dependent on military 
support & with out the USSR & allies Ethiopia 
would have been defeated by Somalia

Russia sees moon plot in Nasa plans : Mankind's 
second race for the moon took on a distinctly 
Cold War feel yesterday when the Russian space 
agency accused its old rival Nasa of rejecting a 
proposal for joint lunar exploration.

Venezuela Pulling Out of IMF, World Bank: 
President Hugo Chavez announced Monday he would 
pull Venezuela out of the World Bank and the 
International Monetary Fund, a largely symbolic 
move because the nation has already paid off its 
debts to the lending institutions.

Britain damaged by dropping arms deal inquiry : 
Britain's reputation on the world stage suffered 
"severe damage" when ministers halted a 
corruption inquiry into an arms deal with Saudi 
Arabia, a Commons committee has said

Mike Gravel, soon to be a household name: Mike 
Gravel made such an impression in the first 
Democratic debate last week that his name is the 
15th most popular search in the blogosphere.

Child Slavery: Video: Around 8.4 million children 
around the world are enslaved today. Now, in a 
remarkable journey across three continents, five 
of them tell their stories. This documentary is 
presented by reporter Rageh Omaar

Cops Planted Pot on 92-Year Old Woman They 
Killed: According to federal documents released 
this week, these are the events that led to 
Kathryn Johnston's death and the steps the 
officers took to cover their tracks.

The accursed: widows of Iraq's torn-apart society

By Hala Jaber

"I shouted and beat my breast and yanked my hair 
in the street but no one could do anything. A few 
minutes later we heard shots. I knew they [Ali 
and Ahmad] were dead," she said. " Continue

Something About "Liberation"...

By Layla Anwar

Never, at least not to my knowledge, has a 
"liberation" produced so much human filth... 
Never has a "liberation" managed to generate so 
many death mercenaries and contractors being paid 
up to 5'000 dollars a day with the sole aim of 
exterminating...and "pacifying". Continue

Bush Has Destroyed Iraq and America

By Paul Craig Roberts

The violence and killing that Bush brought to 
Iraq has spread antagonism between Sunni and 
Shiite throughout the Middle East with 
potentially draconian consequences. Bush's war 
has turned Muslim hearts and minds against 
America and made terrorism an acceptable means to 
resist American hegemony. With his mindless war, 
Bush has created more terrorism than the world 
has ever seen. Continue

Sorry They've Been So Mean To You, George

By Ray McGovern

The role that Tenet, McLaughlin and their small 
coterie of malleable managers played as willing 
accomplices in the corruption of intelligence has 
made a mockery of the verse chiseled into the 
marble at the entrance to CIA headquarters:  "You 
will know the truth, and the truth will set you 
free." Continue

US Seeks To Bar Anti-Castro Extremist From Speaking of CIA Ties


The US government is seeking to bar former CIA 
agent Luis Posada Carriles, who is wanted in 
Venezuela and Cuba for the downing of an 
airliner, from talking about his links with the 
agency when he goes on trial in May. Continue

Iraq: At least 80 killed in another bloody day of 
U.S. occupation: A suicide bomber wearing a vest 
packed with explosives killed 32 people when he 
blew himself up among mourners at a Shi'ite 
funeral in the town of Khalis, north of Baghdad.

U.S. April death toll in Iraq passes 100: Four 
U.S. occupation force soldiers were killed in 
separate attacks in the capital this weekend, 
including three in a single roadside bombing, the 
military said Monday, pushing the death toll past 
100 in the deadliest month so far this year.

Maliki's Office Is Seen Behind Purge in Forces: 
Some of whom had apparently worked too 
aggressively to combat violent Shiite militias, 
according to U.S. military officials in Baghdad.

U.S. sees dispute between Iraq, Saudis: The 
refusal of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to meet 
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is a "dispute 
between the two nations", the White House said on 
Monday, urging the Saudis to back the Iraqi 

Kurds to 'block' Iraq oil law : Iraq's Kurdish 
region has said it will try to block a draft oil 
law in parliament, raising the stakes in a row 
with the central government.

Accounting for Iraq's Oil Revenue: A May 2006 
study of oil production and export figures by 
Platt's Oilgram News, an industry magazine, 
showed that up to $3 billion a year is 
unaccounted for.

Bush Bailout Pal Drooling For Iraqi Oil: While 
blood is flowing freely in Iraq's streets, A. 
Robert Abboud, a man who helped bail George W. 
Bush out of his Harken Energy fiasco, is angling 
for a contract that will give his firm, Ivanhoe 
Energy Inc., access to a major oil field in north 
central Iraq.

In case you missed it: War Is A Racket : A speech 
delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley 
Butler, USMC.

Manufacturing Consent For War: U.S. report: Iran 
remains biggest gov't supporter of terrorism : 
Iran continues to be the biggest supporter of 
terrorism around the world, with elements of its 
government supporting extremist groups throughout 
the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, the United 
States State Department says.

Iran Receives A Last Warning: The EU accused Iran 
of ignoring the nuclear non-proliferation treaty 
and called on the international community to 
apply the sanctions dictated by the UN.

Russia's foreign ministry slams U.S. policy: 
Russia's Foreign Ministry criticized the United 
States for what it called over-reliance on force 
and warned Washington against military action 
against Iran.

George Galloway: "What Happened To Iraq Is About 
To Happen To Iran: Video - Galloway speaks on 
Iraq and Iran

Australia, U.S. behave tyrannically, says ex-PM: 
Australia's government and close ally the United 
States behaved in a tyrannical way and for "evil 
purpose" by jailing militants at Guantanamo Bay, 
former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser 
said on Monday.

Thousands protest killing of more than 130 
'Taliban fighters': US-led occupation troops 
killed more than 130 Taliban fighters in 
Afghanistan over the past several days, the 
coalition said on Monday, the heaviest reported 
rebel losses this year amid rising violence in 
the country.

Afghans protest civilian deaths: Infuriated 
protesters carrying the bodies of five Afghans 
killed in a U.S.-led raid - including the 
shrouded corpses of a woman and teenage girl - 
blocked a highway in eastern Afghanistan with 
rocks and felled trees, denouncing their 
government and demanding an explanation

Is Canada's Defence Minister a War Criminal?: 
Political and Military Leadership Has Been 
Playing Fast and Loose With Torture

Lawyers taking Rumsfeld war crimes case to Spain: 
German lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck says that he will 
refile a war crimes complaint against former US 
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Spain 
with the help of Spanish counterparts after the 
German Federal Prosecutor's office Friday 
rejected a bid to prosecute the suit in Germany 
under that country's universal jurisdiction law

Between the Mullahs and the Military:Video - It's 
a study of Pakistan's power struggle between the 
two dominant powers - Islamic religious leaders 
and the Military.

Hamas chief issues intifada warning : Khaled 
Meshaal, the Hamas leader, has told Israel that 
it could face another Palestinian uprising unless 
conditions in the Gaza Strip and occupied West 
Bank improve.

Lebanon war report slams Israeli PM : A 
commission probing Israel's war in Lebanon last 
summer has accused the country's wartime leaders 
of "very severe failures" in their handling of 
the conflict in an interim report.

Legal Expert: Findings Mean Olmert Must Resign: 
Following the grave findings of the Winograd 
Commission on Monday afternoon, Atty. Yosef Fuchs 
of the Land of Israel Legal Forum issued a 
statement saying that Olmert has no choice but to 
resign. Fuchs says that this is the indicated 
conclusion based on the Kahn Commission precedent 
that investigated Sabra and Shatila in 1982

Clinton scores with Jewish Democrats: All seven 
major Democratic presidential candidates 
addressed the National Jewish Democratic Council 
this past week, but only one had two supporters 
introduce her. Hillary Clinton also received the 
most applause and ovations before, during and 
after her speech.

Clinton and Obama Raiding Donors Who Backed Bush: 
In the first quarter of this year, more than 150 
former Bush donors pitched in for Mrs. Clinton's 
campaign, while a similar number anted up for Mr. 
Obama, according to an analysis of Federal 
Election Commission data

One million Turks take to the streets in mass 
rally: Turks take to the streets in mass rally: 
More than a million Turks rallied on Sunday in 
support of secular democracy amid an 
unprecedented stand-off between the 
Islamist-rooted government and the army over 
presidential elections.

Refugees: 90 Somali migrants buried in mass 
graves in Yemen : Ninety of the 140 missing 
Somali migrants to Yemen have been buried in mass 
graves in the Bir Ali area of Shabwa after their 
bodies were found floating off the coast, members 
of the Somali community in the capital, Sana'a, 
said on Wednesday.

"Renegade" Somali leaders vow deeper insurgency: 
"Renegade" Somali leaders on Monday vowed deeper 
insurgency against government-backed Ethiopian 
troops despite retreating in recent clashes in 
Mogadishu, some of the deadliest in the city's 

Justin Raimondo : Blueprint for Dictatorship : 
America is headed for a military dictatorship - 
and recent legislation makes this all but 

A Few Good Men! Protest at Senate turns to 
Arrests : 2 Minute Video: April 26 2007 - 14 
people werearrested in the HartSenate Office 
Building,for unlawful assemblywhile protesting to 
stopthe war in Iraq and calling for impeachment.

Venezuela plans to sell off U.S. oil refineries, 
relocate in Latin America : President Hugo Chavez 
said Sunday that Venezuela hopes to gradually 
sell off its refineries in the United States and 
build a new network of refineries in Latin 
America, part of a plan to offer his leftist 
allies in the region a stable oil supply.

Wolfowitz Resignation Deal in the Works : Behind 
the scenes of the gladiatorial battle that will 
take place between Paul Wolfowitz and the World 
Bank Board today are efforts by his lawyer, 
Robert Bennett, and the Bank staff to negotiate 
terms of Wolfowitz's departure.

Credit card companies raising rates without 
notice : The credit squeeze is on. The credit 
card companies are raising their rates silently; 
rates go as high as 29.99% easily without any 
notice. The Fed is watching helplessly as these 
loan sharks make the economy collapse.

An Alfred Hitchcock Documentary on The Nazi 
Holocaust : A film the British Government deemed 
too grisly for release after World War II - has 
received its public debut on British television.

U.S. Storm Troopers - Occupation Of Iraq - 101

3 Minute Video

Proud moments in US. military history caught on 
tape. How are these action different than those 
of Nazi raids in occupied France? Continue

Bush Has Gone AWOL

By General William Odom

"Most Americans suspect that something is 
fundamentally wrong with the President's 
management of the conflict in Iraq. And they are 
right. Continue

Inside Africa's Guantánamo

By Salim Lone

The only way the US can prop up its client regime 
in Somalia is through lawlessness and slaughter. 

A Hope not Lost

By Uri Avnery

ON THE MORROW of Independence Day, a newspaper 
reported that an Arab child had refused to stand 
up while the national anthem was sung. The paper 
was furious. I was not. In fact, it raised a 
childhood experience from the depths of my 
memory. Continue

Sunday : At least 9 killed as U.S. occupation 
grinds on: Iraqi army killed two insurgents and 
arrested 112 others during the last 24 hours in 
different parts of Iraq

British soldier killed in Basra: The soldier had 
dismounted from his vehicle during the patrol in 
the al-Ashar district of Basra.

Support for Iraq War Timetable Hits 64% in U.S.: 
64 per cent of respondents think the U.S. should 
set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops 
from Iraq sometime in 2008

Iraq "I thought I would not stand the torture" : 
As result of the torture he endured, one of his 
legs sustained serious injuries and doctors said 
it might require amputation.

Myth Making : Congressional investigators have 
discovered that at least one U.S. military 
official provided the media with details about 
Jessica Lynch's heroic acts-a tale that was later 
proven to be untrue.

In case you missed it: How The Presstitutes Lie 
To America : Pfc. Jessica Lynch, rescued Tuesday 
from an Iraqi hospital, fought fiercely and shot 
several enemy soldiers after Iraqi forces 
ambushed the Army's 507th Ordnance Maintenance 
company, firing her weapon until she ran out of 
ammunition, U.S. officials said yesterday.

In case you missed it: Iraqis Say Lynch Raid 
Faced No Resistance : Accounts of the U.S. 
military's dramatic rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch 
from Saddam Hospital here two weeks ago read like 
the stuff of a Hollywood script. For Iraqi 
doctors working in the hospital that night, it 
was exactly that -- Hollywood dazzle, with little 
need for real action.

Saturday: Iraq: At least 152 killed in ongoing 
U.S. occupation: A suicide car bomber killed 60 
people and wounded 170 near one of Iraq's most 
revered Shi'ite shrines in the holy city of 

9 U.S. occupation troops killed in Iraq: The U.S. 
military announced the deaths of nine American 
troops, including three killed Saturday in a 
single roadside bombing outside Baghdad.

Sadr tells "anti-Christ Bush" to leave Iraq: The 
powerful Iraqi cleric and militia leader Moqtada 
al-Sadr called President George W. Bush the 
"anti-Christ" on Saturday and urged him to heed 
calls by the opposition Democrats to withdraw 
from the chaos of Iraq.

War criminal washes blood from his hands: CIA 
Warned White House Before Iraq Invasion That 
Anarchy Could Ensue: Tenet cautions against 
concluding that the CIA predicted many of the 
difficulties that followed. 'Doing so would be 
disingenuous,' because the agency saw them as 
possible scenarios, not certainties, he writes.

War criminal admits: Cheney had eye on Iraq long 
before 9/11: In his book, former CIA director 
says aides to Cheney and Rumsfeld inserted 'crap' 
into public justifications for war

War criminal washes blood from his hands: Senator 
Durbin kept silent on prewar knowledge : The 
Senate's No. 2 Democrat says he knew that the 
American public was being misled into the Iraq 
war but remained silent because he was sworn to 
secrecy as a member of the intelligence committee.

War criminal washes blood from her hands: Clinton 
promises to end Iraq war: - U.S. Sen. Hillary 
Clinton, D-N.Y., kicked off the California 
Democratic Party convention Saturday, promising 
to end the Iraq war if she is elected president.

World Wide Terror Attacks Up 30%: Secretary of 
State Condoleezza Rice and her top aides earlier 
this week had considered postponing or 
downplaying the release of this year's edition of 
the terrorism report, officials in several 
agencies and on Capitol Hill said

Maliki warns US senators Iraq will not accept 
foreign pressure : Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri 
al-Maliki told a delegation of visiting US 
lawmakers on Saturday that foreign powers should 
not try to influence the Iraqi political process.

Saudi King Declines to Receive Iraqi "Leader": In 
a serious rebuff to U.S. diplomacy, King Abdullah 
of Saudi Arabia has refused to receive Iraqi 
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the eve of a 
critical regional summit on the future of the 
war-ravaged country, Iraqi and other Arab 
officials said yesterday.

Retired gen.: Bush should sign Iraq bill: The 
general accused Bush of squandering U.S. lives 
and helping Iran and al-Qaida when he invaded 

Hometown Baghdad : Video: An ongoing documentary 
web series following the lives of a few Iraqi 
20-somethings trying to survive in Baghdad.

31 killed in occupied Afghanistan: Two occupation 
force soldiers died in separate incidents, 
officials said on Saturday.

Sunday: Afghans protest after U.S. occupation 
forces kill 6: : Abdul Ghafur, Nangahar police 
spokesman, said the six dead, including three 
women, were all civilians.

Unpopularity of Karzai government threatens 
Afghanistan war effort: NATO risks losing the war 
in Afghanistan because of a "tremendous 
deterioration" in the popularity of the 
government of U.S.-backed President Hamid Karzai, 
the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations 
Richard Holbrooke said Saturday

Suicide bomber kills 26 in Pakistan, minister 
hurt: A suicide bomber killed at least 26 people 
in Pakistan on Saturday and wounded dozens more, 
including Interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Khan 
Sherpao, a senior security official said.

One Thousand Guns A Day: 7 Minute Video: The Gun Bazaar of Pakistan

Four killed by Israeli occupation forces: GAZA 
CITY: Israeli troops shot dead three members of 
the Islamist Hamas' armed wing and wounded a 
fourth in the Gaza Strip yesterday, a Palestinian 
medical source said.

Israel seizes West Bank land for illegal barrier 
: Israel is to confiscate 23 hectares (57 acres) 
of Palestinian farmland in the occupied West Bank 
for its controversial security barrier, according 
to a military order seen by AFP on Saturday.

Sara Roy: A Jewish Plea: Why is it virtually 
mandatory among Jewish intellectuals to oppose 
racism, repression and injustice almost anywhere 
in the world and unacceptable -- indeed, for 
some, an act of heresy -- to oppose it when 
Israel is the oppressor, choosing concealment 
over exposure?

Robert Fisk: We are now in the firing line, sadly 
: I add my voice to those demanding the release 
of Alan Johnston. His imprisonment is a disaster 
for the Palestinians and for all the Arabs of the 
Middle East. And as long as he is held, how can 
we cover the atrocities of Iraq and Afghanistan 
as well as Gaza?

Iran disabled 'with 1000 missiles': IRAN'S 
disputed nuclear program could be severely hit by 
firing 1000 cruise missiles in a 10-day attack, 
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said.

Magazine pulls Olmert's Iran raid quotes : Focus 
Magazine said Saturday it removed Olmert's 
statements about blitzing Iran with thousands of 
cruise missiles due to translation problems.

In Ahmadinejad's Iran, Jews still find a space: , 
Iranian Jews say they live in relative freedom in 
the Islamic Republic, remain loyal to the land of 
their birth, and are striving to separate 
politics from religion.

Yemen accused of 'genocide' : He also blamed the 
government for recent battles that left hundreds 
dead on both sides, saying the army's attacks on 
rebel-held villages amounted to "genocide".

"The Most Lawless War of Our Generation" - Fmr. 
UN Spokesperson on Somalia : Ethiopians are there 
without any international legitimacy. They're 
occupiers. They violated the UNCharter.

Massacre in Mogadishu-war crime made in the USA: 
The brutal military siege against the Somali 
capital of Mogadishu constitutes a war crime for 
which the US government bears the principal 

Government appoints war lords after Mogadishu 
fighting: Abdi Hassan Awale, popularly known as 
Qaybdiid, and Mohamed Dheere -- both former 
warlords -- take over as national police boss and 
mayor of the shell-scarred capital respectively.

In case you missed it: O.N.L.F. Statement On 
Military Operation Against Illegal Oil Facility 
In Ogaden: The operation targeted 3 military 
units of the TPLF regime who were guarding an oil 
exploration field. Exploration activities at the 
field began recently following an agreement 
between the Ethiopian government and a Chinese 

Namibia - Genocide and the Second Reich : Video: 
A hundred years ago, three quarters of the Herero 
people of the German colony of Namibia were 
killed, many in concentration camps. Today, the 
descendants of the survivors are seeking 
reparations from the German government. This film 
tells for the first time this forgotten story and 
its links to German racial theories

82 Inmates Cleared but Still Held at Guantanamo: 
More than a fifth of the approximately 385 
prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been 
cleared for release but may have to wait months 
or years for their freedom because U.S. officials 
are finding it increasingly difficult to line up 
places to send them

CIA held suspect in secret prison for months: The 
CIA held a captured Al Qaeda leader in a secret 
prison since autumn and transferred him a week 
ago to the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo 
Bay, Cuba, officials said Friday.

Hicks's crimes were minor: US military 
prosecutors: "His case was a very ordinary case; 
there was nothing special about it in that 
clearly he was but a foot soldier, not a leader 
or a planner ... for people wanting to see the 
worst of the worst, this was not going to be it."

Iranian tip-off may have led Americans to 
al-Qaeda leader: British diplomats are checking 
secret reports that elements within Iran, 
normally hostile to the West, helped the American 
secret services to capture Abdul Hadi al-Iraqi, 
the Kurdish-born senior al-Qaeda militant who was 
revealed last week to have been arrested on the 
border between Iran and Iraq late last year.

Chavez offers allies half-price oil : Hugo Chavez 
offered to sell oil to allies at a 50 per cent 
discount at a summit of the Bolivarian 
Alternative for the People of the Americas in the 
Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto on Saturday.

Chavez details arms build-up : Hugh Chavez, the 
president of Venezuela, has announced details of 
an arms build-up which he says will make the 
South American nation "invulnerable" to any 

Peru Rejects US Military Base: Peruvian Foreign 
Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde totally rejected 
any possibility that the government would accept 
a United States military base on Peruvian soil.

Riz Khan Interviews Noam Chomsky : Riz Khan talks 
to one of the greatest and most controversial 
intellectuals of our time, Noam Chomsky.

Connie Fogal On The North American Union: Video: 
Connie Fogal, the redoubtable leader of the 
Canadian Action Party, delivers a hard hitting 
and passionate warning against the North American 

Most Katrina Aid From Overseas Went Unclaimed: 
Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil 
that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 
million has been used so far for disaster victims 
or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials 
and contractors.

After debate, little-known Democrat draws a 
crowd: "What will make a difference in this 
campaign is not money, it's not celebrity, it is 
a person who is prepared to tell the American 
people the truth," he said. "

Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear : Video: A 
US government whistleblower tells Panorama how 
scientific reports about global warming have been 
systematically changed and suppressed.

US mortgage crisis forces homeowners to take 
refuge in their cars: THEY are victims of the 
United States' growing mortgage crisis - low-paid 
workers whose homes have been repossessed amid 
rising interest rates, a stagnant property market 
and a lax lending regime.

America's war on tourists: In a recent poll of 
international travellers, commissioned by 
Discover America Partnership, a coalition of US 
tourist organisations, 70 per cent of respondents 
said they feared US officials more than 
terrorists or criminals.

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