Here come the Patriot Pastors!


Richard Moore

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The Patriot Pastors¹ Electoral War Against the ŒHordes of Hell¹

Burgeoning ŒRestoration¹ Projects Hope to Elect Ohio Governor in 2006, Spread 
Model Nationwide

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The new report by People For the American Way Foundation, the NAACP, and the 
African American Ministers Leadership Council documents how a new generation of 
Religious Right leaders is turning conservative churches into political machines
for far-right Republican candidates with rhetoric that might make Pat Robertson 
blush. Christians may hold the most powerful political offices in the country, 
but to these pastors, Christians are on the verge of being thrown into jail for 
professing their faith. Political opponents aren¹t just wrong, they are the 
³hordes of hell² and the ³forces of darkness.² Notably, high-level Republican 
officials aren¹t trying to distance themselves from such rhetoric. Far from it. 
They¹re embracing the self-proclaimed ³Christocrats² and counting on a new wave 
of aggressive politics-from-the-pulpit to win elections. In Texas, a group is 
giving the governor organized support from pastors motivated to help his 
re-election campaign. In Pennsylvania, a nascent group seeks to do the same for 
their embattled senator. And in Ohio, the candidate anointed by the ³Patriot 
Pastors² ­ Secretary of State Ken Blackwell ­ is the Republican gubernatorial 

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