Geopolitics: more Russian moves


Richard Moore


Novosti - Russian News & Information Agency

Russia covers 90% of EU natural gas needs, Putin 

04/10/2005 17:56 LONDON, October 3 (RIA Novosti)-
Russia covers 90% of the European Union's natural gas needs,
President Vladimir Putin told a news conference at the end of
the Russia-EU summit Tuesday.

"Russia is a reliable partner and has never let its partners
in Europe down," the Russian leader said.

"Rumors that Europe could lose its energy independence are
greatly exaggerated," he said, echoing British premier Tony
Blair's opinion that neither side depended on the other.

Putin said that Russia and the EU had attained a new level of
strategic interaction.

"We made a decision to allow [our] European partners to
produce natural gas in Russia," he said.

He added that the partners had met Russia halfway by granting
it access to electricity distribution networks including in
Europe. "And together we intend to pursue major infrastructure
projects, including the construction of the North European Gas
Pipeline," the president added.

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