Another view on peak oil as scam


Richard Moore


Peak Oil is a Corrupt Globalist Scam 

Steve Watson, Alex Jones & Paul Watson | October 04 2005

They make the profits on creating artificial scarcity.

"Peak oil" is pure military-industrial-complex propaganda.

Publicly available CFR and Club of Rome strategy manuals from
30 years ago say that a global government needs to control the
world population through neo-feudalism by creating artificial
scarcity. Now that the social architects have
de-industrialized the United States, they are going to blame
our economic disintegration on lack of energy supplies.

Globalization is all about consolidation. Now that the world
economy has become so centralized through the Globalists
operations, they are going to continue to consolidate and
blame it on the West's "evil" overconsumption of fossil fuels,
while at the same time blocking the development and
integration of renewable clean technologies.

In other words, Peak oil is a scam to create artificial
scarcity and drive prices up. Meanwhile, alternative fuel
technologies which have been around for decades are
intentionally suppressed.

This year in particular we have seen a strong hike in oil
prices and are being told to simply get used to it because
this is the way it is going to be. In the wake of Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita gas prices have shot up amid claims of vast
energy shortages. Americans are being asked to turn off lights,
change thermostat settings, drive slower , insulate homes
and take other steps. Meanwhile the oil companies continue to
make record profits.

Even The New York Times pointed out that the recent "energy
crisis" seems to be purely tactical:

"To Mr. Bush's critics, the call for conservation smacked of
showmanship, or of shutting the garage door after the S.U.V.
had been stolen. After all, the president has spent the past
weeks dropping into the hurricane region from the
fuel-guzzling Air Force One, which the Air Force estimates
costs $40,000 an hour to fly."

Flying in the face of the so called peak oil crisis are the
facts. If we are running out of oil so quickly then why are
reserves being continually increased and production

in the 1980s OPEC decided to switch to a quota production
system based on the size of reserves. The larger the reserves
a country said it had the more it could pump.

Earlier this year Saudi Arabia reportedly increased its crude
reserves by around 200 billion barrels. Saudi Oil Is Secure
and Plentiful, Say Officials.

"These huge reserves enable the Kingdom to remain a major oil
producer for between 70 and 100 years, even if it raises its
production capacity to 15 million barrels per day, which may
well happen during the next 15 years,"

Is this the normal course of behaviour if we are currently at
the peak for oil production? The answer is no, it's the normal
course of action for increasing production.

There have also been reports that Russia has vastly increased
its reserves even beyond those of Saudi Arabia. Why would they
do this if they believed there would be no more oil to get
hold of? It seems clear that Russia is ready for unlimited
future production of oil.

There is a clear contradiction between the peak oil theory and
the continual increase in oil reserves and production.

New untapped oil sources are being discovered everywhere on
earth. The notion that there are somehow only a few sources
that the West is trying to monopolize is a complete myth,
promulgated by those raking in the massive profits. After all
how do you make huge profits from something available in

AWall Street Journal Article by Peter Huber and Mark Mills
describes how the price of oil remains high because the cost
of oil remains so low. We are not dependent on the middle east
for oil because the world's supplies are diminishing, it is
because it is more profitable to tap middle east supplies.
Thus the myth of peak oil is needed in order to silence the
call for tapping the planet's other plentiful reserves.

Richard Branson has even stated his intention to set up his
own refinery because the price of oil is artificially being
kept high whilst new sources are not being explored and new
refineries not being built.

"Opec is effectively an illegal cartel that can meet happily,
nobody takes them to court," Branson has said. "They collude
to keep prices high."

So if more refineries were built and different resources
tapped, the oil prices would come down and the illegal cartel
OPEC would see profits diminish. It is no wonder then that the
argument for peak oil is so appealing to OPEC. If no one
invests to build refineries because they don't believe there
is enough oil, then who benefits? OPEC and the oil elites of

It seems that every time there is some kind of energy crisis,
OPEC INCREASES production . The remarkable thing about this is
that they always state that they are doing it to ease prices,
yet prices always shoot up because they promulgate the myth
that they are putting some of their last reserves into the
market. Analysts seem confused and always state that they
don't believe upping production will cut prices.

In a recent report the International Monetary Fund projected
that global demand for oil by 2030 would reach 139 million
barrels a day, a 65 percent increase.

"We should expect to live with high and volatile oil prices,"
said Raghuram Rajan, the IMF's chief economist. "In short,
it's going to be a rocky road going forward."

Yet independent analysts and even some within OPEC seem to
believe that the demand for oil is diminishing. Why the

The peak oil and demand myth is peddled by the
establishment-run fake left activist groups, OPEC and
globalist arms such as the IMF.

Rolling Stone magazine even carried an article in its April
issue heavily biased towards making people believe the peak
oil lie.

The Scientific evidence also flies in the face of the peak oil
theory. Scientific research dating back over a hundred years ,
more recently updated in a Scientific Paper Published In
'Energia' suggests that oil is abiotic, not the product of
long decayed biological matter. Oil, for better or for worse,
is not a non-renewable resource. It, like coal, and natural
gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth.

No coincidence then that the Russians, who pioneered this
research have pumped expenditure into deep underground oil

We have previously scientifically exposed the scam behind peak
oil. Here is a 1 hour+ audio clip featuring Alex Jones'
comments on peak oil and then the analysis of respected
scientific commentator Dr. Nick Begich who presents evidence
to suggest the idea of Peak oil is artificial.

A dangerous fallout precedent being set is that people on both
the left and right believe wars are being fought in order to
tap the last reserves of oil on the planet. The "coalition of
the willing", whoever they may be for any given war, will not
pay particular attention to refuting this claim because it
allows them a reason to start and continue said war.

Even though many will see it as immoral, many will
subconsciously attach it as a reason for the war. In reality
the war is purely for profit, power and control, oil can be a
part of that, but only if the peak oil claim is upheld.

If we continue to let the corrupt elite tell us we are wholly
dependent on oil, we may reach a twisted situation whereby
they can justify starvation and mass global poverty, perhaps
even depopulation, even within the western world due to the
fact that our energy supplies are finished.

Peak oil is just another weapon the globalists have in their
arsenal to move towards a new world order where the elite get
richer and everyone else falls into line.


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"