False-Flag ALERT: Terrorist attack drill Sept. 7 in Chicago, IL


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RED ALERT: Terrorist attack drill Sept. 7 in Chicago, IL-
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FFN Editor's Note:  This drill is Chicago is particularly ominous.  Chicago was 
the site of terror drills from May 2-4 in 2006, housed the TOPOFF drills in May,
2003 simulating multiple pandemic and terror attacks, and Illinois recently 
hosted 5 days of  "Prarie Thunder" terror and pandemic drills Aug 4-9 2006.

Also see:  Boston, MA: Terrorist drills Sept. 17 to simulate "Dirty Bomb," 
coordinated explosions


Daley: Chicago Loop evacuation drill to be 'spontaneous'

August 28, 2006

BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter

Chicago has conducted countless tabletop drills since Sept. 11, 2001 to simulate
what would happen if the city was hit with a terrorist attack or natural 

Next week, the simulation will come ³off the tabletop and out into the street.²

Emergency preparedness officials will stage a ³voluntary evacuation² of fewer 
than a dozen buildings in a section of the Loop that Chief Emergency Officer 
Cortez Trotter described as ³two square blocks, maybe more.² Sources said the 
Sears Tower will not be included in the drill, tentatively scheduled for next 

Building employees who agree to participate ‹ and give up ³several hours² of 
their workday ‹ will be directed to designate ³transport centers,² Trotter said.
From there, they will presumably be taken by bus to central gathering places 
like McCormick Place, where they will be given food, water, washclothes, 
toothbrushes, blankets and other essentials.

McCormick Place got its first evacuation test during a South Side power outage 
earlier this month.

The goal of the drill is to test in a real-life situation how prepared Chicago 
is for a mass evacuation nearly five years to the day after the Sept. 11 
terrorist attacks.

³When you do tabletop exercises, that¹s one thing. But it becomes real life to 
people when they can actually see it. Once they see these exercises unfolding 
and they can understand that, ŒHey, that could be me tomorrow, the day after 
tomorrow or next year,¹ they start to pay closer attention to it,² Trotter told 
a news conference at the city¹s 911 emergency center.

³The exercise not only demonstrates what we would have people do once they reach
ground level. It takes it to the next step. And that is, once you¹re evacuated, 
you can anticipate going to assembly transport centers. You can anticipate being
told to go to different locations. Once that takes place, then the second phase 
of the excerise that¹ll be done ‹ later on in the year, probably ‹ picks it up 
at that point: the stockpiling. They¹ll be made aware of that so that, if you 
are told to evacuate, we are starting to stockpile things that people need.²

Trotter said the evacuation will not cause a ³considerable disruption² in the 
central business district. But it will cover an area ³large enough so that we 
can get a good sampling² of where Chicago stands.

³Yes, we have a plan. Yes, we understand the plan. Yes, we believe that it will 
work well. We¹re going to test it and make sure that it does and, if it needs to
be tweaked, then we¹ll do itŠWe had a recent power outage on the South Side. As 
a result of the evacuation that took place there, we¹ve learned some things. 
We¹ve tweaked the plan. Now, we¹re bringing it downtown. Once we do it here, 
we¹re going back to the neighborhoods,² he said.

Although building owners and managers have been notified, Mayor Daley said it¹s 
pivotal not to reveal too many details about the drill in advance.

³You can¹t say, ŒEverybody has to do this. Now, we¹ll give everybody an alert. 
Here¹s what you have to do.¹ That¹s not an evacuation plan. This has to be 
spontaneousŠ.I¹m not going to have people there two days before getting ready 
for an evacuation plan. You don¹t do that. There has to be some chaos. People 
get frightened. They get upset,² he said.

But what about pedestrians and other innocent bystanders who have no idea that 
it¹s only a drill? Isn¹t there at least some danger of a War of the Worlds 
scenario, where passersby believe that it¹s all for real and start panicking?

³Let¹s hope not. Let¹s hope that there¹s enough interest and enough chaos to let
us evaluate what would happen. But I doubt we would get into a War of the Worlds
[panic] over just a few people,² Trotter said.

The Loop evacuation drill is just one of several activities planned for National
Preparedness Month. City Hall is also planning public service announcements and 
presentations at schools and senior citizen centers to spread the word about 
disaster preparedness and the need to make advance plans to protect children, 
the elderly and pets.

Daley was joined at Monday¹s news conference by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). 
Durbin has inserted proposed language into the Post-Katrina Emergency Management
Reform Act of 2006 that would provide grants to cities and states to develop 
evacuation plans, conduct drills and stockpile materials to supply emergency 

The bill, now before a House-Senate conference committee, would not allow 
Chicago to apply for reimbursement for the Loop evacuation drill after the fact.
But it would be available to finance future drills, the senator said.



August 25, 2006


Sneed has learned the Loop will be evacuated Sept. 7!

€ To wit: Don't panic -- it's just a test. The evacuation is part of an 
emergency crisis simulation conducted by the city's Office of Emergency 
Management to prepare for a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

€ The stats: Residents of the Loop's central business district have been 
alerted. The test is due to occur during work hours. That's all Sneed's got. 
Stay tuned.


Chicago Preparing For Terror Drill

Jon Duncanson


 How prepared is Chicago for a terrorist attack? It may be about to find out.

The city is planning an emergency terror drill in the coming weeks, but 
officials are tight-lipped on just how many people may evacuate different 
buildings at the same time.

Finding details of an alleged planned terror drill, however, is almost as 
difficult as trying to find Osama bin Ladin.

What CBS 2 has learned is that the city is planning a drill that would replicate
on a smaller scale a post-9/11 scenario, perhaps including four Loop office 

As it stands now, it would take place along South Wacker Drive in early 
September -- what insiders call the "trophy office street," a potential prime 
target because of the list of Grade-A corporations located there.

There's no word on whether office workers would be notified in advance that a 
drill was imminent, but insiders say the surprise mode is the preferred mode.

That is fine for many people in the city.

³You have to be ready, I guess,² one Chicagoan said. ³You have to practice it or
you won't know what to do.²

The city's Office of Emergency Management Friday would say only that a 
preliminary plan is in place for such a drill, and that a limited evacuation 
could take place.

They said it would be nothing like the massive 2003 simulated biological attack 

³It's nice to know what your options are,² said John Sweeney, who works in one 
of the buildings that could be a part of the drill. ³Sometimes these things give
the city and the people who are working on it the opportunity to develop 
strategy ahead of time.²

Insiders told CBS 2 that the city wants to gauge responsiveness of office 
workers and see how many people the sidewalks can accommodate in an emergency 
evacuation with presumed casualties.

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