former chief of ISI: America will attack Iran, Syria in October


Richard Moore

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America will attack Iran, Syria in October: Gul

RAWALPINDI: The former chief of ISI, Maj. Gen (R) Hameed Gul has "predicted" 
that America would definitely attack Iran and Syria simultaneously in October.

He was talking after attending the Hamdard Majlis Shoora, Tuesday evening. He 
also condemned the lackluster and weak reaction of Pakistan and Islamic bloc 
about Israels attack of Lebanon.

Analyzing the current war scenario he observed that war has both political and 
strategic factors and despite "using" Israel, America has lost the war in 
Lebanon, where masses have united against the recent Israeli onslaught, and 
would have been more formidable if the generals of Saddam had not sold out to 
American dollars.

He analyzed that Israel would soon be "forced" to stop its land strikes but 
would continue its horrific and heinous air strikes against Lebanon, converting 
it to ruins.

He also "predicted" that after Iran and Syria, Saudi Arabia would also meet the 
same fate, followed by Pakistan.

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