* EU Superstate Becoming A Covert Reality *


Richard Moore

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EU Federal Superstate Becoming A Reality
European globalists no longer even pretend the people will have a say

Steve Watson

Wednesday, April 18, 2007   In a telling U-turn British Prime Minister Tony 
Blair has stated that the EU no longer needs a constitution and should instead 
"opt for a less ambitious new treaty that would not require a referendum."

In other words Blair is acknowledging that the people have seen through the 
legislation to create a federal superstate so the European globalist elite need 
to change the wording and pass it without letting the people vote on it.

Blair's spokesman said an amending treaty would not require a referendum "in the
same way that for the last 50 years other treaties of the kind that we're 
envisaging haven't needed a referendum".

Blair echoed comments made by Downing Street earlier in the year that hinted 
towards implementation of a "mini constitution" over which it would 'not be 
necessary" to hold a referendum.

The latest stealth movements come on the back of leaked documents from late last
year revealing that the British government is to launch a multi-million pound 
propaganda war to force the British people to love the European Union and 
Brussels bureaucrats.

Every Whitehall department is to appoint a spin doctor responsible for promoting
the EU. And Downing Street will draw up an 'EU Grid' to make sure stories 
portraying Brussels in a good light are leaked to the media on a regular basis. 
These include promoting the 'EU brand' by linking to popular European events and
institutions such as the Eurovision song contest, the Cannes Film Festival and 
the UEFA soccer organisation that runs the Champions League tournament - even 
though none of them has anything to do with the EU.

The British government has previously said that if the public voted no they 
would continue to hold referendums until the public voted yes. Now it seems they
won't even do that and are ready to simply sign over British sovereignty without
giving the public a say whatsoever.

The EU constitution was shot down in 2005 by French and Dutch no votes. However,
ever since then critics have leveled that the constitution is being implemented 
anyway, clause by clause, as if the No votes had not even happened.

Whilst the major countries have failed to win over their populations into 
relinquishing their sovereignty, over half of the now 27 countries in the EU 
have said yes to the constitution. In 2005 British MP Daniel Hannan conducted 
research into this back door implementation for the London Telegraph:

"Formal ratification by all 25 states is regarded in Brussels as a technicality.
To all intents and purposes, the EU is carrying on as though the constitution 
were already in force. Most of the institutions that it would have authorized 
are either up and running already, or in the process of being established." 
Hannan wrote.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country holds the EU's six-month 
presidency, wants to resuscitate the treaty and the subject will be a main topic
of debate at an EU leaders meeting in June.

Last month at the EU summit in Berlin, Merkel as representative of all European 
leaders oversaw the signing of a document called Declaration on the Future of 
Europe, which called for new 'institutional reforms'. The declaration was veiled
as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, but in reality 
contained specific references to attempts to have a new EU treaty in place by 

Senior British Cabinet sources have warned that the European globalists 
including Blair and Merkel are pushing hard for Brussels to be given a full-time
unelected president, who would serve a five year term and speak as the voice of 
Europe on the world stage.

Insiders have told the press that the major european leaders are also prepared -
without consulting their Cabinets - to endorse full-time defence and foreign 
ministers for the whole EU.

German Chancellor Merkel has also previously stated that the European Union 
should aim to create a common army within the next 50 years and also have armed 
police to operate with impunity across borders.

Reforms to strengthen the European Parliament could undermine the ability of 
member states to opt out of EU laws, as Britain does at present. All this is 
being slowly implemented without the consent of the public in each member state 
and despite the previous no votes in Holland and France on these very issues.

Under the original draft text of the proposed EU constitution (PDF link), first 
presented in 2004, 16 articles were unveiled as the first piece of a 
constitutional text being drawn up for the Convention on the Future of Europe.

Sweeping aside objections, the document established the European Union on a 
"federal basis", enjoying "primacy over the law of the member states".

This means that were it to be implemented countries would lose control of 
foreign policy and defence and would be stripped of their sovereign power to 
legislate in almost all areas of national life. Remember that the EU at its 
inception was supposed to be a simple economic agreement between individual 

The areas it now seeks to dominate also include public health, social policy, 
transport, justice, agriculture, fisheries, energy, economic and social 
cohesion, the environment, internal and external trade, and consumer protection.

Under the original draft of the constitution Article 3 gives the EU powers to 
"co-ordinate the economic policies of the member states", which covers fiscal 

Article 4 says "the Union shall have competence to define and implement a common
foreign and security policy, including the progressive framing of a common 
defence policy".

Virtually all the current activities of the British Government for example would
fall under the "exclusive" or "shared competence" of the EU, meaning that 
Westminster would be prohibited from legislating unless Brussels choose to waive
its primacy.

In their important history of the EU, The Great Deception, British authors 
Christopher Booker and Richard North, concluded that the 27 member nations now 
entangled in the union have ceded their sovereignty in a carefully planned 
stealth operation. They grudgingly credit european globalists with accomplishing
"a slow-motion coup d¹etat: the most spectacular coup d¹etat in history."

The authors of The Great Deception summarized the effect of the Treaty of Rome: 
"Thus did the central deception of the whole story become established. From now 
on, the real agenda, political integration, was to be deliberately concealed 
under the guise of economic integration. Building Europe was to be presented as 
a matter of trade and jobs."

In addition dissidents and outcasts such as Vladimir Bukovksy have warned that 
an elite plan has long existed whereby the EU would be hijacked and transformed 
into a Soviet style Socialist superstate that would eliminate the individual 
nation state's power and create a governing body with no accountability or 
direct representation.

The current state of the EU is a prime example of why Americans should by 
extremely wary of talk of a North American Union as a "Security Prosperity 
Partnership". As the EU has proven a simple economic treaty can slowly be 
transformed into an all encompassing unelected supranational federal government.

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