Escaping the Matrix: progress report…


Richard Moore


I want to give you an update on how the book is doing, and I'll also 
suggest how you might help out a bit with promotion, if you are so 
inclined. I appreciate all the encouragement and support from our 
cyberjournal community over the years. I consider ETM to be a 
collaborative endeavor. Here's a chance for us to continue that 

So far the sales have been very low, because the only people who know 
about it are those who receive these postings. Among those (you 
folks) the percentage of sales has been very good, no complaints from 
me in that department. There has been one radio interview, on the 
Meria Heller show, but we can't really tell yet what the results 
were, as regards getting the book into circulation.

I believe that phone-in radio interviews are the best mechanism for 
promoting the book. They reach a lot of people; I can do them from 
home, and so far all of my radio interviews over the years have been 
effective in getting across the main ideas under discussion (sample 
on website: So what I'd 
like to do for the rest of the Summer is do as many radio interviews 
as possible. Your help would be invaluable in making contact with 
radio stations.

If you have any contacts at radio stations, or if you listen to 
broadcasters who would be interested in the ideas in ETM, it would be 
very helpful if you initiated an 'introduction'. You might, for 
example, send an email to the appropriate person at the station, Cc 
me, recommending an interview and giving the URL 
( Radio outlets are more likely to 
respond to a message from a local listener or a friend, than a direct 
message from an unknown author in a far away place.

We've signed up with a new print-on-demand outfit - Lightning Source 
International (LSI). LSI is owned by Ingram, one of the main 
distributors to bookstores and online retailers. Because the book is 
print-on-demand, ETM isn't sold by some the big arrogant chains, like 
Borders. But it can be ordered by any of the smaller bookstores, 
although they may need to look on their secondary index, such as 
"Ingram Extra". Print-on-demand books are second-class citizens in 
the world of publishing. With our previous vendor, Booksurge, it was 
nearly impossible for bookstores to place orders. (ISBN: 

ETM is available on all these online sources:, abebooks , 
Alibris , Amazon UK, Barnes&Noble, GreenSpirit Books (UK). In many 
cases good discounts are available (Amazon: $10.35).

We've also updated the cover (see the website) and made the book a 
bit larger (8.5" x 5.5"), making it easier to read in paperback form.

Encouraging Signs
Despite how slow things have been going in the first six months, I am 
very optimistic about ETM's eventual success. What do I mean by 
success?... I'm hoping that the book reaches enough people that the 
ideas enter into that mysterious space called 'public dialog', and 
that the ideas become known to activists, particularly those with a 
community orientation. Why am I optimistic?...because of the 
overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses that I've received from 
first-wave readers. Here's the latest, from Elisabet Sahtouris:

       "A brilliant historical expose of democracy as a smokescreen
       for continuing elite rule, followed by the most sensible
       ways to create it nevertheless. Couldn't be more timely or
       important." [contributed 'blurb' for ETM cover]
          I just want you to know, Richard, that I am mentioning and
       recommending your book frequently.  I really do think you
       did a brilliant job.  Also put it on the recommended reading
       list (a very short one) for my January Schumacher College
       course in January.  I will also be giving one of the three
       annual Schumacher lectures this year in Bristol on Oct. 7th.
          Good job, Richard!

best regards to all,