CFR Making Moves on American Sovereignty


Richard Moore

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CFR Making Moves on American Sovereignty

Council on Foreign Relations has influence on Bush & Fox; group suggests the 
ŒAmero¹ be the new money of the Americas

By Ralph Forbes

President Bush¹s publicity stunt pretending to protect our borders is worse than
a transparent ploy.

Washington bureaucrats, backed by prominent think tanks, are now proposing the 
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), which will give you 
³a safer and more prosperous North America² with ³freedom, economic opportunity,
and strong democratic institutions.² That¹s what the neo-cons promised they¹d do
to Iraq.

The SPP ³trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity² they 
have planned for us is even worse than what they¹ve done for Iraq. Sponsored by 
the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the SPP is the blueprint to drive the 
last nail into what once was a sovereign constitutional republic. It is NAFTA on

El Presidente Bush and his amigo Vicente Fox are merging Social Security so that
illegal fraudsters can loot the trust fund. While the CFR stooges in Washington 
export American jobs and our manufacturing foundation to potential foes 
worldwide, Fox is exporting Mexico¹s problems‹poverty, crime, drugs and 
disease‹to his colony north of the border.

Apparently unprotected borders aren¹t bringing in millions of invaders fast 
enough for the globalists; they are putting NAFTA on growth hormone by building 
Interstate 69, a planned 1,600 mile international highway stabbing through 
America¹s heartland from Mexico to Canada.

Bush and Fox are following globalist marching orders to erase the borders; 
eradicate the American middle class; abolish the Bill of Rights and eliminate 
even the pretense of constitutional government; to steal what little wealth and 
security you have left by replacing worthless federal reserve notes with 
Ameros‹that will be worth even less‹and to reduce the American people to serfs.

The ³Amero,² is the name of the new currency proposed by Robert Pastor, a vice 
chairman of the CFR task force that produced the report ³Building a North 
American Union.² It will replace the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the 
Mexican peso.

Last year, Pastor, the director of the Center for North American Studies at 
American University, and author of the book, Toward a North American Community, 
testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in favor of 
limiting the power and sovereignty of the United States in deference to the 
CFR¹s desired super-regional entity.

Building a North American Union is the blueprint contrived by globalist groups 
like the CFR and Bilderberg. The North American Union is proposed to supplant 
the sovereign governments of the United States, Canada and Mexico with a 
³super-regional governance board.²

Under the North American Union, Congress is to be superseded by a North American
Parliamentary Group. As corrupt as Congress is, an unelected ³parliamentary 
group² would be infinitely worse.

As bad as many court rulings are, the North American Union¹s Permanent Tribunal 
on Trade and Investment would have supremacy over the U.S. Supreme Court, 
amassing entangling precedents and laying the groundwork for North American 
business law. It would make Americans nostalgic for even the Warren court.

As ineffectual as ³Homeland Security,² FEMA, and the U.S. Immigration and 
Customs Enforcement have been in securing our borders, do Americans really want 
them replaced by the North American Union¹s North American Customs and 
Immigration Service, which would have authority over American immigration policy
and trade issues?

Pastor wants the trilateral SPP institutionalized in a new North American 
Advisory Council [NAAC]. NAAC would be composed of 15 distinguished individuals,
five from each nation, to prepare a North American agenda for biannual summits 
and to supervise the implementation of the integration of the United States and 
Canada into Mex-America Nuevo Supremo.

(Issue #26, June 26, 2006)

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