Donald Sutherland: “Bush Will Destroy Our Lives”


Richard Moore


Sutherland Says Bush
'Will Destroy Our Lives'

Choking back tears, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF star Donald Sutherland
warned this week: President Bush "will destroy our lives!"

The star of the new ABC drama, which follows the first woman
President of the United States, lashed out at the real White
House during a dramatic sit down interview with the BBC.

Sutherland ripped Bush and his administration for the war and
Hurricane Katrina fallout.

"They were inept. The were inadequate to the task, and they
lied," Sutherland charged.

"And they were insulting, and they were vindictive. And they
were heartless. They did not care. They do not care. They do
not care about Iraqi people. They do not care about the
families of dead soldiers. They only care about profit."

At one point during the session, Sutherland started crying:
"We've stolen our children's future... We have children. We
have children. How dare we take their legacy from them. How
dare we. It's shameful. What we are doing to our world."

Sutherland went on rip Karl Rove's "methods and means" against
people like Cindy Sheehan.

"We're back to burning books in Germany," Sutherland said of
NBC's editing out of Kanye West's comment on Bush during a
hurricane relief telethon.

"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"