Declaring America insane?


Richard Moore


You may find some of this article's predictions a bit
exaggerated, compared to the actual evidence. The evidence is
nonetheless important to know about. And these days the
reality often turns out to be even worse than the evidence
that previously was thought to be exaggerated!


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Ed Note: Add to this all the vaccine injured children who are
now surfacing, to be diagnosed as mentally unstable--double
jeopardy--which of course they are---victims of pharma greed
and complete and total corruption. 

With the elimination of natural healing, vitamins, and
supplements, as intended by CODEX and other vested interest
groups we will be completely at the mercy of the pharma cartel
and its attendant bloodsuckers.

Time to wake up---this is NOT business as usual.


Nancy Levant
June 28, 2005

It's looking more and more like the American contribution to
population reduction will be in the form of diagnosing half
its citizens as mental incompetents. That will naturally lead
to reproductive legislation and control. And when they come up
with a way to declare eldership and religiosity as mental
illnesses, which is well underway, that will clear the way for
incarceration and euthanasia legislation, including, but not
limited to, starvation and dehydration.

The plan, according to Bush, his pharmaceutical connections,
and TMAP is to test every American citizen for emotional and
'social' problems. Children and pregnant women are being
tested, as we speak, and senior citizens are of particular
vulnerability and concern. There are a lot of seniors in the
U.S. The government already spent all the Social Security
savings, and once the powers-that-be crash the stock markets,
seniors will be flat broke and destitute.

All one can say is - who let the freaks wag the dog?

The people who are running this country, and those they truly
serve, slipped over an edge a long time ago. Now, after losing
property, homes, Constitutional rights, and even toilets that
hold proper amounts of water, we are to simply allow ourselves
to be diagnosed by partnership-money trails and desires for
pathological power and profits. Sincerely, truly, we are not
going to allow this to continue - are we?

The legislation and executive orders that are oozing over this
nation and its people are loathsome and insidious. As each day
goes by, it seems as if we are reading a nightmarish novel,
but in truth, we're reading the laws of the land of an
anti-human government. What is going on in America, under the
guise of professionalism, is pure evil. It is the result of
political favors returned to campaign supporters and
lobbyists. It is the result of out-of-control corporate powers
and greed, and a totally out-of-control aristocracy.

There is a blatant political effort to reduce humanity to
artificially controlled robots, for lack of a better term, or
highly manageable slaves. This in the name of spreading
freedom, preserving nature, eliminating poverty, and whatever
else the globalists are using as their excuse to enslave cheap
and compliant labor.

If these criminally insane partners are not stopped, God knows
what the final results will be to American people, and all
people around the world. And if you can't see the insanity
that is in your midst - in your schools, in your health care
system, in your houses of Congress, at the Executive level,
and in your courtrooms, then you are, in fact, diagnosable.

We have to stop this. Every American citizen has to demand
that there be an end to professional deviance and treachery,
and we must demand their resignations and their citizenship.
These people are dangerous to our nation, and they are
conquering America by diminishing the citizenry, drugging the
citizenry, poisoning the citizenry, and manipulating the

We can't go another 3 years at this pace. We can't wait for
another pretense of an election. American people are in
danger. Wake up! Wake up, American people, and use the
blessing of your eyes and what remains of your unscathed
brains. READ! Understand what is actually happening inside of
this nation. Every American citizen is to be tested for mental
health problems, and treatment is ENFORCED. In other words,
you can't deny treatment – not for yourselves or your
children. Do you understand the ramifications? Do you
understand that this means the end of parental rights if
either you or your children are diagnosed and labeled? Do you
understand the insanity of a leader of the United States
enforcing this kind of legislation upon every American
citizen? You better wake up, folks, because one day, you may
be so drugged that you will be unable to do so.

I leave you with this horrific warning from Dennis L. Cuddy's
Health, Education, and Social Control, Part 14, which states:

        President George W. Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental
        Health (NFCMH) has proposed screening all of America's youth.
        Used to support this initiative will be the recent findings of
        the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCSR), the
        results of which are published in the June edition of the
        ARCHIVES OF GENERAL PSYCHIATRY. It found that half of those
        who will ever be diagnosed with a mental disorder show signs
        of the disease by age 14. In Rick Weiss' "Study: U.S. Leads In
        Mental Illness, Lags in Treatment" (THE WASHINGTON POST, June
        7, 2005), one also learns that the National Institute of
        Mental Health (NIMH) funded the $20 million NCSR study, which
        found that one-quarter of all Americans met the criteria for
        having a mental illness within the past year.

        The study also found that almost half of Americans meet the
        criteria for such an illness at some point in their lives, and
        that less than half of those in need get treated. Thomas
        Insel, chief of the NIMH, expressed his disappointment to
        learn from the survey that about a third of people in need
        rely solely on nonprofessional sources such as internet
        support groups and spiritual advisers. You might ask yourself
        at this point what kind of broad definition they are using to
        determine that half of the American population will be
        mentally ill

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