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Comment of Connie Fogal Leader CAP/PAC

The Real Face of the European Union

This is an important documentary to watch to get a handle on the transfer of 
power from the people of numerous  sovereign countries of Europe to an unelected
unaccountable administrative apparatus of the European Union (EU) prone to 
corruption and abuse. It is what is coming to the citizens of Canada , USA and 
Mexico under the North American Union currently being implemented in North 
America with even less knowledge or consent of the people than happened in 
Europe.You also can see the irrelevancy of the role left to the elected members 
of the respective countries, eg like the position of  our M.P.s.

It is already happening here. Consider the takeover of Canada's military  and 
the loss of sovereignty in our Department of Defence all now submerged into the 
US military control under NORAD and arising out of the Bilateral Planning 
Agreement. See my article called the Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our
own government  and visit Michel Chossodovsky's site  for the best analysis of all world developments and 
especially what is happening to us.

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