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September 28, 2006
The Master Plan for the World and its effect on Resource Stocks
by Clive Maund

When you understand how the recent attack on Lebanon fits into the "Grand Plan" 
for the Middle East, you have an immediate and substantial advantage over other 
investors in the Energy and Precious Metals sectors.

In order to comprehend what is going on in the Middle East and in the wider 
world for that matter it is necessary to have a grasp of certain realities. For 
reasons which we will not go into here, the countries of Israel, the United 
Kingdom and the United States constitute an "Axis", and they will hereafter be 
referred to as "The Axis". The elites who control these countries are one and 
the same, they have identical objectives and move as one. This is not to say, 
however, that these same elites don't control or partially control many other 
countries, they do, of course, as they also control many world bodies such as 
the United Nations, which they have effectively neutered and reduced to a costly
talking shop. But their "centre of gravity", their "home turf" is clearly these 
three countries.

The UK has an interesting geopolitical role to play within the Axis power bloc. 
One of its main functions is to serve as the Loyal Lieutenant of the United 
States, and so give much needed credibility to the latter's policies and 
actions. Thus, when the United States forces invaded Iraq, the addition of 
forces from sidekick Britain, and token support from a ragbag of relatively 
minor states such as Australia and Poland trying to curry favor with the Axis, 
enabled CNN to label the invading force "The Coalition", a term used probably 
thousands of times in the weeks and months that followed, and which, from a 
propaganda perspective, sounds a whole lot better than "The US Invasion Force". 
The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, has the distinction of being 
the leader who presided over the final stages of the transformation of the 
British Labour party from a party representing the interests of "the working 
man", as it did many years ago, to a party completely in the control of the Axis
elites, which is not surprising really as Tony Blair himself has been initiated 
into the inner circles of the elites. An immensely ambitious man, Mr Blair found
he had hit an "absolute ceiling" when he became Prime Minister of Britain. He 
could go no higher - the only way he could aggrandize himself any further was by
rubbing shoulders with the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, the 
United States, which put him in the rather awkward position of chummying up to a
man with an IQ of 92 who has difficulty stringing a sentence together and who 
makes most other world leaders cringe. Fortunately for Mr Blair, he has a hide 
like an Ox. Why the leaders of the Axis elites have decided to have a man such 
as George W Bush as President of the United States, a man who brings disgrace 
and ridicule upon his country, remains a mystery. Some think it was a result of 
chance, a bizarre accident of circumstance, but the elites aren't known for 
leaving such matters to chance. One possible explanation is that the outlandish 
policies of the past 5 years or so would seem more acceptable and normal with a 
man like this at the helm. While the Patriot Acts have laid the foundations of a
Police State in the US, the UK is actually more advanced in this regard. There 
are 7 million and upwards CCTV cameras in Britain for a population of 60 
million, and the average citizen is filmed by 300 cameras every day. The roads 
are bristling with thousands of speed cameras. Cameras are everywhere, on high 
rise buildings and on top of huge masts etc. It's an exhibitionists paradise.

So, what are the prime objectives of the elites within The Axis? One objective 
is to achieve complete control over their own populations, in a manner that 
enables them to concentrate as much power and wealth into their own hands as 
possible. Another objective is the creation of a world government, so that they 
can exercise control not just over a group of countries, but the whole world. It
would appear that these particular elites have not infiltrated and do not 
control up-and-coming countries such as China, India and Russia, who could 
conceivably constitute an opposing power bloc, therefore these countries will 
have to be initially contained before later being forced to kneel before the 
might of The Axis. This at least partially explains three things that are 
otherwise inexplicable - the gargantuan US "defense" budget, which after the end
of the cold war should have contracted, not expanded, thus yielding a "peace 
dividend" for US taxpayers, the astonishing proliferation of US military bases 
across the Middle East and Central Asia, and finally the rolling takeover of the
Middle East. Ordinary voters within the Axis countries clearly would not accept 
or condone the actions of the elites if they knew the real reasons for them, and
might get rebellious, hence the need to invent a story which they can believe in
- "The War on Terror", which is a smokescreen of cartoon book simplicity, which 
is what the masses need, as they are unable to grasp complex concepts. The term 
"War on Terror" is itself ludicrous and is clearly a crude slogan designed to 
appeal to the masses. The attacks on September 11th 2001 served three principal 
purposes - they enabled the rolling takeover of the Middle East to get underway 
in earnest, starting with Afghanistan and moving on to Iraq, under cover of The 
War on Terror, and they enabled the passing of The Patriot Acts, which have 
turned the Constitution of the United States into nothing more than an 
interesting historical document. These Acts have created a full blown Police 
State in waiting. One more major "terrorist" attack and the numerous draconian 
clauses lying dormant within these Acts can be invoked and a state of Martial 
Law may be declared at will. "Holding Centers" for dissenters have been under 
construction across the United States for some time, for the benefit of those 
whose views do not concur with those of their rulers. The borders can be sealed 
instantly, unless you fancy strolling over into Mexico, that is. The third main 
"benefit" is that they allowed more power and wealth to be channeled to the 
voracious Military-Industrial complex.

The United States is an unusual country in that it does not have a government in
the normal sense of the word. This is because many politicians who ostensibly 
represent the people are primarily answerable to, and therefore controlled by, 
the big business interests who ultimately determine their fate. These interests 
are collectively known as the Military-Industrial complex and this power grid is
the effective government of the United States. The Defense, Oil and 
Pharmaceutical lobbies in particular have immense power in Washington. This 
state of affairs explains why the food supply in the United States is 
adulterated with genetically modified crops and harmful additives such as 
Aspartame, and other substances that promote obesity.

When the Cold War ended in the early 90's, the people had a reasonable right to 
expect a "peace dividend" - reduced defense expenditure, because the United 
States no longer had any enemies of significance. The defense industry didn't 
like this at all, they were getting a big slice of the pie, and it is reasonable
to suppose that they would bring whatever leverage they could to bear to ensure 
that their cut did not decrease, and if they could get it increased, so much the
better. It is therefore obvious that the events of 11th September 2001 were like
a Las Vegas jackpot to them. Barely had the victims been buried than big 
increases in the Defense budget were announced. Big defense budgets require an 
enemy to justify them, and if there is no enemy, well, you just have to invent 
one, hence the "War on Terror". Clearly, it is not enough to have an enemy in 
name only, you need, in addition, to get them stirred up and energized, and 
hence readily identifiable to the masses back home as an enemy. This is achieved
by perpetrating atrocities and outrages against them, and making sure that these
are publicized sufficiently to get the populations of the target countries or 
racial or religious groups sufficiently incensed to take to the streets and want
revenge, the goal being to foment as much polarization as possible. This is the 
underlying reason for the interrogation and torture of prisoners, and for the 
recent pulverizing of Lebanon by Axis forces emanating from Israel. The elites 
within the Axis powers, who, to whatever extent they are religious, are either 
Christians or Zionists, view Arabs and Muslims in the same way that a gardener 
regards ants or termites - at best as an irrelevance to be tolerated, perhaps 
utilized as a source of slave labor, and at worst as a pest to be exterminated. 
When you understand this point you can readily appreciate why the Axis powers 
would be quite happy to foment an inter-Arab war, Shiites versus Sunnis, for 
example, and then stand back and watch with satisfaction as they wipe each other
out - as long as they don't damage the oilfields. Not that they have much more 
respect for citizens in their own countries, who they broadly class into two 
groups. One is civilians who are farmed for their labor and tax revenue; the 
working classes of course, but also the broad swath of the middle class, the 
stewards of the system, who like to think that they are in control of their own 
lives, but are in reality just operatives for the elites. The other group is 
military personnel who are the unwitting henchmen that do their dirty work in 
far flung lands, putting their lives on the line to serve their master's 
geopolitical ambitions.

Dr Josef Goebbels, the godfather of propaganda, who was head of propaganda in 
Nazi Germany in the 30Œs, would have thought he had woken up in heaven, had he 
found himself suddenly transposed to being in charge of the Axis propaganda 
machine in our times. The greatest mind control machine in the history of the 
human race, the television set, is to be found in virtually every home in the 
developed world, sometimes several of them, and the people weren't forced to 
accept them, they went out and bought them of their own accord. The seductive 
allure of the screen is much more attractive to most than the effort involved in
reading. Nowadays the television is the main source of information for the vast 
majority of the population - if you can gain control of its throughput you can 
control the minds of the masses. In the United States, almost all Newspaper and 
Television stations are controlled from above by the process of syndication, 
which means there is in effect no such thing as an independent local press. A 
pyramidal structure controls editorial policy and any reporter who steps out of 
line by not adhering to editorial policy will find his chances of promotion 
blocked, and if he persists, will suddenly find himself with plenty of time for 
gardening. This is why, although complicity by various elements within the 
government in the attacks of 11th September 2001 is glaringly obvious, you won't
find much serious questioning of the episode in the mainstream press. The 
plentiful evidence that it was an "inside job", such as Norad, the air defense 
network, being stood down to allow the attacks to proceed, the sequenced 
detonations within the Twin Towers that brought them down, the thermite used to 
melt the steel to guarantee the towers would collapse, the complete collapse of 
WTC7 many hours later, although it was relatively untouched by debris - this 
building was used as the command and control center for the entire operation, 
and was brought down to destroy the evidence, and was also heavily insured by 
its new owner before it was destroyed, the airline Put option scam, the rapid 
and systematic destruction of evidence at Ground Zero, all of this is covered in
detail on various websites devoted to the truth of what went on at that time. 
Despite the mainstream media coverup, surveys reveal that 30% of US citizens 
believe that the government had a hand in the attacks, and this figure is rising
all the time. This must be worrying for the perpetrators, who could face 
impeachment and a firing squad if the truth became more widely known, and it is 
a reason that they are thought to be contemplating another "spectacular", to 
rally the majority behind them and drive opponents and disbelievers into the 
shadows - and also to invoke the draconian clauses lying in wait in the Patriot 
Acts, one of which is that if you oppose them you are a terrorist and can simply
vanish, never to be heard of again. Many years ago, if the population at large 
realized that elements within the government had murdered 3,000 of their fellow 
citizens in this way, they would have marched on Washington, dragged the 
perpetrators out of their lairs, and strung them up from the nearest lamp posts,
but this is not considered possible these days, even if the majority do realize 
it, because after many years sat on comfy sofas watching the television, people 
just don't have the stomach for it. That might change, however, if the sofa and 
TV set suddenly vanish.

In the intervening years since 11th September 2001 there have been various other
"terrorist" attacks; the Bali bombing, which killed about 200 people, many of 
whom were Australian tourists, was intended to ensure Australia's full 
commitment to The War on Terror, and was a successful operation. The Madrid 
train bombings backfired (this is not an attempt at humor). The intention was to
ensure the re-election of Jose Aznar, an ally of Bush committed to The War on 
Terror, in the upcoming Spanish general election, and it was assumed that the 
people would want to re-elect a candidate who was strongly aligned with the US 
and The War on Terror after the bombings, but instead the electorate blamed 
Aznar for aligning himself with Bush and thus making them a target, and threw 
him out. The London bombings, on the other hand were a complete success, as they
swept Tony Blair, who had been flagging in the polls, back into power in the 
election soon after.

Having outlined the general context, we will now return to the central theme of 
this article, which is how the recent attack on Lebanon fits within the Grand 
Plan for the Middle East and the implications for the prices of Precious Metals 
and Oil going forward.

The Axis powers have had big plans for the Middle East for a long time, for the 
obvious reason that they have coveted control of the immense oil wealth 
contained within the region, and the power that complete possession of this 
resource would bestow. These plans predate the September 11th 2001 attacks by 
many years, although it was these attacks that acted as a catalyst, enabling the
Middle East takeover juggernaut to move up swiftly through the gears. With 
respect to these plans the creation of the state of Israel can almost be 
described as the creation of an Axis "bridgehead" in the region. After the 
September 11th attacks, the outraged public were baying for blood, and quickly 
swallowed the Al Queida/Osama bin Laden story, which gave them a focus for their
wrath, and were heartened by the swift invasion of Afghanistan. The Axis elites 
had a big green light, and they weren't about to waste the opportunity. 
President Musharref of Pakistan has revealed that Pakistan was threatened with 
"being bombed back to the Stone Age" if it did not cooperate in The War on 
Terror. Soon after Afghanistan, Iraq was in the crosshairs, and the ludicrous 
story about the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was hatched as justification for 
an invasion. Big demonstrations against this invasion around the world were 
ignored, and the invasion went ahead, and of course, no weapons of mass 
destruction were found, but by then it didn't matter, they were in, and sat on 
the 2nd biggest oil reserves in the world, and able to position themselves for 
the eventual attack on Iran. On the chessboard of the Middle East, states like 
Dubai and the UAE would rate as pawns, Afghanistan would be the equivalent of a 
bishop or a knight, with Iraq being a castle or rook, a major prize that will 
not be given up lightly. Iran is the Queen, and then its check-mate world!

Some more innocent folk back home in the United States seem to think it matters 
how many ordinary US soldiers are killed in Iraq - seem to think the mission is 
a failure if thousands of them get killed. As far as the ruling elites are 
concerned this is of no concern whatsoever - what matters is that the territory 
is secured, and even if the oil can't be pumped out in quantity, it is 
controlled, and can be denied to countries like China. The end justifies the 
means, and if thousands of Iraqi civilians and US soldiers are killed, then 
that's a necessary sacrifice.

So, how does the attack on Lebanon fit into all this? You may recall that the 
reason cited for pulverizing Lebanon was that Hezbollah had captured two Israeli
soldiers. This was obviously a very poor excuse, but the emboldened Axis elites,
who control the syndicated global media, no longer feel the need to make up a 
convincing excuse for anything. Now for the real reasons. Some of you will 
recall that, about a year ago, Syrian troops were pressured out of Lebanon. This
was a preparatory move, designed to make the premeditated attack on Lebanon go 
more smoothly. Now, we know that an ultimate goal of the Axis powers in the 
Middle East is to overrun Iran, or at least neutralize and subjugate it. Without
the attack on Hezbollah and Lebanon of the past few weeks, any attack on Iran 
would obviously have resulted in a hail of Hezbollah rockets raining down on 
northern Israel, as Hezbollah in southern Lebanon has been a kind of "front 
line" for Iran. Axis military planners have clearly calculated that the damage 
caused by Hezbollah rockets and missiles would be considerably reduced in 
conditions where they were under attack from Israel, rather than if Axis forces 
attacked Iran, and then unmolested Hezbollah forces launched a sideswipe against
northern Israel. For this reason, in preparation for the assault on Iran, Axis 
strategists have decided to "take the sting out of Hezbollah" and let northern 
Israel "take the heat now", rather than leave them with a full arsenal when the 
time comes to go after Iran. Israel has aimed to inflict as much damage as 
possible on Hezbollah, and is actually glad that they are firing many rockets 
into northern Israel, as this depletes their inventory. It is true that many 
Lebanese civilians have been killed and made homeless by these attacks, but in 
the eyes of Axis planners this was justified as the target was Hezbollah 
fighters, and if these civilians happened to be too close to them, that was 
their misfortune - they are expendable, as are ordinary US soldiers in Iraq. 
Furthermore, the pulverizing of Lebanon was designed to demonstrate to the world
at large and the Arab world in particular the ruthless might of the Axis, and to
further foment polarization - to incense and outrage the Arab world and thus 
raise their profile as an enemy.

Moving on now, let's assume the Axis is successful in eventually defeating Iran 
and Syria and assimilating them, what are their eventual plans for the Middle 
East? This is easy to extrapolate. The entire Middle East will be run as a sort 
of medieval fiefdom, whose purpose is to pump oil for the benefit of the Axis. 
If China is allowed any of the spoils, it will have to pay through the nose for 
them - this will be a principal tool in the Axis goal of weakening and 
subjugating China. The Arab Sheiks who have "done deals" with the Axis in the 
past and run their countries as virtual franchises, such as Saudi Arabia, will 
booted out of their palaces and reduced to subordinate roles. These people might
do well to study the lives of their Filipino servants, as preparation for their 
future circumstances. Arabs generally will become an underclass, and will be 
forced to kneel before their new Axis Masters. Israel's dream is to attain 
suzerainty over the entire Middle East, which would include a major expansion of
its own territory, and it is using the US military machine and military 
hardware, which it receives from the US in effect "free and gratis", in pursuit 
of this objective. An obvious example of this was the smashing of Lebanon, and 
Israel's ambitions are a big reason behind the Axis invasion of Iraq. Israel 
clearly feels emboldened by its access to the US arsenal, and invincible. The 
use of the sledgehammer on Lebanon was a clear demonstration to the Arab world 
in general of who is, or intends to be, the boss of the region, and was meant to
send a clear message not just to those already in the crosshairs, i.e. Iran and 
Syria, but also to the good lifers in the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia.

Some have said that an attack on Iran would bring about World War 3. This 
suggestion raises two questions. The first is that, in order to have a World 
War, you have to have an adversary or adversaries with sufficient strength to 
fight back and have a chance of winning. The other is the question of when a 
World War become a World War. Just who would fight back in the event of an 
attack on Iran? The Arab world certainly, but in comparison with the Axis 
military machine they have little more to fight back with than sticks and stones
- bombs and rockets for the most part is all they can muster, while the Axis has
the military capacity to vaporize the entire region. Although the Axis 
predations in central Asia and the Middle East are clearly contrary to the 
interests of Russia and China, it is doubtful that Russia and China would want 
to risk the consequences of confronting the Axis directly, even though they have
nukes. What is therefore likely to eventuate will be proxy wars, with Russia and
China arming Central Asian and Middle Eastern factions to the teeth with 
advanced weaponry, and this, in combination with relentless and widespread 
guerrilla warfare waged on Axis forces by resistance fighters in occupied 
countries, who have the great advantage, militarily speaking, that they believe 
in what they are fighting for and are willing to die for it to the extent that 
they are prepared to blow themselves up, would eventually wear down the 
attenuated Axis forces by attrition, until they pack up and go home. This is 
already happening to some extent in Iraq. With regard to the question of when a 
World War becomes a World War, it is illuminating to consider briefly the runup 
to World War 2. Did this become a World War when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, 
or Austria, or later Poland, France or Russia, or after Pearl Harbor? The answer
to this question is the point at which he had aroused opponents with sufficient 
power collectively to bring him down. So it can probably be said to have become 
a World War when the Japanese allies of Hitler attacked Pearl Harbor and the 
United States entered the war. Therefore, when the Axis attacks Iran, what 
determines whether the situation develops into a World War will be the reaction 
of other states in the region and across Asia. Iran can be expected to fight 
back, but will fall and eventually be consumed, but as with Iraq, it will prove 
to be highly indigestible. Should Russia and China counter with nuclear weapons,
or fight a proxy war with the Axis via states in Central Asia and the Middle 
East, in collaboration with guerrilla fighters in the invaded lands, it will 
probably be fair to describe it as a World War, because there is a good chance 
that the Axis will eventually be overcome and forced into retreat.

With mid-term elections approaching in the United States, it's time to curry 
favor with the voters again. Although the Axis elites and the 
Military-Industrial complex control both the Democratic and Republican parties, 
who are their puppets, they favor the Republican party, for reasons which are 
not entirely clear. This is why they went to the trouble of developing 
electronic voting machines which are strategically placed to rig the vote as 
necessary to ensure a Republican victory, which is what happened at the last 
election. These machines contain software that self destructs after it has made 
the necessary adjustments to the results. As Stalin once wryly remarked "Voters 
don't control the outcome of elections, those who count the votes do". A steep 
drop in the oil price has been organized to bring some good cheer before 
election time. Although an attack on Iran and Syria before the election would be
politically expedient as it would result in the country rallying behind the GOP 
and the flag, it is not thought to be possible within the available timeframe 
for logistical reasons, although it certainly can't be ruled out. Another major 
"terrorist" attack, on the other hand, would be just the job.

The title of Leo Tolstoy's epic tome "War and Peace" implies that wars are 
cyclical events that come about as naturally as night follows day. This is 
probably because a prolonged period of peace breeds apathy and indifference, a 
situation made immeasurably worse in the modern age due to the fact that most 
peoples' free time is frittered away with worthless trivia like ball games, 
computer games, movies and soaps and fiddling with their mobile phones. These 
distractions might be fun, but after most of them you've learnt nothing of any 
value, and remain ignorant, malleable and suggestible, which is just how the 
elites want you.

For all the social and technological progress of recent years, people remain 
essentially the same as they were 1,000 years ago. Most men remain at their core
primitive and egocentric, and most women instinctively know this. A classic 
example is George Bush's "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists" 
statement shortly after 9/11, which was a crude threat. Thus the nightmarish 
scenarios depicted in the Mad Max series and The Terminator remain real 

The dark forces that have risen to the ascendancy in the Axis countries are the 
enemies not just of Arabs and Muslims, who find themselves on the front line, 
but equally of their own populations and of free peoples everywhere. History has
shown repeatedly that when such forces are not recognized for what they are and 
confronted and contained, the results are usually catastrophic, the starkest of 
examples being Nazi Germany. What makes the present situation potentially 
apocalyptic is the extensive and sophisticated propaganda matrix that is keeping
the majority of the population worldwide in a severely dumbed down state so that
they will not be aware of the danger until it is too late, and the awesome 
military machine at the disposal of these forces, which emboldens them and 
encourages them to attempt to impose their will on the rest of the world. The 
danger is even more acute in the immediate future because the Neocons are 
getting their backsides well and truly kicked in Afghanistan and Iraq, although 
it is not their sons and daughters returning home in body bags, they are hiding 
away safely in their war rooms. Just as Hitler would not stop until he and his 
country was completely destroyed, which was in a way a good thing as the evil 
was pulled out at the roots, the Neocons are not expected to back down. Their 
pathology will not permit it. Like a drunken gambler on a losing streak, they 
can be expected to raise the stakes by possibly launching tactical nuclear 
strikes on Iran. The supreme irony of the whole situation is that it is upon the
success or failure of the "insurgents", as they are labeled, which ordinary 
people in western countries have been trained by the propaganda matrix to view 
as terrorists and an enemy, that the future lives and welfare of billions of 
citizens around the world depends.

Finally, we will now focus on the ultimate purpose of this article, which is to 
outline the effect of these geopolitical developments on the price of Precious 
Metals and Oil. Clearly, as we have figured out where we stand with regard to 
the Axis battle plan for the Middle East, we have more idea than most where 
things are headed. It is considered to be only a matter of time before some kind
of attack on Iran and probably Syria occurs. It is likely, because of the 
present unity of Iran and Syria in the face of the enemy, that they will attack 
them both more or less at once. What form this attack will take is unknown, and 
it is unclear whether it will involve Israeli forces, US forces, or forces drawn
from all the Axis countries. It may well involve the use of tactical nuclear 
weapons. There is a fair chance that Iran will succeed in closing the Straits of
Hormuz, using advanced missiles supplied by Russia to sink any enemy vessels 
near their coast, including US aircraft carriers, which have no effective 
defense against these supersonic, low-flying, precision accurate missiles.

The outcome of such an attack may not be a foregone conclusion. Hitler thought 
he knew all the answers and look what happened to him. With what is going down 
in Iraq these days, Axis forces may find themselves spread a bit thin - and they
certainly will if they ever go in on the ground. One thing is for sure though, 
if Iran is attacked all hell will break loose, and we can expect massive 
convulsions in financial markets. Precious Metals and Oil and their related 
stocks can be expected to spike dramatically. The Axis powers have got Iran in 
their sights, and one way or another they are going to go after it. The world at
large can only hope that the more hawkish Axis elements are reigned in and they 
go for the less risky strategy of trying to lay siege to Iran, by isolating it, 
imposing sanctions, and economically starving it into submission over a long 
period of time. However, as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States is known
to be mentally challenged and unstable and to have severe personality problems, 
anything could happen.

From the standpoint of timing the markets, we have 2 things to consider - the 
possible timing of an attack on Iran, and the possible timing of a major 
"terrorist" attack, both of which may be influenced by the upcoming US mid-term 
elections. To whatever extent either or both of those are deemed by the Neocons 
to increase the chances of the Republican party doing well in the elections, 
they become that much more likely. It is not known, however, if it is 
logistically feasible to mount an attack on Iran within the time remaining 
before the elections.

The Resource sector has been in corrective mode, and may remain in corrective 
mode for some time yet, as discussed in the article THE BIG PICTURE on, although a near-term rally to alleviate the current deeply 
oversold condition is currently underway. However, if there is a spectacular 
"terrorist" attack before the US mid-term elections, which is very possible, we 
could see a sudden spike, or at least a major blip, particularly in the Precious
Metals sector, as happened following the attacks on September 11th 2001, however
if Iran is attacked the spike in Resources and Resource stocks can be expected 
to be much more dramatic, and we should not lose sight of the fact that both of 
these possibilities could become reality before the November elections.

The writer of this article is not a member of any religion or philosophical or 
political group or movement of any kind, and has no financial interest in 
connection with what is set out in this article, and also has no bias one way or
the other towards any country, political party, religion or towards any 
individual or group or entity alluded to in this article. This article is 
founded on facts, and on reasonable deductions and extrapolations based on those
facts. Please feel free to forward it to as many people as you can think of.

Clive Maund,

The above represents the opinion and analysis of Mr. Maund, based on data 
available to him, at the time of writing. Mr. Maunds opinions are his own, and 
are not a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell securities. No 
responsibility can be accepted for losses that may result as a consequence of 
trading on the basis of this analysis.

Mr. Maund is an independent analyst who receives no compensation of any kind 
from any groups, individuals or corporations mentioned in his reports. As 
trading and investing in any financial markets may involve serious risk of loss,
Mr. Maund recommends that you consult with a qualified investment advisor, one 
licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction and do 
your own due diligence and research when making any kind of a transaction with 
financial ramifications.

Copyright © 2004-2006 All Rights Reserved.

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