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Richard Moore

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Shock & Awe Revisited

"While it may have appeared to American T.V. viewers that 'Shock and Awe' was 
merely a catchy media label for the U.S. bombing campaign in Iraq, its actual 
origins, and a whole theory of warfare, are found in a 1996 advisory report 
published by the National Defense University. Authored by Harlan Ullman of the 
National War College, it argues that the aim of modern warfare is not merely to 
achieve military victory but also, by means of sheer intimidation, to inflict a 
deep psychological injury, to scare and terrorize potential rivals into 
submission. It is, in effect, the practical application of the Wolfowitz 
Doctrine of global domination through force. Describing 'Shock and Awe' as 
'massively destructive strikes directly at the public will,' Ullman writes, '...
intimidation and compliance are the outputs we seek to obtain ... The intent 
here is to impose a regime of Shock and Awe through delivery of instant, nearly 
incomprehensible levels of massive destruction directed at influencing society 
writ large ... through very selective, utterly brutal and ruthless, and rapid 
application of force to intimidate,' Ullman continues, '... The aim ... is to 
affect the will, perception, and understanding of the adversary ... Without 
senses, the adversary becomes impotent and entirely vulnerable.'"

That was copied from this website. When I first heard that the intent was to 
inflict deep psychological injury, many things came to mind. I thought of 
Stockholm Syndrome, the psychological reaction to an oppressor in which a person
actually develops an attachment, even admiration for those that injure him or 
her. I also thought of trauma based psychological imprinting, a practice 
utilized by cults (and some claim intelligence agencies) to program people. In 
the throes of trauma, the mind is very impressionable. Most of all, however, I 
thought about just how warped these people must be, to read something like that 
in a defense report and say to themselves, "This sounds good. Let's go with it."
In lieu of recent events, in which these people have made no bones about their 
true colors, in lieu of what some claim was a 9-11 inside job, do you really 
think they WOULDN'T try to tamper with electronic voting? It would be as if to 
say that a bank robber wouldn't dare snatch a purse.

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