Chatter about an “incident” on West Coast at all time high


Richard Moore

       "The intelligence indications and warnings (I&W) point to a
         possible maritime incident or incidents involving
         water-borne craft in San Francisco Bay area waters."

In evaluating this, we might also keep in mind 
the 5-carrier battle group in the Gulf, and the 
need for an excuse to attack Iran.


The facts:

      Official Federal Reserve website:
         August 31
         Speech - Chairman Ben S. Bernanke
         Housing and Monetary Policy
         Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium,
         Jackson Hole, Wyoming

      Official Bay Bridge website:
         Full Bay Bridge Closure Labor Day Weekend 2007
         The Bay Bridge will be closed 8:00PM Friday August 31st and
         will re-open Tuesday 5:00AM September 4th
             This construction is necessary to complete important seismic
         safety work on a section of the bridge slightly east of
         Yerba Buena Island.

The chatter:

Original source URL:

Chatter about an "incident" on West Coast at all time high
By Wayne Madsen
Editor, Wayne Madsen Report

Aug 23, 2007, 01:14

Chatter picked up by WMR's sources in the 
nation's capital and in California point to 
unusual events that could be a prelude to a 
9/11-like false flag "incident" during the Labor 
Day weekend, possibly one focused on the San 
Francisco Bay Area.

The FBI in Seattle, as well as the Washington 
Joint Analytical Center (WJAC), have asked for 
the public's help in identifying two men spotted 
aboard Washington state ferries exhibiting 
unusual behavior. A number of ferry passengers 
have reported the two men showing strange 

Two photos have been circulated showing two young 
"Middle East" looking men on board a ferry. The 
reluctance of the FBI to provide more details is 
reminiscent of the 2000 and 2001 closely-held 
government reports that a number of teams of 
between two and five to six young male and female 
Israelis, all veteran or reserve Israeli Defense 
Force members, were spotted casing federal 
facilities, oil refineries, harbor areas, homes 
of federal law enforcement officials, office 
buildings -- including the World Trade Center, 
bridges, tunnels, and military bases and 
airfields prior to and subsequent to the 9/11 

The Israelis were described in a number of 
federal reports as "Middle East-looking" in 
appearance. The FBI never sought to prosecute the 
Israelis, many of whom were using the 
intelligence covers of office and home furniture 
movers, vendors of toys at shopping mall kiosks, 
and art students selling bogus Israeli artwork, 
and merely turned them over to U.S. immigration 
authorities for deportation back to Israel. The 
code phrase "Middle East looking" has since 
become politically-correct FBI-speak for 
Israelis. Nationals of Arab countries are 
described as Arabs in official law enforcement 
intelligence reports. However, Israeli influence 
over the Bush administration prevents Israelis in 
the United States operating illegally or pursuing 
other dubious activities from being described as 

As a senior law enforcement official in northern 
New Jersey told this editor that there should 
have been some "healthy skepticism" shown by 
federal, state, and local law enforcement 
officials about the activities of Israeli 
nationals in and around New York City prior to 
9/11. The official, who was appointed by 
then-Governor Jim McGreevey, knew that his boss 
had been compromised in an Israeli intelligence 
"honey trap" involving Israeli agent Golan Cipel, 
who McGreevey appointed chief of homeland 
security for New Jersey after 9/11. Cipel, an 
Israeli national, had full access to sensitive 
information about every critical infrastructure 
facility in the state.

Many of the Israelis picked up prior to 9/11 were 
turned over to federal and local authorities 
because they, too, exhibited unusual behavior -- 
including sketching and photographing the 
interiors and exteriors of federal buildings, 
trying to enter various secured offices and other 
spaces, and splitting up from teams of five and 
six to teams of two to canvass certain urban 
areas without drawing too much attention.

The FBI and WJAC have asked anyone with 
information on the two suspicious ferry 
passengers in the Seattle area to report it to 

Yesterday, WMR reported on Israeli press accounts 
that the Israeli branch chief of Interpol is 
under investigation for using his contacts within 
the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem to obtain U.S. 
visas for criminal Israeli suspects to enter the 
United States.

Our San Francisco sources also report that, in an 
unusual move, the Oakland Bay Bridge will be 
closed by Caltrans in both directions during the 
entire Labor Day weekend -- from August 31 to 
September 4. It is the first time the bridge has 
been closed since the 1989 San Francisco 
earthquake caused the collapse of the bridge's 
upper deck. Ostensibly, the bridge is closing to 
replace a section of the road on Yerba Buena 
Island but the closure will effectively deter 
people from traveling to San Francisco from the 
East Bay, a blow to city businesses that depend 
on visitors to the city during holiday weekends.

The closure of the bridge will result in expanded 
service on area ferries, including the 
Alameda-Oakland, Vallejo Baylink, and Golden Gate 
ferries, as well as BART train service, including 
service on the San Francisco-Oakland Trans-Bay 
Tube, the longest submerged tunnel in the world. 
The security alert issued about suspicious men on 
Washington state ferries should be viewed as a 
possible dry run and an "incident" on the 
expanded service San Francisco ferries cannot be 
ruled out. The Seattle area, including the 
Whidbey Island naval installation and Sea-Tac 
airport, have witnessed past incidents involving 
suspicious Israeli agents.

With the closure of the Bay Bridge, there will be 
an increase of traffic on the Golden Gate, 
Richmond-San Rafael, Dumbarton, and San 
Mateo-Hayward bridges.

WMR has a number of friends and readers in the 
San Francisco Bay area and, while not wanting to 
be alarmist, we urge them and their families and 
friends to exercise preparedness, alertness, and 
a high degree of skepticism about any encounters 
with "Middle East looking" young men and women. 
The intelligence indications and warnings (I&W) 
point to a possible maritime incident or 
incidents involving water-borne craft in San 
Francisco Bay area waters.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.
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