Bush family : A Government of Thieves : Part II


Richard Moore


A Government of Thieves

How the Bush Administration steals from the US people (and
the world)

    There's no longer any countervailing power in Washington.
    Business is in complete control of the machinery of
    - Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labour

The thieves in action

Stolen - money, social services and jobs

US citizen's taxes fuel the war profits of a secretive
group of people growing ever richer at their expense. This
"government of thieves" practises a revolving door of war
for business and business for war . The Bush
administration has promoted a huge increase in military
spending for purposes such as invading Iraq, providing an
enormous source of extra profit for big defence
contractors and military-corporate shareholders, who at
the same time have also been given large tax cuts by Bush
& his cronies.

All this money is in effect stolen from the remaining 90%
of the population. As a consequence, education, health,
social welfare and many other useful or vital areas of
government must be cut back. As well, numerous jobs are
lost in these fields. Many ordinary people are suckered
into voting for Bush by appeals to patriotism and religion
- this from the family that has failed to find Osama bin
Laden, but which protects the Saudi elite whose oil
dollars work to promote Islamic fundamentalism against
more moderate forms of Islam and all other religions and

Stolen - the lives and limbs of America's young as cannon

Over two thousand dead and over fifteen thousand wounded
US soldiers already in Iraq (by the end of October 2005),
with no end in sight. Instead, we see a war growing daily.
How many more will be sacrificed for corporate interests?
Is it reasonable to defame lives lost already by using
them as an excuse to squander thousands more? There is no
light at the end of this tunnel - instead the oil flares
of Iraq illuminate a US occupation that more & more
resembles a Vietnam-style guerilla war that is going down
the tube.

It's the poor who serve, while the rich just get richer on
the "patriotism of scoundrels" The Bush administration
represents a corrupt group of people who together with a
few toadies abroad have stolen control of Western
civilisation by deception.

In President Bush's own words , his personal "base" is
"the haves and the have mores". He finds that amusing,
while the young men and women of America suffer and die
for him and his ruthless, moneyed corporate elite. The
children of this elite do not suffer and die in Iraq, that
fate is reserved for the financially downtrodden. That's
why rising unemployment does not bother the elite, for a
lack of jobs elsewhere makes it easier to recruit poorer
young people into the armed forces, and to keep "lesser
folk" fearful for their future and so more compliant to

And here's the proofŠ

The new elite of America with their hands in the till

The Carlyle Group

This huge investment company (it manages over US$13
billion in assets) is headed by Frank Carlucci, a former
Defence Secretary and National Security Council head under
President Reagan. Carlucci was also Donald Rumsfeld's
college roommate at Princeton. Richard Darman, formerly
President Bush Sr's director of the Office of Management
and Budget, is the managing director. Highly paid
"consultants" to the company include several retired world
leaders. If you ever wonder why some world leaders support
the Iraq war so strongly against the wishes of their
populations, the retirement rewards can be considerable.

Not the least of the retired leaders is President George
Bush Sr ., who is a large Carlyle stockholder, sometime
Carlyle board member and has earned substantial fees
working for Carlyle since he left office. Indeed he has
received at least US$80,000 per "speaking engagement",
although it seems to be his personal contacts and presumed
ability to influence the powerful that prompted such
generous compensation.

Bush senior's connection with the company presumably began
when his son, George W. Bush , was offered a director's
position on the board of a Carlyle subsidiary, Caterair,
in 1990 when his father was President. Bush Sr. is also
senior advisor of Carlyle's Asia Advisory Board. As well,
the first President Bush twice visited the bin Laden
family in Saudi Arabia (November 1998 & January 2000) on
Carlyle business besides other meetings with family
members elsewhere.

Another key Carlyle figure as a "senior counsellor" is
James Baker (James A. Baker III), a former Republican
Secretary of State and close Bush family friend. Baker was
leader of the final "Team Bush" grab for office during the
disputed election process in Florida in 2000 (he was
notorious for dropping the mask briefly on TV & snarling
outright the Bush determination to seize power).

A huge Carlyle investment has been in the United Defence
company, suppliers of many of the armoured vehicles for
the Iraq war. Carlyle is now finally selling out of that
company, but not before making enormous profits (the bin
Laden family were earlier offered a 40% return on their
investment in Carlyle).

Other lucrative benefits for Carlyle's investments
deriving from the Bush wars have come from USIS, a
privatised former federal agency that does security
vetting for a huge range of sensitive positions, and EG&G,
a weapons testing & related services company recently sold
by Carlyle for a handy US$675 million.

Aircraft components subsidiaries of Carlyle such as Vought
Aircraft and Composite Structures also promise well for
the group's bottom line, in the light of the critical use
of aircraft in the Bush administration's wonderfully
profitable business of the "war against terror". Among
other current Carlyle investments are Lier Siegler
Services, providing logistics and maintenance, and Federal
Data Systems, selling information technology to the US Air
Force and other government agencies.

The Carlyle Group gave some US$358,000 to Republican
candidates in 2000. They have since profited handsomely
from their investment.

Carlyle, the Bush family and the Saudis

Perhaps the most embarrassing single detail about Carlyle
is that on the morning of September 11 2001, it was
holding its annual investor's conference at the Washington
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a gathering that included Shafiq bin
Laden , half-brother of Osama . Following on from that is
the scandal of how numerous members of the Bin Laden
family were able to leave America after 9/11 on a special
flight approved by the White House, without any adequate
cross examination. But we should not really be surprised
at that, considering the considerable ties between the
Bush family and the bin Ladens. (Later the bin Ladens
withdrew their Carlyle investments, or so we are told.
With the secretive Carlyle Group you have to rely on their

However numerous other Saudi investors, including the
Saudi royal family, continue to have large amounts of
capital invested in Carlyle. Given that nearly all of the
9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals and none were Iraqis,
it would have been more" logical" - given the new Bush
doctrine of pre-emptive strikes - for the US to invade
Saudi Arabia rather than Iraq in order to quell Al Qaeda
and cut off its funding sources and recruiting ability.

Instead, ties of profit by Bush family & administration
members ensured that the Saudi regime would be protected
at all costs, even though it funds the Wahabist Islamic
evangelical push around the world, from which nearly all
Al Qaeda members derive. When it comes to religion versus
family profit, born-again George has no hesitation in
short-changing his own Christian evangelical constituency
in favour of underwriting rich Saudi Islamic
fundamentalists instead.

The current President Bush also has an uncle, a brother of
his father, named William Bush . William Bush, nicknamed
"Bucky", holds a director's seat on the board of a St
Louis, Missouri-based company called Engineered Support
Systems Incorporated (ESSI). ESSI has recently done "very
well thank you" as a military contractor to the Pentagon.

Uncle Bucky personally has done even better. In fact in
January 2005 he sold 8,438 share options in the company
for around $450,000 as just one benefit. No-bid contracts
relating to the Iraq war have helped the company to record
profitability. An interesting point is that in 2003, ESSI
was granted contracts for equipment to help search for,
and protect US soldiers from Iraq's chemical and
biological weapons, the ones that didn't exist. Of course
no one involved in trumping up a fictitious case for the
Iraq invasion knew that - or did they? If they did, it's
interesting how cleverly you can perpetuate a scam within
a scam if you have the right connections.

And in a final Team Bush irony, key Carlyle figure James
Baker , who is one of the closest friends and political
operatives of the Bush family, has donned his lawyer's hat
to represent members of the Saudi royal family against
family members of 9/11 victims who are suing them. When it
comes to family values the Bushes leave no victims
unburned. The President has also selected a former partner
of Baker's law firm, Bob Jordan, as his ambassador to
Saudi Arabia (confirmed in this position on 5 October

*Let's not forget the independent operatives. A single
example is Joe Allbaugh, George W. Bush's campaign manager
for 2000, whose New Bridge Strategies "consulting" company
is based on extracting fees advising on how to cash in on
Iraqi "reconstruction" investments.

Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton

Dick Cheney, US Defence Secretary under President Bush Sr,
moved from Government into an industry he used to regulate
and then back to Government again, becoming as a result
the richest member of "Team Bush". As Defence Secretary
under Bush senior Cheney had pushed a decision to
privatise not only support services for US forces overseas
but even much of the logistics planning for deployments.
Indeed in 1992, shortly before Cheney left government, the
Halliburton company received the first private contract
ever of the latter type.

As Chief Operating Officer of Halliburton from 1995 Cheney
was then able to reap the rewards of his groundwork, as
the company's military contracts grew like Topsy. In his
last year at Halliburton (2000), before becoming US
Vice-President, Cheney received a staggering US$26.4
million from the grateful company in salary, bonuses,
stock options and sale of stock received as compensation
for giving up his position (he held Halliburton stock
worth US$46 million in 2001).

Annual "deferred compensation" payments of roughly
US$150,000 per year he has received since taking on his
"public responsibilities" are of course tiny by
comparison, but probably pay a few minor pressing bills.
Not since Sir Basil Zaharoff has anyone done so well from
promoting war. The wages of militarism are indeed
magnificent for war profiteers of his ilk.

Although under the Clinton presidency Haliburton later
lost some of its rich contracts, once Cheney was back in a
senior Govt position the gravy train hurtled off again as
never before. In 2001 Halliburton won back the big LOGCAP
contract, and became pre-eminent supplier of provisions
and facilities for the overseas "war on terror", even
making the cages for captives at Guantanamo Bay.

Then there was the no-bid "just-about-everything to do
with oil" contract for Iraq, given to Halliburton after
the company was asked to help write the specifications for
a contract it was then awarded without competition (!).
Truly, the new golden age of the war profiteers was here
with a vengeance. So it's no surprise to learn that the
board of Halliburton had found it in their hearts to
donate around US$672,000 to Republican candidates from
1999 to 2002, small change compared with their sales

The Vice President's family doesn't exactly suffer from
his holding such a powerful position either. Cheney's
daughter Elizabeth was handily appointed as principal
deputy assistant Secretary of State and the second-ranking
US diplomat for the Middle East in March 2005. Her
husband, Philip Perry, has also since been nominated by
President Bush, on the timely date of April 1st 2005, to
the plum job of general counsel of the Homeland Security
Department, overseeing 1500 lawyers.

Mr Perry was formerly a partner in the law firm Latham &
Watkins where he was a lobbyist for the weapons firm
Lockheed Martin. Ah, what are family and friends for, in
the GoT, if not to share the largesse of government? And
you can always browse Lockheed Martin & the Bush arms
gravy train below for another interesting Cheney family

Richard Armitage , the prominent assistant secretary of
state, worked as a consultant to Halliburton before taking
up his present job.

Admiral Joe Lopez , Pentagon military aide to Cheney when
he was US Defence Secretary and a four-star former
commander in chief of U.S. forces in southern Europe, was
recruited to Halliburton by Cheney, and given the
highly-paid job of senior vice president in charge of
dealings between Halliburton's major subsidiary Kellogg
Brown & Root and the Pentagon.

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

The present US Defence Secretary also once served as
Defence Secretary to President Ford. Failing in a bid to
become Republican candidate for President, he then entered
business to became a senior executive with several major
companies. In 1983 President Reagan appointed him as
Special Presidential Envoy to the Middle East, where he
supervised the warming relationship with Saddam Hussein
into an alliance in which the US was to supply
intelligence, military technology and the necessary
ingredients to make weapons of mass destruction.

What Rumsfeld should have said if he was honest in 2003
was "Well I know that Saddam used to have WMD anyway,
because I arranged for him to get them!"

Being even then interested in Iraq's oil, Rumsfeld also
discussed with Iraqi Premier Tariq Aziz the possibility of
an oil pipeline through Jordan to the Red Sea. Less than
coincidentally, the pipeline had in fact been proposed by
the Bechtel Corp. for which then Republican Secretary of
State George Schultz had worked. Bechtel Corp ., another
of the Bush administration's "crony companies", today has
a contract for a minimum of US$680 million for rebuilding
some of the damage done in Iraq. Indeed a contract awarded
to Bechtel through secret procedures (by the US AID
agency) was later expanded by a further US$350 million.

Out of government again, Rumsfeld secured a number of
senior business appointments in the 1990s, including CEO
of General Instruments and a board position with
Gulfstream Aerospace (where Secretary of State Colin
Powell was another board member). The latter company was
acquired by weapons makers General Dynamics in 1999, and
Rumsfeld sold his stock for a tidy US$11 million.

Rumsfeld was also on the board of Swiss-based engineering
company ABB. The problem with this was that they sold two
nuclear reactors to North Korea in a US$200 million deal.
Rumsfeld's selective amnesia, already apparent concerning
his earlier dealings with Saddam Hussein, has kicked into
overdrive on this issue. Apparently it bypassed his
attention span altogether, even though it can be proved he
attended board meetings where the matter was discussed.

former Deputy Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz

(now heading the World Bank)

Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz is regarded as the leading
architect of the 2003 Iraq invasion plan. A PNAC member,
he worked as a consultant for the giant Northrop Grumman
aircraft and weapons systems company before becoming
Donald Rumsfeld's deputy. Northrop Grumman also owns the
Vinnell Corporation, which was awarded the contract to
train a new Iraqi army.

NB: Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are the
"big three" who between them receive over a quarter of the
Pentagon's contracts budget - a share worth over US$ 41
billion in 2002, plus billions more from other Govt.
departments such as Homeland Security. And that share of
an expanding budget (which has risen $100 billion in two
years) seems liable to grow further through their
"fortunate connections" in the Bush Administration.

Defence Policy Board Member Richard Perle

A prominent neo-conservative, PNAC and American Enterprise
Institute member & leading Iraq war advocate, Perle's
patrician manner belies his relentless money-grubbing. He
has three times been caught for misusing his Defence
Policy Board position for personal financial gain. The
Defence Policy Board, a semi-official advisory body, has
access to both classified information and upper-level
defence officials, and offers advice to the Government on
strategic policy, weapons procurement and other
defence-related matters.

On one of these three occasions, early in 2003, Perle had
to resign as chairman of the DPB. This first issue was
Perle using the notorious Saudi arms dealer Adnan
Khashoggi (a middleman in the Iran Contra scandal) to
arrange a meeting under false pretences with a hugely
wealthy Saudi industrialist, Harb Saleh al-Zuhair. The
real purpose was to solicit US$100 million for Perle's
personal investment company, Trireme Partners L.P.

Tireme was registered in November 2001, soon after 9/11
(like "Dubya's" grandfather Prescott Bush and the
Harrimans dealing with the new Nazi regime in 1930's
Germany, Perle wasted no time in moving to take advantage
of the "different world" of business opportunities after
9/11). Adnan Khashoggi was later to declare
that:"Trireme's business potential depended on a war in
Iraq taking place". Tireme itself more modestly declares
that it invests in companies "of value to homeland
security and defense".

On a second occasion Perle offered to help
telecommunications company Global Crossing get Government
approval to sell a high-tech subdivision to China in
return for a US$725,000 fee if he was successful.

A third corrupt instance was, when working as a consultant
for the Loral Corporation , Perle attempted to curry
influence for that corporation so they would be allowed
technology transfer to China, when Loral had already been
charged with improperly selling China information that
might assist the performance of China's nuclear ballistic
missiles & their ability to target America.

Many believe it was also Richard Perle who improperly
passed secret information to onetime Iraqi protégé Ahmad
Chalabi concerning the cracking of the Iranian
intelligence code, which Chalabi then passed on to the
Iranians, compromising US intelligence operations. However
others believe it was Paul Wolfowitz or even Donald
Rumsfeld himself who did so (so far none of the three has
been willing to clear his own name by fingering the guilty

Perle's selective patriotism appears to be a security
threat to the USA, but because he is among like-minded
friends in the Bush Administration & has close ties to
Defence Secretary Rumsfeld he remains on the DPB, busy
advocating wars, strategies and spending that will help
line his pockets. Indeed two other Tireme executives are
also DPB members. In addition Boeing, for reasons best
known to itself, has invested $20 million with Perle's
company Tireme.

Worse, a 2003 study by the US Centre for Public Integrity
showed that nine out of thirty Defence Policy Board
members had significant ties to arms industry companies
(e.g. retired Admiral David Jeremiah and retired Air Force
General Ronald Fogelman were receiving payments as
consultants from Boeing). Unsurprisingly, the companies
with whom the nine were linked had been successful with
over US$76 billion of contracts in one year alone.

Perle is also on the boards of Turkish company FNSS, which
makes US armoured vehicles under licence for United
Defence, and British company the Autonomy Corporation,
which holds a major US contract for "homeland defence"

Lockheed Martin & the Bush arms gravy train

Lockheed Martin is now reputedly the world's largest
weapons manufacturer. George W. Bush's direct connection
with this huge "defence & aerospace" corporation began
when he was Governor of Texas. There Lockheed attempted to
gain a contact to become official benefits screeners for
welfare and Medicaid in that state, a privatisation policy
"Dubya" supported but could not get passed. Not
surprisingly, for if the arms makers are to both dominate
foreign policy and control social welfare as well, there
seems little point in having a US government at all.

Later, Lockheed Martin Vice-President for corporate
strategy & development Bruce Jackson served as Finance
Chairman for the 2000 Bush campaign - and also as Chair of
the Republican Party foreign policy platform committee,
about as blatant a conflict of interest as an arms company
executive could attempt. "I wrote the Republican Party's
foreign policy platform," Jackson is reported as boasting.
Unsurprisingly he is also a board member of the Project
for the New American Century (PNAC).

Bruce Jackson

Presumably it was on the basis of enormous additional
profits expected during a Bush administration rather than
mere executive greed that the CEO's pay at Lockheed Martin
rose more than fourfold from US$5.8 million in 2000 to
US$25.3 million in 2002.

Some "Lockheed people" on board with Bush

*Peter B. Teets , former Lockheed Martin Chief Operating
Officer, has been appointed Undersecretary of the Air
Force and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office.

*Former Lockheed executive Everet Beckner has been
appointed administrator for defence programmes at the
National Nuclear Security Administration. (Lockheed Martin
jointly with the Bechtel Corporation and a third company
has a contract to run the NNSA Nevada Test Site where it
is planned to test nuclear weapons again. Lockheed will
also earn almost two billion per year running the Sandia
Laboratories nuclear weapons design facility in New
Mexico). ***

*Stephen Hadley , formerly a lawyer with Shea & Gardner
representing Lockheed Martin, was appointed Deputy
National Security Advisor.

*Otto Reich , formerly a lobbyist for Lockheed Martin when
they were seeking to reverse the ban on US hi-tech weapons
sales to Latin America, was nominated for Assistant
Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs.

*Norman Mineta , Secretary for Transportation, and Michael
Jackson , Deputy Secretary for Transportation, were both
Lockheed Martin vice-presidents before their appointments
by President Bush.

*Lynne V. Cheney , wife of US Vice-President Dick Cheney,
was a board member of Lockheed Martin for the period
1994-2001, picking up a handy US$120,000 per year for the
privilege. (Mrs Cheney other lucrative directorship's
include AXP Mutual {an American Express subsidiary}, the
Union Pacific Resources Group, & the Reader's Digest
Association. As a director of Union Pacific when it merged
with Anadarko Petroleum, Lynne Cheney received Anadarko
stock worth $250,000 to $500,000. Her husband's major
source of vast wealth, Halliburton, had done business with
Anadarko Petroleum since 1959.

***The grand architect of this new nuclear strategy, the
Dr Strangelovian figure Keith Payne, believes that a
full-scale nuclear war could reasonably be fought and won,
since America might suffer "only" twenty million
casualties. Payne's National Institute for Public Policy
(NIPP) receives substantial funding from arms makers and
has a Lockheed Martin executive on its board.

So under Bush's renewed nuclear bombs push, the lunatics
are truly running the asylum - and equally, the arms
makers are on a wondrous merry-go-round of milking the
Government, then running it, and back for more again, all
under the benign gaze of George Walker Bush. The US
President is truly a worthy descendant of his
great-grandfather the first George Walker, the amoral
financial hustler extraordinaire after whom he was named.

Team Bush, Team War Profiteers

Earlier this month, the President also asked for an
additional $20 billion for Iraqi reconstruction as part of
his larger supplemental appropriations request.
Unfortunately, the President provided no assurances that
the billions of dollars in new contracts will not be
awarded through similarly secretive processes . United
States Senators Joseph I. Lieberman & Frank R. Lautenberg,
Sept. 23, 2003.

Many other lesser members of Team Bush or the official
Bush administration too numerous to list here have for the
past five years (nearly) been working the revolving door
of war business and government, to great personal
financial advantage. In Part Three we will also detail how
various Bush relatives are personally benefitting from the
war in Iraq and the "War on Terror".

The grim truth is that the threat President Eisenhower
warned about in 1961 is today the primary reality of the
Bush governance, and the carpetbaggers of Washington are
setting the tone for an era of war profiteering without
equal in all human history. Only an aware and committed
citizenry can hope to stop them.

Latest News...

In a radio address on 27 August 2005, President Bush
called for Americans to be prepared for "more sacrifice"
in Iraq. But who is to do the sacrificing? Not the
President or any of his relatives and associates, that's
for sure. They don't send their sons and daughters to
fight in Iraq, they have "better things" to do. Mr Bush's
"haves and have mores" prefer to rake in enormous windfall
war profits generated by companies they have investments
in, and which offer many of them high-paid jobs and
extraordinary perks in the scandalous "revolving door"
between the current US government and the big business
corporations now profiting so hugely from this war.

We've all heard of Halliburton, so closely associated with
Vice President Cheney. But here are a group of giant
American corporations now doing "very nicely indeed
thanks" out of the Iraq war as at the second half of 2005:
Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon,
General Dynamics, Honeywell and United Technologies.
Behind them come dozens of medium-sized companies and
hundreds of smaller ones for whom, far from sacrifice, war
is a bonanza.

Lockheed Martin's net profit, for example, jumped 41
percent in the first six months of 2005. With orders worth
US$73 billion to hand, their gravy train looks like
rolling on for quite some time. Boeing's military division
reported sales of US$15.3 billion in January-June 2005,
with operating profits rising 16 percent to US$1.7
billion. Northrop Grumman's half-year earnings rose no
less than 45.3%...

The latest Bush appointments on the blood money gravy
train: The new Deputy Secretary of Defence Gordon England,
(replacing prominent Iraq war advocate Paul Wolfowitz, who
became president of the World Bank), has previously held
executive positions with both Lockheed Martin Corp and
General Dynamics Corp. Below him, being nominated by
President Bush as Secretary of the Air Force is Michael
Wynne - even though the US Senate has previously refused
to confirm Mr Wynne as the Pentagon's acquisition chief,
because of concerns about a whole range of Air Force
weapons-buying scandals. And who has the White House put
forward for a replacement Secretary of the Navy? None
other than Donald C. Winter, a current executive of
Northrop Grumman Corp. Remember them from the windfall
profits list?

And what happens to the honest ones? A senior contracting
official, Ms Bunnatine Greenhouse, who criticised the
Pentagon's decision to give Halliburton a
multibillion-dollar, no-bid contract for work in Iraq, was
sacked at the end of August 2005 for "poor performance".
Yes indeed, the people in power find any criticism of all
this revolving door corruption to be a very "poor" show,
from their point of view. The dismissal, described by her
attorney as bearing "the hallmark of illegal retaliation,"
handily scotches the investigation into her embarrassing
finger-pointing at the thieves in action. Said Ms
Greenhouse, "I can unequivocally state that the abuse
related to contracts awarded to KBR (a division of
Halliburton) represents the most blatant and improper
abuse I have witnessed" in 20 years working on government

Afinal word

Many of the big corporations that own much of the US media
are doing their best to avoid letting you read, see, or
hear information they don't want you to know about, or try
to ensure that such information is at any rate relegated
to obscurity. The Web, and the publishing of books (both
physical and e-books), remains the last free bastion of
"the inconvenient truth". If sites like this one are
forced off the Web, you'll know why. We hope that a
kinder, more globally responsible America will eventually
triumph over the military-corporate elite who have at
present usurped government and fooled many of the American
people into supporting them.

Many thanks to sources and international colleagues too
numerous to list.



"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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