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Fear The October Surprise
By Bob Moriarty
President -

For those who wonder what purpose was served by one of the first official acts 
of George the 2nd when he issued an executive order classifying the official 
records from the Reagan-Bush years, we now know. George 1st (Bush Sr) 
participated in a behind the scenes negotiation with Iran in October of 1980 to 
gain the promise of the release of the 52 American Embassy hostages. Bush's 
October Surprise was sufficient to gain Reagan the presidency and the 
humiliating defeat of Jimmy Carter. And as promised, the Iranians released the 
hostages on inauguration day in exchange for American arms. The acorn doesn't 
fall far from the tree.

Private citizens running for public office and conducting arms deals with 
foreign countries who hold Americans hostage is pretty close to treason. If 
Prescott Bush could be caught Trading with the Enemy with his Nazi pals during 
WW II, why shouldn't George 1st carry on the tradition? It runs in the family.

Today, we have a presidency coming unglued with a civil war in all but name on a
horrific scale in Iraq, the Taliban back in control of most of Afghanistan and 
Israel goading the US into the Mother of All War Crimes by demanding we attack 
Iran with nuclear weapons. It's clear that George 2nd lost the first election to
Al Gore and was appointed into office by the Supreme Court. And it's also become
pretty obvious that Karl Rove managed to steal another election in the 
Presidential elections of 2004. With two separate court decisions which have 
determined George 2nd to have violated the law both with his treatment of 
prisoners in Cuba and illegal wiretapping in the US, George 2nd faces not only 
impeachment but possible imprisonment should all of the details of 911 be 

Look for an October Surprise.

Fear the October Surprise, it's coming your way soon.

It could be a false flag operation by Israel designed to give the Gang of Fools 
a Casus Belli to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. Something like hitting one of
our carriers in the Persian Gulf with an anti-ship missile fired from a gunboat 
using Iranian frequency radar. Americans have short memories and Karl Rove is 
well aware of the evil in the hearts of men. He wallows in evil and the best 
that can be said of the Bush Regime is that he has brought fear to America.

In any case, the world is in for another six weeks of the greatest danger of 
nuclear war since the dark days of October of 1962. George 2nd is madder than a 
hatter. There is a good chance this administration will do anything to prevent 
the Democrats for taking either the House of Representatives or the Senate. It's
entirely possible that Karl Rove will incinerate America before allowing the 
investigations that would be part and parcel of a Democrat-controlled House of 
Representatives. They are the ones who vote on Impeachment and it's clear to 
anyone who listens to Americans speak these days, if we lived in a democracy, 
Bush would be toast.

If Bush is stupid enough to attack Iran, it won't take months for Americans to 
realize we have lost the war as was the case with Iraq, we will be able to 
figure it out in a couple of days. You won't be able to give dollars away and 
gold is going through the roof as our economy collapses and our form of 
government disappears. These clowns have lost three wars in a row. Am I the only
person to see signs of a pattern here?

It wasn't Adolph Hitler who paid the price for WW II and his illegal war of 
aggression, it was the German people. We simply cannot torture and murder people
on a wholesale basis without paying the butcher's bill.

Bob Moriarty

President 321gold


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