Bali bombings: a view from outside the Matrix


Richard Moore

October 2nd, 2005

Azahari bin Husin, said to be the explosives "mastermind"
behind the Bali bombings this past weekend, has a very
interesting background. He is not your average rural madrassa
religious fanatic or "al-Qaeda" goat herder of the sort
captured in Afghanistan. Husin is a "former university
lecturer and gifted mathematician," according to the Sydney
Morning Herald. "He returned home to obtain his degree, and at
the end of the 1980s went to Reading University in England,
where he impressed his tutors so much they persuaded him to
stay on to complete a doctorate." Husin's future was promising
as a lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at Skudai in
the southern state of Johor -- and then he suddenly experienced a
fanatical religious "epiphany" under the sway of the late
Abdullah Sungkar and Abu Bakar Bashir, followers of the Darul
Islam ideology and co-founders of Pondok Ngruki and eventually
Jemaah Islamiyah, an Islamic separatist movement supposedly
dedicated to the establishment of a fundamentalist Islamic
state in Southeast Asia.

I say "supposedly" because there are doubts (never mentioned
in the western corporate media) about the legitimacy of Jemaah
Islamiyah, as I noted in an earlier blog entry (subsequently
posted on the Muslim Public Affairs Committee website).

According to Sayed Abdullah, who operates an intelligence
services firm in Indonesia, "It is clear that the CIA and the
Mossad have infiltrated such organizations [Jemaah Islamiyah,
Hamas, and Hezbollah]." Abdullah told Kazi Mahmood of
IslamOnline the he believe it "is obvious the CIA and the
Mossad, assisted by the Australian Special Action Police (SAP)
and the M15 of England, are all working towards undermining
Muslim organizations in an attempt to weaken the Muslims

Abdullah believes the Bali bombing of 2002 was "an operation
clearly financed and assisted by the CIA and Mossad, made use
of Muslims to carry out the final actŠ. Those Muslims were not
innocent since they took the bait handed over by the CIA and
the Mossad to bomb Bali and to avenge against the U.S. war on
the Muslims in Afghanistan."

The Indonesian expert argued said that "to achieve this, the
CIA used one of its operatives, Omar Al-Faruq, an Arab living
in the U.S. who speaks Arabic and knows a little about Islam
and who was sent to Indonesia to infiltrate the so called
terrorist groups.

He said that Al-Faruq initially infiltrated the Laskar Jihad,
a group of Muslim volunteers fighting for the safeguard of the
Maluku's during the conflict of the Island.

When the Laskar was winded down by its leader, Al-Faruq was
sent to join the Mujahideen Council of Indonesia (MMI),
created and headed by jailed Indonesian Islamic leader Abu
Bakar Basyir, added Sayed Abdullah.

"After he failed to be a member of the MMI and failed to get
to Basyir, he decided to work on the followers of Basyir. It
is then that he came into contact with some of the Bali
bombers and this is how the whole Bali operation was
conducted," according to the Indonesian intelligence expert.

He claimed that Australia, the U.S. and even Taiwan knew that
Bali was to be bombed but they did nothing about it.

As noted in yesterday's entry here, Omar Al-Faruq "was
assigned to infiltrate Islamic radical groups and recruit
local agents within these groups" for the CIA. "After the CIA
obtained complete data on this matter, they then made Al-Faruq
disappear. It's common in intelligence world," former
Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board chief A.C.
Manulang told Tempo Interactive in September, 2002.

Azahari bin Husin's British connection should be examined,
especially in light of the revelations that Haroon Rashid
Aswat, the so-called mastermind of the 7/7 London Bombings,
worked for British Intelligence, as noted by former Justice
Department prosecutor and terror expert John Loftus on, of all
places, Fox News. Steve Watson wrote for Infowars on August 2:

John Loftus went on to spell out that British Intelligence and
the US dept of Justice had protected Haroon Rashid Aswat:
"Back in 1999 he came to America. The Justice Department
wanted to indict him in Seattle because him and his buddy were
trying to set up a terrorist training school in OregonŠ we've
just learned that the headquarters of the US Justice
Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors not to touch AswatŠ
apparently Aswat was working for British intelligenceŠ"

This information is startling and again highlights how Al
Qaeda exists as an organized body only where the intelligence
services have created, funded and employed it. Loftus points
out that several weeks before the London Bombings, Aswat was
again located by the South African Intel agency but again
allowed to slip away, this time to London:

"He was a British intelligence plant. So all of a sudden he
disappears. He's in South Africa. We think he's dead; we don't
know he's down there. Last month the South African Secret
Service come across the guy. He's aliveŠ the Brits know that
the CIA wants to get a hold of Haroon. So what happens? He
takes off again, goes right to London. He isn't arrested when
he lands, he isn't arrested when he leavesŠ He's on the watch
list. The only reason he could get away with that was if he
was working for British intelligence. He was a wanted man."

In similar fashion, Azahari bin Husin managed to elude capture
in late 2003.

Indonesian security officials "say Indonesian police were
close to catching him in late 2003 in a swoop on Pekanbaru,
capital of Sumatra's Riau province, and opposite Singapore,"
explains the Sydney Morning Herald.

"Azahari was there, but slipped through the dragnet
unrecognized." He was able to do this because he is
"[l]ong-haired and lean-faced" and bears "little resemblance
to the one photograph police have of him." Obviously, Husin
shares the same mercurial nature as Osama bin Laden and Abu
Musab al-Zarqawi.

It would seem the Brits and the United States have greasy
fingers when it comes to capturing potentially dangerous
Islamic fanatics and al-Qaeda operatives. In fact, they are
simply recycling trusted intel operatives (or their
painstakingly engineered reputations).

Of course, considering "al-Qaeda" (appropriately earning the
moniker "al-CIA-duh") is a documented CIA-ISI-MI6 asset, the
"escape" of key "terrorists" such as Azahari bin Husin is not
only logical, it is mandatory if state-sponsored terrorism is
to be used as a form of psychological warfare against
unwitting populations in need of manipulation (since most
normal people recoil from the prospect of forever war and need
to be reminded of the specter of terrorism). Since we have no
evidence Bin Husin actually exists -- he was last seen prior to
the first Bali bombing -- the corporate media, regurgitating
spook generated mythologies, is now free to turn the former
mathematician and university lecturer into a world-class
terrorist on par with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Like Orwell's
Emmanuel Goldstein, Azahari bin Husin lives on as an effective
bogeyman, an effective (if illusive) villain in a
constellation of Islamic villains, an evasive apparition one
step ahead of the law and thus forever a possible threat -- or at
least a threat until our rulers decide they no longer have use
for him (as they apparently no longer have use for Osama bin
Laden now that nine eleven is established folklore and the
irrefutable foundation of the supposed war on terrorism).


Bali Bombed Again, Intel Op Jemaah Islamiah Suspected

October 1st, 2005 Once again, an explosion has ripped through
the Indonesian resort island of Bali, killing at least 23
people. "We think it's almost certainly a terrorist attack, I
doubt that there's any other explanation for it, you could
assume it's an attack by an organization like Jemiaah Islamiah
speaking from experience, but of course at this stage no one's
claimed responsibility for the attack and we have no
evidence," Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander
Downer told ABC News. It was almost exactly three years ago
(October 14, 2002) "terrorists, allegedly linked to Osama bin
Laden and his al Qaeda network, blew up a nightclub in the
resort town of Kuta Beach in Bali killing 202 people and
wounding another 100," as the Crime Library summarizes. As CNN
reported on November 8, 2002, an al-Qaeda message posted on
the al-Neda website claimed responsibility for targeting
"nightclubs and whorehouses in Indonesia." It was claimed a
local "terrorist" organization, Jemaah Islamiyah, supposedly
linked to al-Qaeda, planted the bombs.

"On 30 April 2003, the first charges related to the Bali
bombings were made against Amrozi bin Haji Nurhasyim, known as
Amrozi, for allegedly buying the explosives and the van used
in the bombings," notes Wikipedia.

On 8 August he was found guilty and sentenced to death.
Another participant in the bombing, Imam Samudra, was
sentenced to death on 10 September.

Amrozi's brother, Ali Imron, who had expressed remorse for his
part in the bombing, was sentenced to life imprisonment on 18
September. A fourth accused, Mukhlas, was sentenced to death
on 1 October. All those convicted have said they will appeal,
and none of the death sentences have yet been carried outŠ. On
15 August Riduan Isamuddin, generally known as Hambali,
described as the operational chief of Jemaah Islamiyah and as
al-Qaeda's "point man" in Southeast Asia, was arrested in
Bangkok. He is in American custody in an undisclosed location,
and has not been charged in relation to the Bali bombing or
any other crime. It was reported that the United States is
reluctant to hand Hambali over to Indonesian authorities in
light of the lenient sentence given to Abu Bakar Bashir [an
Islamic cleric who is the alleged spiritual head of Jemaah

It is interesting to note another "al-Qaeda" functionary, Omar
al-Faruq, who fingered Bashir and Jemaah Islamiah for a
bombing outside the largest mosque in Jakarta in 1999, also
disappeared. "Former State Intelligence Coordinating Board
(BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang has said that Kuwaiti citizen Omar
Al-Faruq, a terrorist suspect who was arrested in Bogor, West
Java, on June 5, 2002 and handed over to the US three days
later, is a CIA-recruited agent," Tempo Interactive reported
on September 19, 2002. 'When Al Faruq finished his
assignments, the CIA created a scenario that he had been
arrested,' Manulang told Tempo News RoomŠ. 'Anti-Islam
intelligence agencies committed the bombings in Indonesia.
They have been trained for this and they are very organized,"
said Manulang."

It is no secret the Indonesia military has documented links to
Islamic terrorist groups, although this is often explained
away as simply a few bad apples or the unfortunate connections
of "corrupt elements within the military," as the Sydney
Morning Herald put it. Indonesia's ruthless Army Special
Forces, Kopassus, was trained by the CIA (and U.S. Special
Operations Forces in psychological operations) and is known
for its covert ops (for instance, "Ninja" assassinations; see
Peter Dale Scott, Murder in Java: Psychological warfare and
the New York Times). Kopassus was also responsible for the
murder of over 200,000 people on the island of East Timor.

Moreover, Indonesian intelligence has links to Jemaah Islamiah
and other terrorist groups. "The links between JI [Jemaah
Islamiah] and Indonesia's Intelligence Agency (BIN) are
acknowledged by the International Crisis Group (ICG)," writes
Michel Chossudovsky, who quotes the ICG as follows: "This link
[of JI to the BIN] needs to be explored more fully: it does
not necessarily mean that military intelligence was working
with JI, but it does raise a question about the extent to
which it knew or could have found out more about JI than it
has acknowledged," an assertion to which Chossudovsky
responds: "The ICG, however, fails to mention that Indonesia's
intelligence apparatus has for more than 30 years been
controlled by the CIA." Suspicion is also cast on General A.
M. Hendropriyono, the head of Indonesian intelligence. "The
agency and its director, Gen. A. M. Hendropriyono, are well
regarded by the United States and other governments," Raymond
Bonner and Jane Perlez write for the New York Times (25
November 2002). "But there are still senior intelligence
officers here who believe that the C.I.A. was behind the
[first Bali] bombing."

Of course, none of these suspicious connections will be
investigated by the corporate media now that a second Bali
bombing has occurred. Instead, attention will turn in a
predictable and well-scripted direction toward a cast of usual
suspects -- "al-Qaeda in Indonesia," Jemaah Islamiah, or a new
terrorist formation -- as the point here is to keep up the
strategy of tension and barrage the public with one
nightmarish terrorist incident after another, usually aimed at
innocents, non-combatants, tourists, and women and children in
Iraq, etc., thus sending a message repeatedly and incessantly:
Islam has declared an immoral and psychotic war against the
people of America and much of the western world. Our response
should be, as Ann Coulter so famously (and disgustingly)
explained, to "bomb them and convert them to Christianity," or
at least wreck their societies and culture.

It is too early to speculate on the motivations of the latest
Bali bombing.

But we can rest assured it will be the same story -- crazed
Muslims declaring war on infidels wherever they find them and
for the usual murderous religious reasons -- and al-Qaeda will
once again post a video or audio message on the internet. No
doubt this claim for responsibility will come over the next
few days and the latest outrage and carnage will be laid at
the feet of "al-Qaeda," the database of Mujahedeen organized
by the CIA and used in Afghanistan, the Balkans, Chechnya, and
elsewhere. For the neocons, "al-Qaeda" is the best thing since
the invention of sliced bread.



"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"