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One never knows how these things will play out. What we do know for sure is that
no one like Ron Paul will ever be allowed to sit in the White House as 


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by Alan Stang
December 24, 2007

Warning! As you know, I always give you my best jokes in these pieces. This one 
will contain no humor. Will the conspiracy for world government assassinate Dr. 
Paul? That is the stark question now before us. Since the Paul campaign started 
to take off, I have been hearing agonized comments to that effect from his 
supporters. So far, I have said nothing, hoping they would subside, but now 
comes an authentic reporter citing ³reliable sources² from inside.

He is Daniel Estulin, an author who lives in Spain, and whose welcome, new 
exposé is The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (Walterville, OR, Trine Day, 
2007). The Bilderbergers meet at least once a year. Somewhere in the world, they
take over a five-star establishment, kick all the other guests out, surround the
place with guards armed with machine guns and meet in secret, where they decide 
what will happen to you and your property, which you have not elected them to 

Estulin apparently has a good record for accuracy. He says that sources in a 
think tank in U.S. intelligence tell him that people at the top of the U.S. 
government are considering the execution of Dr. Ron Paul, whose exploding 
popularity is causing them to fear they could lose control. Recently, he became 
the 18 Million Dollar Man, after people around the country raised more than $6 
million for his campaign in one day, a gargantuan record.

Estulin told commentator Alex Jones: ³I am getting information from my sources 
that there are people involved from a higher level of the American establishment
who are seriously considering ­ this has not been confirmed ­ but assassination 
is definitely on the agenda and I pray to God that this is not the case.² 
Estulin says his source has been accurate for ten years, and says that if the 
³Ron Paul Revolution² continues to multiply, assassination could be a ³serious 

Needless to say, the utterly genteel lunatics who operate at that height in 
Washington do not use words like ³assassinate² or ³execute.² Certainly, they 
would never breathe the word ³kill,² a word that has hair on it. They talk about
the possibility of ³removing² Dr. Paul, who is perfectly aware that 
assassination is a favorite technique of the conspiracy for world government. 
³If you can¹t lick Œem, join Œem,² becomes ³If you can¹t lick Œem, kill Œem,² in
the lexicon of world government.

Andy Jackson opposed the National Bank and someone tried to shoot him in the 
Capitol Rotunda. President James Garfield talked too much about money backed by 
gold and was assassinated. Huey Long, the ³Kingfish,² opposed serial killer 
Franklin Roosevelt. He too was assassinated. Arthur Bremer stepped out of a 
crowd with a handgun and crippled George Wallace. John Hinckley, Jr. stepped out
of a crowd with a handgun and shot Ronald Reagan. Of course, these are just a 
few examples.

Later, we are told that most of the assassins are demented. Richard Lawrence, 
who tried to kill Andy, told interrogators he was Richard III. Hinckley said he 
tried to kill Reagan to win the love of actress Jodie Foster. No doubt Hinckley 
would have been disillusioned and maybe would not have done it had he known that
Jodie Foster is a dyke. Often the perpetrators leave an incriminating diary 

In the Soviet Union (which regular readers know never did collapse) there are 
literal schools of assassination. They teach how to kill an enemy by running him
down with a truck. Was that what happened to General Patton? They teach how to 
kill a man with cyanide. The killer walks past him with a rolled up newspaper 
under his arm. When they come abreast, he puts the newspaper to his lips like a 
funnel and blows cyanide crystals into the target¹s face. The crystals do their 
job and dissipate. When the doctors examine the corpse, all they can determine 
is that he had a fatal heart attack.

Defenestration is another favorite technique. The target is simply thrown out a 
window, which in German is a ³Fenster.² The Soviets did that in 1948 to Jan 
Masaryk, who stood in the way of their conquest of Czechoslovakia. That is what 
happened to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal who could have done much to 
stop the Reds. He ³committed suicide² in 1949 by tying the sash of his robe 
around his neck and ³jumping out² a 16th floor window of Bethesda Naval 
Hospital. Investigators found broken glass on his bed.

So it would be a very easy matter to assassinate Dr. No. His campaign threatens 
literally everything the conspiracy for world government is doing. Logic tells 
us that the conspirators will refuse to let one mild, avuncular doctor derail 
them when they are so close, which now becomes realistic to discuss. Ron loves 
to mix among his people. It would be very easy to inspire a nutbag who thinks he
is Sitting Bull or Joan of Arc to step out of a crowd with a diary in one hand 
and a .38 in the other, and blow him away with his campaign.

Daniel Estulin says his sources tell him the ³risk assessment² people at the top
who are considering ³removal² are asking each other, ³What would happen if? . . 
. .² What would happen if Dr. No were ³removed?² They are wise to ask. The fact 
that they are asking is an indication that they recognize something is 
different, something in the air. They are not sure what it is and it is making 
them nervous. I believe I can be helpful. I do know what would happen. There is 
something different.


I am talking now to some of my readers, to those men at the highest levels of 
government in Washington who are discussing the ramifications of the murder of 
Dr. Paul. I am talking to their factotums who would arrange it. You have 
successfully killed many men with impunity. I have mentioned a few. You killed 
Jack Kennedy who cooperated but was not really one of you; you killed Mike King 
when his exposure destroyed his usefulness. You killed and got away with it. The
people grumbled ­ some even suspected ­ but they bought your explanations, 
however farcical.

It was a ³lone gunman,² a wack job disconnected from everyone else, a guy with a
diary proving how crazy he is, a guy with a mother problem, who can¹t find a 
girl. I once asked Sara Jane Moore, convicted of trying to assassinate Gerald 
Ford, whether she had acted alone or in concert with others. She replied, ³I 
have never answered that question, and I never will.² Not ³I acted alone,² but 
³I never will answer.²

No more ­ no more ­ no more! Yes, you could easily take out Dr. Ron, but by 
doing so you would irrevocably change the rules and make it a new game. It¹s too
late. Too many of us know who you are. Too many of us know what you want and 
that you have names, addresses, phone numbers and faces. And you can¹t put the 
toothpaste back in the tube.

You have seen the passion of his supporters. You yourselves call them fanatics 
and wackos. They are volunteers; they quit their jobs, go broke and work for 
free. They hitch rides across the country, high-five each other and sleep on the
floor. They are consumed. This is what they live for. Ron doesn¹t tell them what
to do. They tell him.

Losing in a fair fight would be bitter, but because of their beliefs ­ and Dr. 
No¹s benign influence ­ they would go home in peace. Losing unfairly ­ because 
you kill the candidate, proving he could win ­ after such enormous effort would 
be intolerable; in other words, they would not tolerate it. I can assure you; 
they would not let it pass.

Who are they? Remember the patriot campaigns of old, run by little, old ladies 
from Pasadena in tennis shoes, accompanied by little, old men with no expertise?
You used to make fun of them. David Rockefeller used to joke that they didn¹t 
have $5 to attend their own meetings. That too is gone, finished.

Dr. No¹s people are also doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. They are the people 
who make this country go. They are computer nerds. Dr. No enjoys a monopoly on 
the nation¹s nerds, because they know he is the only candidate who advocates 
real freedom, the only one who would keep the internet free. All the others 
would acquiesce in the conspiracy¹s desire to control it.

The nerds can hack into anything. They have successfully hacked outfits like 
DOD. If they can get into DOD, they can get into anywhere. You can¹t keep them 
out. They can take your identity and ruin your credit. They can create a lien on
your property and a debt of $8 million to I.R.S. They can shut you down. If you 
whack Dr. Paul, they are going to be mad. You are terrified, as well you should 
be, about what they might do.

Even worse, Dr. No has enormous support in the military, certainly more support 
than any other Republican, even more support than Arizona traitor John McClunk. 
What does that tell you? Did you happen to know that the .50 caliber rifle has a
range of more than a mile? Do you know how far that is? It¹s far enough so that 
by the time you find out where it came from, the sorehead who did it has another
name and identity supplied by the nerds and is dancing the tango in Buenos 

Remember, I¹m not the guy you need to worry about. I¹m too decrepit to hit a 
face with a pie. The guy you need to worry about is out there now, watching, 
stewing. By now, he is legion. He knows you are coming for his guns. And he is 
for instance the deadliest creature who ever stalked the earth: the Marine Corps
sniper. Gunny maybe a little heavier, and a tad slower, but he is still fast 
enough to stick the red dot in your eye on his way to Buenos Aires.

But Dr. Paul would never do such a thing! You¹re right, a man so meek and 
humane, so truly Christian, would not. But remember that Dr. No is the champion 
of the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers said they gave us the Second 
Amendment in case we need it to overthrow the government. Indeed, President Tom 
Jefferson urged us to rise in a bloody revolution every twenty years or so, just
for the fun ­ for the principle ­ of it.

Consider also that you can whack Dr. Paul, yes, but you can¹t kill his ideas. 
His ideas would still be there and so would these people who chose him. They 
would choose someone else who would probably be meaner. If you hit Dr. Paul, you
well-paid flunkies who implement the schemes of the psychos at the top will 
always need to be looking for the red dot, because to do your jobs you must be 
out among the people.

The Ron Paul fanatics could even decide you are implicated in the hit just 
because you work for the federal government, maybe for I.R.S. or the Fed. Yes, 
that¹s crazy, but, remember, they¹re fanatics! They¹re wackos! When you see the 
red dot, you could have time to hear a distant tap, maybe two. Those faint 
sounds will solve your problems here, but tomorrow morning you will wake up in 

Unlike your flunkies, you psychos at the top do not mix among the people. You 
are surrounded by security. You just pick up the phone and give orders. We know 
that. Thank God it is impossible for Gunny to reach you. The only thing you need
to worry about is cocktails on your balcony or sailing off the coast, or meeting
in some five-star joint surrounded by machine guns, or eating dinner in a 
restaurant, or getting into a car or getting out of a car. Other than that, you 
have nothing to fear.

Needless to say, I pray daily that none of this happens. It won¹t for sure if 
Dr. No survives the campaign intact.

© 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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