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The Wasan Action Framework
Declaration and Recommendations of the Interdisciplinary
Round Table on Climate Change and Energy Strategies
13-16 September, 2007, Wasan Island, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Sponsored by Science for Peace, David Suzuki 
Foundation and Breuninger Foundation


EMERGED 25 YEARS AGO. Prudence would have called 
for precautionary action at that time to slow 
down the growth of these emissions. Since then, 
the scientific understanding of the impact of 
human activity on global warming has been 
overwhelmingly confirmed; key predictions based 
on that understanding have started to occur. 
Evidence has emerged that the potential impacts 
of global warming will be much more severe than 
was predicted even five years ago.

Individuals, corporations, and all levels of 
government around the world have a duty to act as 
global citizens in the face of the danger posed 
to life on Earth and to the well-being of the 
human race as whole.

1  WE DECLARE that human-induced climate change 
and energy security, in particular peaking of the 
world oil supply, are crucial issues requiring 
immediate action.

2  WE DECLARE agreement with the statement by the 
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 
Working Group 1 regarding the physical basis of 
climate change: "Most of the observed increase in 
global average temperatures since the mid-20th 
century is very likely due to the observed 
increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas 


  a) the large per capita overconsumption and 
waste of natural resources in the industrialized 
  b) the growth paradigm (economic growth for its own sake)
  c) the large and growing human population
  d) the very large dependence on fossil fuel based energy
  e) the resistance by vested interests to necessary change in energy technology
  f) the lack of appropriate political leadership
  g) the lack of global governance to protect the global commons

4 WE PROPOSE A GLOBAL SOLUTION FRAMEWORK: We must begin immediately to

   a) curb overconsumption and give priority to 
efficiency, conservation and the avoidance of 

    b)  promote lower birthrates by empowerment of 
women through educational, economic and social 
measures including access to birth control 
information and services

   c)  focus globally and locally on developing 
low-impact renewable energy infrastructure and 
technologies (e.g., small-scale biomass, 
geothermal, hydro, ocean energy, solar, wind) to 
their full potential, so as to avoid large-scale 
biofuel usage and nuclear energy

   d)  reduce carbon emissions by creating a just 
and universal framework through the 
implementation of appropriate incentives, 
government regulation, legislation and taxation

  e) preserve forests, especially tropical rainforests


   a)  All levels of government as well as the UN 
and international organizations should embrace 
the Wasan Action Framework.

   b)  Media, corporations, the educational system 
from kindergarten to university, and all civil 
society should collaborate in implementing this 
Wasan Action Framework.


1  IPCC, 2007: Summary for Policymakers. In: 
Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. 
Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth 
Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel 
on Climate Change [Solomon, S., D. Qin, M. 
Manning, Z. Chen, M. Marquis, K.B. Averyt, 
M.Tignor and H.L. Miller (eds.)]. Cambridge 
University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and 
New York, NY, USA. Page 10.

Interdisciplinary Round Table on Climate Change and Energy Strategies
Wasan Island, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada, September 13-16, 2007
Participants Who Unanimously Voted for the Wasan Action Framework
  Alton, Janis Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

  Bartlett, Albert Emeritus Professor of Physics, 
University of Colorado, Boulder

  Breuninger, Helga Director, Breuninger Foundation, Germany

  Burkhardt, Helmut Emeritus Professor of Physics, Ryerson University

Creighton, Phyllis Science for Peace

  Etcheverry, José  Policy Analyst, David Suzuki 
Foundation; Professor, Dept. of Environmental 
Studies, York University, Toronto

Farlinger, Shirley Freelance writer; journalist, Toronto

  Ford, John Issue Advocate for Energy, Green 
Party of Ontario; Candidate Ottawa South

  Goldin Rosenberg, Dorothy Ontario Institute for 
Studies in Education, University of Toronto

  Gómez, Ana María Assistant Executive Director, Centro Mario Molina, Mexico

  Gómez, Emmanuel Project Engineer, Climate Change 
Program, Centro Mario Molina, Mexico

  Harvey, Danny Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Toronto

  Heaps, Toby A.A. President, Editor and Co-founder, Corporate Knights, Toronto

  Hu, Amy Climate Change Program, David Suzuki Foundation

  Kennedy, Joy United Church of Canada; Treasurer CANET

  Litman, Todd A. Founder and Executive Director, 
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

  Lutes, Mark Policy Analyst, Climate Change and Energy, David Suzuki Foundation

  McInnis, Bert Co-founder, WhatIf? Technologies, Ottawa

  Marchand, Claude Professor, Glendon College, York University, Toronto

  Paul, Derek  Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Toronto

  Peltier, Dick Director, Centre for Global Change 
Science, University of Toronto

  Philp, Ian Lawyer on UN missions
  Reijerse, Fidel Founder and President, ResCo Energy Inc., Toronto

  Roberts, Mary Jane Senior Policy Analyst, 
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

  Schreyer, Edward  Chancellor, Brandon 
University, Manitoba; Former Premier of Manitoba

and Former Governor General of Canada

  Tainter, Joseph Department Head, Environment and 
Society, Utah State University

  White, Marlene  Community Partnerships Manager, 
Trent University; Federal Liberal Candidate,

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock
Technical Resource Specialists Who Did Not Vote

  Hughes, David Natural Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada

  Love, Peter Chief Conservation Officer, 
Conservation Bureau, Div. of the Ontario Power 

  Mokry, Manfred  Manager Technology, 
Mercedes-Benz, Canada; Member of the Association 
of International Automobile Manufacturers of 

  Zwiers, Francis Director, Climate Research Division, Environment Canada

For more information contact: Dr. Derek Paul, 
Science for Peace * t. 416-532-6440 * 

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