Al-Jazeerah: ‘Ceasefire’ Resolution Is A Plan For More War and Aggression


Richard Moore

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Bush's Sham 'Ceasefire' Resolution Is A Plan For More War and Aggression

By Naim I. Farhat
Al-Jazeerah, August 9, 2006


It is now clear that tens of thousands of people are coming to 
Washington, DC on August 12 to condemn the U.S.-Israeli assault and 
show solidarity with the people of Palestine and Lebanon. Now is the 
time for the people of the United States to stand up and be counted.

The whole world is condemning the U.S. and Israeli war that has made 
nearly one-quarter of Lebanon's entire population, 800,000 people, 
refugees in their home country. The Israeli military, supplied and 
supported by the United States government, has destroyed the 
infrastructure of a nation, deprived families of water and left them 
starving and foraging to keep alive, and slaughtered hundreds of 
people, burying children and parents under their homes or in shelters 
where they have desperately sought refuge.


The U.S.-French so-called "cease-fire" resolution would be considered 
a very bad joke except for the fact that hundreds of more people will 
die as a consequence. This resolution rewards the aggressors by 
allowing them to occupy Lebanon. It strips Lebanon of its sovereignty 
as a nation. It permits the Israelis to continue military operations 
on Lebanese soil and in Gaza. It demands the disarming of those 
Lebanese forces who have resisted the invasion of their country, 
while the U.S. pours billions of dollars into the Israeli military to 
resupply the Air Force and army with ever more lethal and high-tech 

The actual goal of the resolution is to make the Bush Administration 
appear as "peace-makers" at the very moment they instigate and 
perpetuate new acts of violence against the Lebanese and Palestinian 
people and widen the U.S. war in the Middle East.


On August 12 we will demand that all Israeli troops leave Lebanon and 
we will demand full scale reparations for the people of Lebanon and 
Palestine for the crimes committed against them.

Over the past week people around the world have come out in mass 
demonstrations from hundreds of thousands in Baghdad to 100,000 in 
London. This coming Saturday is the time when the people of the U.S. 
will be coming together in mass assembly for the Emergency March on 
Washington. There will be sister actions on the West Coast in San 
Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Make your plans right now to hit the streets Saturday -  take a stand 
- call your friends and family - get a bus ticket while they last or 
organize a car caravan. We cannot be silent while U.S. bombs rain 
down on the children of Lebanon and Palestine.


We have a created a page for logistical information on the 
demonstration, including driving directions, information on public 
transportation, and plans for the day. To see the logistics page, 
click here

- Buy a New York City bus ticket:

- Organize transportation:

- Endorse:

- Volunteer for DC march:

- Volunteer for SF march:

- Download National (DC) flyer:

- Download New York City flyer:

- Download Chicago flyer:


We have received an amazing response to the August 12 Call to Action. 
You would never know it from the biased and bigoted mass media in the 
United States, but millions of people are disgusted by the actions of 
the Bush Administration and the Israeli government and want to help 
this anti-war movement grow ever larger. We can't do it without the 
help and self-sacrifice of those who support the efforts of the 
anti-war movement and all the many hard-working volunteers. Please 
donate today to help cover the enormous expenses for August 12:

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