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Richard Moore


There are a few radio interviews coming up, re/ Escaping the Matrix 

If you have friends who you'd like to introduce to Escaping the 
Matrix, this would be a convenient opportunity for them.

If you're thinking of listening online, you might want to check out 
the station in advance, to make sure you don't need to download a 
player or whatever at the last minute.



Fri, 18 August
1-2 pm - California Time
Interviewer: Molly Morgan
KZYX&Z   88.3  90.7  91.5 FM Radio
Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
Listen on the web: http://www.kzyx.org


Sat, 19 August
10 - 11:30 am Central Time
Interviewer: Scott Colborn
KZUM 89.3 FM Radio
Lincoln, Nebraska, Community Radio
Listen on the web: <http://www.kzum.org>
Will be archived: <http://friends-of-eup.mypodcasts.net>


Mon, 11 September - special 911 anniversary broadcast
11 pm - 2 am Central Time
Interviewer: Mike Hagan, "Radio Orbit"
KOPN 89.5 FM Radio
Columbia, Missouri, Community Radio
Listen on the web: http://www.cosmicwavesradio.com/ - Select "Channel 2"

Note: Hackers have been attacking the Orbit Radio site. Here is an 
alternate URL:


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