A review: Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism”


Richard Moore

Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 10:31:18 -0700 (Pacific Standard Time)
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Subject: Brian Bogart on film "American Freedom to Fascism".

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From: Brian Bogart <•••@••.•••>
Date: 07/06/06 23:15:16
Subject: Film rave

Aaron Russo's outstanding film, America: Freedom to Fascism, provides 
the financial background story of my extensive research into the 
origins of the "war on terror": the July 1979 Council on Foreign 
Relations co-sponsored Jerusalem Conference on International 
Terrorism (JCIT), organized by George Bush Sr and Benjamin Netanyahu.

So many of those connected to the long legacy of tyranny, all the way 
back to 1913 and prior, attended or helped with the post-JCIT 
propaganda effort that led to the public's willingness to accept 
Ronald Reagan's 1981 foreign policy announcement that "international 
terrorism will take the place of human rights in our concern" 
(Alexander Haig).  

Originally a device to fuel the Cold War, under this policy taxpayers 
continue to fund the organization and operation of a worldwide 
terrorism network (which in 1988 became known as al-Qaeda) in nations 
where Western interests are at stake.  In bipartisan manner, this 
policy also used our taxes to fund every Taliban member.

(Indeed, this film explains US conflict "dependence" overall, and why 
what occurred in 1913 is running at full steam today to curtail civil 

Not only does Aaron Russo's film, America: Freedom to Fascism, show 
the why and a large part of the how regarding the sins of US/global 
statecraft -- most importantly, it offers the solution to empire's 

I cannot recommend it more adamantly: Every American who ever 
wondered about their government and why US forces are deployed abroad 
so often (153 times since World War II), or wondered why such a 
wealthy nation consistently fails to create peace externally or 
provide full benefits to its people internally (and in fact does the 
opposite in both cases) -- every citizen who feels angry or sad or 
curious about 9-11 and why we are in Iraq while Osama bin Laden is an 
official non-issue, MUST SEE THIS FILM.

As this film highlights, there is no existing law requiring citizens 
to pay income tax from wages; in fact, it has long been ruled 
unconstitutional.  As this film recommends, no vote should be cast 
for any candidate for any office who does not agree to sign an 
affidavit calling for the end of the Federal Reserve.

Go to http://freedomtofascism.com for more information.

Related recommended reading: "The War on Truth," by Nafeez Ahmed.

Brian Bogart
CampUS Strike for Peace/Intelligent Future
M.A. Candidate, Peace Studies
University of Oregon

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