911: Loose Change to be Virgin’s in-flight movie!


Richard Moore

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Loose Change 2 To Be
In-Flight Movie For
Virgin Atlantic
Aaron Dykes
Prison Planet

Loose Change 2 will shown on Virgin Atlantic flights during the month of May 
2007. This incredible (and ironic) development has surfaced via email and on 
911Blogger. It is reported on Mercury Media, who distribute media to various 
networks, studios and airlines, as the first of such airlines to purchase the 
hit documentary for in-air performance.

However, many people have questioned the authenticity of this report-- as it 
sounds a bit too good to be true.

Alex Jones, though, has learned of the deal from Louder Than Word's foreign 
distributor and confirms that it is true. It is further confirmed under 
documentary listings on Virgin Atlantic's website.

Virgin Atlantic's in-air magazine describes the film as follows:

'Loose Change 2 appeals to the viewer's common sense: it tells you to forget the
official explanations and the expert testimony, and trust your eyes and your 
brain instead'

Time Magazine


Loose Change 2 is one of the most watched films on the internet, with over 10 
million downloads in 2006.

Perhaps putting this riveting documentary in front of a captive audience is as 
good as the airline's themselves questioning the official story? Maybe not, but 
it's still a win for 9/11 Truth exposure.

Europe's discount airline, Ryan Air did threaten a lawsuit over the increase in 
security costs after the 20-plane terrorist scare in summer 2006, so in some 
cases, airlines have shown resistance to the absurdity of the War on Terror.


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