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Blogged by David Edwards on 10/21/2005 @ 9:27am PT... 

VIDEO - Republican Congressman Alleges 9/11 Cover-up by Pentagon 
Pentagon engaged in 'smear campaign' against whistleblower 

Guest blogged by David Edwards 

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On Sept. 20 2005, the military revoked the security
clearance of Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, who was
scheduled to testify in Congress the following day.
Shaffer was to testify about a cover-up by the Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA). He alleged that the DIA
withheld information about one or more of the 9/11
hijackers from the FBI and the 9/11 Commission.

Yesterday, Representative Curt Weldon appeared on CNN
where he alleged that the DIA was smearing the
whistleblower (Lt. Col. Shaffer) and continuing a cover-up
of the 'Able Danger' program. Rory O'Connor of Media is
Plural seems to have firsthand information about
Representative Weldon's grievances: Weldon also
characterized the Defense Department in general and the
DIA in particular as "a bureaucracy out of control," and
criticized DIA for revoking Shaffer°Øs clearance, gagging
him and other Able Danger analysts from speaking publicly
about the program, and attempting to destroy Shaffer©–s

"Lt Col Shaffer has done nothing wrong," he added. "This
is a massive DIA effort to cover its ass because agency
officials are embarrassed that a special unit of SOCOM
came up with crucial information and DIA did not. DIA
needs to be taken to task, not Lt. Col Shaffer."

... I asked Weldon if he was at all concerned about going
after high Defense officials from his own party in such a
public way.

"Am I concerned about retribution? Absolutely!" he
replied. "But this is larger than the party°¶this is about
3000 dead people, the worst terror attack ever on U.S.
soil. And, as (former FBI director Louis Freeh) told Tim
Russert on Meet the Press last week, Able Danger is "the
kind of tactical intelligence that would make a difference
in stopping a hijacking.°± So why can°Øt Congress and the
American people hear about it? Ultimately, the buck stops
with Rumsfeld."



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