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Richard Moore

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Subject: 911 a Black Military Operation
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Monday Brownbagger of April 25, 2005.

More discrepancies from the official mass media story are
appearing almost daily regarding the 911 incident.  In past
programs I have given you reams of information pointing to a
made-in-the-US 911 event.  And yet the mass media keeps
putting out disinformation saying that 911 was planned and
carried out strictly by Al Queda.  On this sector of the
Monday Brownbagger, I will give additional evidence that
should cinch the case for a made-in-the-US 911 event that
should convince even the most right wing, diehard George W.
Bush supporter.  This article will include some of the most
recent and convincing findings to date.  The source of
information for this entire article is http://rense.com

According to the official story, at 8:45 am local time, an
American Airlines Boeing 767-200 (Flight 11), flying from
Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California, impacted the
north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City after
being supposedly hijacked by terrorists. 18 minutes later, at
9:03 am, United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767-200 enroute
from Boston to Los Angeles, flew into the south tower, also
supposedly as a result of terrorist activity.

The towers continued burning for approximately an hour, and
twenty minutes apart, then both collapsed due to supposed
structural damage sustained in the crashes.

I repeat, the official story is that the plane that impacted
the south tower was a Boeing 767-200.  Yet, in reviewing crash
footage taken by an ABC news crew, a man named Corley was able
to track the trajectory of the fragments he studied -
including a section of the landing gear and parts of an engine
- as they tore through the South Tower, exited from the
building's north side and fell into the street.  The parts are
left undamaged enough to enabled him to clearly see that they
did not belong to the 767-200 that supposedly hit the tower,
killing all its occupants and the highjackers. When Corley
examined the pictures of the gear, he was able to determine
that it came not from a Boeing 767-200, but from a Boeing
737-100.  Further, when Corley examined the picture of the
engine from the same plane, he determined that the engine
shaft was part of a CFM-56 engine, a power plant used solely
for all 737's after the 737-200 series.  This information is
found on http://rense.com/general63/hiding.htm

Jon Carlson has taken excerpts from La Vanguardia, one of the
biggest and most respected newspapers in Spain, and some very
interesting data has been revealed.  Frozen and blown up
images of the plane that hit the south tower show evidence of
remote control devices that were used to guide the plane into
the tower.

On the underside of the plane were visible three strange
shapes, which the aeronautical experts found no clear
explanation. They consisted of two long shapes located
underneath the fuselage, one towards the bow and the other
towards the stern of the plane. A third, seemingly pyramidal
in shape, was found on the underbelly, almost in the center of
the plane.

A contour-detection digital analysis of the still photos,
carried out at the Escola Universitària Politècnica de Mataró,
concluded that the "objects discerned cannot be due to shadows
caused by the angle of incidence of the sun upon the plane as
they always appear as the same shape and size, although their
luminosity varies."  It was concluded that the objects were
not due to a trick of light, that they had relief, and that
they were not part of the landing gear.

When La Vanguardia asked Boeing's head office in Seattle about
the strange forms to be seen in the photographs, the company
declined to give an opinion citing reasons of national

In response to Carlson's article, an Avionics expert with 35
years experience in the area of Avionics on numerous military
and commercial aircraft stated that the objects on the photos
looked like a remote control package. He said that what we
were looking at is not the normal configuration of a
commercial aircraft.  For those that want more detail, there
are links in Carlson's article to websites showing the
components of the remote control package and describing their

Failure of FBI investigation of the South Tower airliner
'bulges' has led to speculation that missiles or bombs were
attached to the bottom of the aircraft. Premier 9/11 website,
http://the-movement.com , has concluded that the 911 incident
was a military operation.

Carlson's article can be found at

In a second article by Carlson, closely following the previous
one, a second avionics specialist detected a second remote
control antenna on the airliner that hit the south tower.  She
agreed with the previous avionics expert that the blade
antennas, circled in yellow on the photos in the article, are
not found on commercial airliners.  The antenna on the
airliner's tail section was deduced to be a planar phased
array antenna, a lower frequency high gain antenna, that has
the advantage of being easy to lock onto when on a fast moving
aircraft and is highly directional.  She was amazed that the
antenna had been attached to the outside of the tail section
with no effort at concealment and commented that it was an
indication of the arrogance of the people involved that they
weren't worried about it being detected.

This article can be found at

It is Carlson's third article in this series that really ties
things together and adds more evidence that the 911 incident
was a black military operation.

Hank Brandli, former meteorologist at Hickman Air Force Base
in Hawaii, says that with military operations weather is
always a top priority and comments that, with 911, "I think
they had a weather guy on their team to help set it up." 
Further, he thinks that they spent months and maybe years
planning the operation.  He said that the 911 operation had to
come down to a last-second call, because there was a hurricane
coming up the coast and a cold front moving out.  He added
that September is the worst month of the year to be planning
such an operation.

A northwest wind, of which there were only five in the month
of September, 2001, was necessary to hide a military
helicopter that was serving as a remote control station to
guide the airliner to the south tower.  September 11 was one
of those five clear days with a northwest wind.

The meteorologist says that five-day weather forecasts are now
made with great accuracy.  And what is the significance of
this?  Well, President Bush had tentatively planned to be at
Booker school giving his infamous talk about a pet goat, but
had kept his booking unconfirmed because of "security
reasons," until five days before 911.  Then, it is thought,
when he got the OK from his meteorologist with the favorable
5-day forecast, suddenly his speaking appearance was on.

Within minutes after the airliner crashed into the north tower
and formed a smudge pot plume with the smoke emanating from
the tower, a Bell 212 helicopter used the smoke plume to enter
the WTC airspace unnoticed to ground observers, but not the
cameras filming from a distance.  There was a window of 17
minutes between crashes, which meant that the helicopter
started its trip to the WTC before the North Tower was hit,
indicating pre-knowledge.  The helicopter placed itself over
the south tower so that it could steer the airliner at itself,
but then dive it into the south tower below.

Scott Forbes, a worker at Fiduciary Trust in the south tower,
reported that on September 8 and 9, power was shut off in that
tower from floor 50 upward. This effectively shut off all of
the security cameras and, according to Forbes, there were
many, many 'engineers' coming and leaving the tower at that

There is much other incriminating evidence in this article,
which can be found at http://rense.com/general63/wte.htm

In a further article by Jon Carlson, a CNN video filmed the
south tower helicopter and three things were noticed.  There
were two antennas, one an antenna for receiving video from the
incoming controlled airliner and there were two white blade
antennas on the bottom of the boom that communicate with the
blade antennas on the incoming airliner.  The helicopter was
also unmarked.

The remote control station for the incoming airliner to the
north tower, the first tower hit, was a small white jet that
was filmed flying in formation right above the incoming 737. 
It was filmed by video cameras.

The white jet was filmed by the camera of a Japanese tourist
as the incoming plane hit the south tower.  The white jet
guided the incoming airliner to Manhattan Island.  Then
control of the incoming airliner was 'handed off' to the Bell
helicopter, which guided the 737 into the south tower.  From a
shadow cast on the north tower by the white jet, it was
determined that the jet was about 35 feet long.

Pennsylvania witnesses described the white jet in exacting
detail.  Their description fits the 36-foot long Saab 105 SK60
military jet used in the Swedish and Austrian Air Forces.

This article can be found at

In another report from On Line Journal, Karl W.B. Schwarz has
shown discrepancies in the official story of the plane that
hit the Pentagon, supposedly a Boeing 757.  He has looked at
pictures of the wrecked engine part taken by the mass media
and has done a comparison of relative size of the engine and
has also looked at the configuration of the engine.  He
concludes that the Pentagon part is not from a Boeing 757,

After further research, his investigative team finally found
what might be the actual type of part that was filmed at the
Pentagon.  It was determined to be a 737 type of "turbojet"
power plant, with a probability to be in the "modified A-3 Sky
Warrior twin-turbojet airplane and was never used on a Boeing
757.  Schwarz added that he would bet that a jet mechanic from
Evergreen Air (a known CIA affiliated company) could tell us
where that fan blade on the Pentagon engine part came from and
hoped that he would do so in front of a Spitzer or Morganthau
grand jury.  The Sky Warrior was also capable of carrying and
firing an air to air missile, the type of which could have
blown the hole in the side of the Pentagon.

Schwarz's team has also examined other wreckage at the
Pentagon site including a diffuser case, a wheel hub and a
tire.  All of these parts, it was concluded, could not have
been from a Boeing 757.  Schwarz added that someone had taken
the pains to remove pictures of the Pentagon parts from the
internet so that they could not be identified and that it had
taken his team several years of digging to do the
investigative work.  Schwarz's article can be found at

As to the question of what happened to the bodies of the
passengers if the planes that hit the World Trade Center
towers and the Pentagon did not contain any people and were
guided by remote control.  We go to an interview with Karl
Schwarz.  The answer is said to come from two air traffic
controllers who came forward and started talking. They said
that both of the flights that took off and supposedly hit the
World Trade Center were actually directed to the east instead
of to the west and they disappeared in a single sweep of the
radar out over the Atlantic. Further, the two meteorologists
said that they know the location of the airfield that the two
remotely guided airliners that hit the towers took off from.
This article is found at http://rense.com/general64/wth.htm

Finally, we go to an article entitled A 9/11 Checkmate by
TvNewsLIES.ORG The article proposes that some things are so
disturbing that they are almost impossible to believe and that
there is a real danger of frightening everyone off by offering
too much information.  So the writer has compared the problem
to a chess game and offers two strategic moves that will lead
to a checkmate.

He says the two pieces of the 9/11 puzzle, that on their own
expose the lies of the US administration are: 1) the abnormal
number of put options that were placed anonymously on American
Airlines and United Airlines just prior to the attacks,
otherwise known as the cover up and 2) the controlled
demolition of building 7.

First. Let's deal with the put options.  That a highly
abnormal number of put options were placed on the two airlines
involved, points to foreknowledge of the attacks.  The
identity of the investor is known by the financial institution
that processed the investment and yet nothing has been done to
reveal the name of the investor because the person's identity
is being protected by the government.  If the name of the
investor was known, then it is assumed that we would have the
name of a person who had foreknowledge of the event.

The second issue is the controlled demolition of building 7. 
FEMA investigators claim that WTC 7 fell as a result of
burning for 7 hours.  But FEMA's claim is contradicted by
Larry Silverstein, the new owner of the building, who made a
public statement to the TV mass media saying that a decision
was made to pull building 7, in other words to demolish it. 
But a controlled demolition requires weeks or even months to
plan.  This meant that the explosives had to be planted far in
advance of the 911 event because explosive charges are not
installed in the routine construction of a building. In
addition, this decision to demolish building 7 was never
questioned by the Kean Commission.

And then to make things even nicer for Silverstein, he
received a settlement of $861 million from Industrial Risk
Insurers for the willful demolition of his own building in
which he had invested $386 million, coming away with a
windfall of $475 million.

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