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Those Stubborn Facts:Antarctica Ice Sheets Safe

The IPCC’s climate science has long claimed that human CO2 emissions are producing an accelerated global warming, with a “runaway” warming trend, which is then being amplified in the north and south polar extremes. This dangerous warming is, of course, causing the ice sheets to melt, unleashing catastrophic sea level rise, and thus swamping coastal regions and low-lying islands, as we speak!South Pole Cooling

Hmmm…..despite over 845 billion tons of human CO2 emissions being added to the biosphere since 1978, that predicted dangerous warming, and associated catastrophes, have yet to materialize.A BIG-TIME FAIL, no? As many are now saying, a rather robust and very significant embarrassment for all of the “consensus” involved: including the IPCC, the United Nations’ science “experts,” the governing elites and bureaucrats.This huge fail is amplified because the South Pole region that includes Antarctica has done the opposite – literally a cooling temperature trend over the last 35 years.NASA’s satellites have now been measuring global temperatures for a full 35 years (420 months through November 2013), including the Antarctic. The chart (right) documents the measured southern polar region temperatures.
As can be seen, there has been a cooling trend – granted, a very tiny -0.04°C/century, but it remains far removed from the IPCC’s unicorn science of “amplified” and dangerous polar warming. And not only has it not warmed, the Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record amount.Well, you might now be wondering if that imminent, catastrophic Antarctica ice sheets melting and collapse are still imminent…as predicted. Nope. Eating a huge amount of that cooling crow, the IPCC has recently labeled that outcome as “extremely unlikely“…..Ooops!!
In summary, those stubborn facts that are the archenemy of climate change alarmists are without mercy – after 35 years of high tech measurements, the South Pole region has nada, zilch, goose egg, naught, aught, nil, nix, nothing, null, zero, zip and zippo warming. Nuff said.Previous ‘Those Stubborn Facts’ postings. Additional modern, regional and historical temperature charts.
Note: Download Excel spreadsheet with data used to plot chart.
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