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Richard Moore

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Subject: FREE DVD ON 911!  Confronting the Evidence:A Call To Reopen the 9/11 
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 01:39:17 -0400

From: "Never Surrender":
This is a fabulous DVD about 911.  I have it and it is
priceless.  Best of all it's totally FREE, not even postage!

Just fill out the form below.  PLEASE DO IT AND TELL ALL YOUR
Confronting the Evidence:
A Call To Reopen the 9/11 Investigation.
The Video is Mightier Than the Pen.
More Than 200,000 DVD's Given Away!
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To get a FREE copy of the DVD produced by Jimmy Walter and
ReOpen911.org, please complete the information below. DVD
going to press February 21. Please allow 2-3 weeks after
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To date, Reopen911.org has given away 200,000 copies of
"Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11
Investigation," a new DVD exposing critical evidence about the
9/11 attacks. "Confronting the Evidence" includes footage of a
"town hall meeting" held on September 11, 2004 in New York
City. Hosted by actor and activist Ed Begley Jr., the
groundbreaking event featured David Ray Griffin, David
vonKleist, Barry Zwicker, Webster Tarpley, Kristina Borjesson,
Karl Schwartz, Jeff King, Paul Thompson, Jenna Orkin,
Christopher Scheer, Dr Robert Bowman, Christopher Bollyn, and
John Prados.

The DVD also includes special selections from Eric Hufschmid's DVD on 9/11, 
Painful Deceptions."

Reopen911.org is sending a free DVD to every library, police department, fire 
department, as well as thousands of other interested patriots across the United 
States and abroad. For your own Free DVD, please fill out the form below.

Donna (NeverSurrender)
Sister Saber of Enlightened Compassion
Unitarian Jihad

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Subject: FW: [toeslist] New Film made by UK socialists
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 20:32:29 -0700
Organization: Institute  for Cultural Ecology

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Subject: [toeslist] New Film made by UK socialists

-this message has been forwarded through Louis Proyect's
Marxmail.org list, and other routes.  Some of you might be
interested in this intro to Marxism film, which, at this
point, is a streaming video (soon to go DVD/VHS).  It looks as
though it would work very well with undergrads and for general
public education. ----- One of  the best introductions to the
democratist case against capitalism can be seen in a new film
just put on the world wide web at:


The film, "Capitalism and other Kids' Stuff", made by 4
members of The Socialist Party in the UK, is 49 minutes in
duration and, beginning with a look at how we treat our
children, explains in non-jargonised terms, the insanity of a
system that places profit before human need, en route looking
at historical materialism, the class struggle etc.

This is a very, VERY good introduction to addressing economic
issues and the ideologies which keep the current classist,
corporatist system in place.

Please note, this is not some leftie Party political broadcast
or vanguardist rant.


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Richard Moore (rkm)
Wexford, Ireland

"Escaping The Matrix - 
Global Transformation: 
    "...the Patriot Act followed 9-11 as smoothly as the
      suspension of the Weimar constitution followed the
      Reichstag fire."  
      - Srdja Trifkovic

    There is not a problem with the system.
    The system is the problem.

    Faith in ourselves - not gods, ideologies, leaders, or programs.
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