Yet another phony ‘Al Qaeda’ video…


Richard Moore

Why did the neocons fabricate this particular video, and why now?

Your guess is as good as mine, but perhaps it means they're planning to stage 
the next 911 in Israel. That would make a lot of sense, in their diabolical 
minds. It would negate a lot of the world's condemnation of Israel for its war 
crimes against Lebanon, and it would give Israel an excuse to begin the invasion
of Iran.


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Al Qaeda threatens attacks in Gulf, Israel
By Miral Fahmy
1 hour, 9 minutes ago

Al Qaeda warned in a video aired on the fifth anniversary of the September 11 
attacks that U.S. allies Israel and the Gulf Arab states would be its next 
target in a campaign that would seal the West's "economic doom."

Deputy al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri said in remarks apparently addressed to 
Western leaders: "I tell them do not bother yourselves with defending your 
forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. These forces are doomed to failure.

"You have to bolster your defences in two areas ... the first is the Gulf, from 
which you will be evicted, God willing, after your defeat in Iraq and then your 
economic doom will be achieved," he said in the video broadcast in part on the 
Arabic al-Jazeera television channel.

"And the next (target) is Israel. The current of holy war is closing on it and 
your end there will put an end of the Zionist-crusader supremacy."

Zawahri's warning of attacks in the Gulf, the world's top oil exporting region, 
follows previous calls by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to target oil 
facilities to cripple the West.

Al Qaeda has also in the past branded U.S.-allied governments in the Middle East
as infidels and traitors, and has used this collusion with the West to justify 
their attacks.

Gulf Arab leaders all have strong ties with Washington and Saudi-born bin Laden 
has in the past singled out the Saudi royal family for censure. The Saudi wing 
of al Qaeda launched in 2003 a campaign of shootings and suicide bombings, many 
targeting foreigners, to topple the House of Saud.

In February, al Qaeda militants conducted a failed attack on the world's largest
oil processing plant in Saudi Arabia. The group then vowed to carry out more 

Insurgents in Iraq have often targeted oil facilities and in Yemen, bin Laden's 
ancestral homeland which is cracking down on militants, al Qaeda has claimed 
responsibility for the bombing of the U.S. destroyer Cole in 2000 and an attack 
on a French supertanker two years later.

Ceremonies were due to take place on Monday across the United States to mark the
attacks on New York and Washington which killed almost 3,000 people and 
triggered Washington's global "war on terror."

In the video, Zawahri urged Muslims to step up attacks against the United States
and the West, according to excerpts aired by CNN television network.


CNN said the video was available on Islamist Web sites, but it could not be 
found on the mainstream sites often used by militant groups. It quoted Zawahri 
as saying that "new events" were on the way.

"Your leaders are hiding from you the true extent of the disaster," Zawahri 
said. "And the days are pregnant and giving birth to new events, with God's 
permission and guidance."

The video showed Zawahri dressed in white and sitting in front of a book case. 
It appeared to be part of al Qaeda's own commemoration of the September 11 

Zawahri held the governments of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia responsible for 
the killing of Muslims in the Middle East, Al Jazeera said. "Israel has been 
able to dominate Lebanon and Gaza only because Egypt has been totally removed 
from the conflict with Israel," he said.

On Sunday, al Qaeda's media arm al-Sahab released a 92-minute video entitled 
"The Manhattan Raids," a collage of video footage showing bin Laden urging the 
attackers to prepare themselves for martyrdom, the wills of some of the 
attackers and clips showing the men training in an unidentified location.

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