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 Bush, Blair blasted as war criminals at antiwar protests
Posted on Sat, Mar. 22, 2003

LONDON - (KRT) - President Bush and British Prime
Minister Tony Blair were denounced as war criminals at
a large rally in London's Hyde Park on Saturday, one of
many protests held in cities worldwide. War protesters
also gathered in Indonesia, Japan, Greece, Bangladesh,
New Zealand and other countries, as well as in numerous
U.S. cities. Anti-American sentiment appeared to be
rising in many parts of the world as U.S. and British
troops pressed their assault on the regime of Saddam
Hussein. In London, many carried signs castigating the
United States as a "rogue state," and speakers compared
the tactics used by Bush and Blair to those favored by
the Iraqi dictator.

_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Zoe Pilger: Generation Apathy has woken up
23 March 2003

Of all the carnage to come from a war in Iraq, one
positive element has emerged. Young people of my
generation are becoming more and more politicised. You
can see it around you. It is now normal for me to
overhear 14-year-olds discussing the pros and cons of
military intervention, on the bus on the way home from
school. Badges carrying anti-war slogans, such as "Not
In My Name" are appearing on the lapels of school
blazers and ties. It is common to turn on the
television and see students under the age of 18 defying
their teachers, waving banners and megaphones, and
protesting in Parliament Square.  "Generation apathy"
has officially woken up.

_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Police hem in protesters, Ugly scenes as thousands 
take to the world's streets
The Sunday Herald 23/03/03

TENS of thousands of people marched in cities around
the world or demonstrated outside US military bases
yesterday, although demonstrations were smaller than
recent protests. 'Bush, murderer,' chanted protesters
in Paris, while protesters in Helsinki, Finland,
roared: 'George Bush, CIA, how many kids did you kill

_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Geneva Switzerland - Swiss Police Attack School Aged Anti-War
Friday, 21 March 2003

Breaking News – Hundreds of Swiss school children have
been fired upon by riot police outside the US Mission
in Geneva. The attack, witnessed by workers from the
nearby World Health Organization, was unprovoked.

_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Quarter Million March Against Bush War In Spain

MADRID (AFP) - As many as a quarter of a million people
marched through Madrid Saturday to protest the war on
Iraq, organisers said, calling for the resignation of
Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, who has strongly
supported the US-led campaign against Baghdad.

_ _ _ _ _ _ __

100,000 March Against War In New York City

What a great day for New York City, today. More than
100,000 anti-war protesters walked from Times Square to
Washington Square Park (about 4 miles or so). Nothing
could possibly have been more peaceful. There is no
word that can better express the day other than
'harmony.' The one thing that held this harmony
together was the peacefulness of everyone there, most
certainly the NYPD.

_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Anti-war strikes shut Dhaka schools, shops
PTI  [ SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 2003 06:53:32 PM ]

DHAKA: Thousands of protestors marched through the
streets of Bangladesh's capital during a half-day
strike called to protest the US-led war in Iraq even as
foreign minister expressed concern over possible human
rights violations during the battle.

_ _ _ _ _

Peace Marchers Rally Across United States (March 23)

NEW YORK - Anti-war activists marched again Saturday in
dozens of cities, marshaling well over 100,000 in
Manhattan and sometimes trading insults with backers of
the U.S.-led war on Iraq. War backers rallied too,
often by the thousands, with American flags and chants
of "USA!"

In Chicago, some of about 800 troop supporters came
within 20 feet of a small group of anti-war activists
outside a federal building. As the protesters shouted
"killers, killers, killers," a military backer yelled
back "idiots, idiots, idiots." Later, about 500
anti-war protesters marched around the same building.

Carrying peace signs and wearing costumes,
demonstrators in New York spanned 30 blocks as they
marched down Broadway toward Washington Square Park.
Unofficial police estimates put the crowd at more than
125,000; United for Peace and Justice, the march
organizers, estimated the crowd at more than 250,000.


Tens of thousands protested in San Francisco after two
days of anti-war rallies in which about 2,200 were

San Francisco police on Friday vowed to be more
aggressive in controlling the crowds. The latest
demonstration was peaceful, although police arrested 10
people - mostly for failing to disperse - as the rally
stretched into the evening.

"Families are coming out, kids are coming out. In
deference to that, we want to keep this a positive
experience," said organizer Mario Santos of
International ANSWER. "There's no point to civil
disobedience. It's Saturday. Everything's closed."

In Hollywood, war protesters marched down Sunset
Boulevard, complaining that news coverage is slanted.
One sign showed a photo of an Iraqi mother with a
wounded child and said, "Collateral damage has a face."

Los Angeles police, who estimated the crowd at between
2,500 and 3,000 people, arrested 78 people, mostly for
failing to disperse. Chief William Bratton, expecting
larger protests Sunday during the Academy Awards, told
KNBC-TV the demonstration was "good practice."

In Washington, several hundred protesters, chanting "No
blood for oil," strode through the streets and rallied
in front of the White House. Their pink and orange
signs read "No war against Iraq" and "Money for
unemployment, not war."


Abroad, tens of thousands of angry protesters from
London to Japan again marched against the war. Some
denounced their governments for backing the United

Since the outbreak of war, peace demonstrations have
spread to dozens of American cities large and small in
one of the widest outpourings of anti-government
protesting in many years. Anti-war activists have
blocked traffic, sat in at federal buildings, prayed at
somber candlelight vigils, and laid down on sidewalks
to symbolize the war dead.

Mostly smaller counterdemonstrations have sprung up
too, appealing for support of the invasion or U.S.

Nearly all protests have been peaceful, though
scuffling with police broke out on a few occasions.
More than 3,000 arrests have been made, usually as
police tried to clear streets and keep buildings open.

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