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WSF Bulletin September 28, 2005 

1. <ção>
Registration of activities for the WSF 2006 is now available!

2. <>Meeting in
Bamako (Mali) will put forward the preparation for the
polycentric WSF

3. <>Report of the
Hemispheric Council´s meeting in Caracas

4. <>Last European
Social Forum Preparatory Assembly took place in Istanbul

5. <>Social
Forums around the world

1. Registration of activities for the WSF 2006 is now

The activities registration and preparation tool for the
polycentric WSF 2006 is already available in English and
Spanish/Castellano! It is a virtual workspace where
organisations, movements, networks, NGOs and other groups from
all over the world will be able to register the activities
they will hold in the three polycentric 6th WSF, which will
take place in January 2006 in Caracas (Venezuela), Karachi
(Pakistan) and Bamako (Mali).

The new tool will allow organisations from all over the world
to meet each other in order to prepare jointly activities for
the WSF 2006 or activities related to the process. The tool
will also work as a thematic consultation for the events in
Pakistan and Mali. See below how to participate:

1) First, enter the activities registration website. There are
two ways of doing this:

a) directly at the website
<> through each
polycentric forum website (where you will find further

b) through each polycentric forum website, which are under
construction at the moment and where you will find further
information. Caracas
(<>www.forosocialmundial., Bamako (<> o

2) Then, register as an individual

3) Right after, register your organisation

4) After, you will be able to fill in a form about the
activity(ies) your organisation will hold on WSF events
(options Bamako, Caracas or Karachi) or for the process
(option “General”). Note: only organisations can propose
activities, not individuals.

Up to now, registration is available in English and Spanish.
But soon, the French version will also be on-line. At this
first moment, the individuals linked to organisations will
only able to register activities. Later on, it will be
possible to form discussion groups to debate links among
different activities.

Attention: this website
(<>  is only for
activities registration and preparation for the three 
polycentric events. Registration and payment of organisations,
its delegates, individual participants and media must be done
at each polycentric WSF website, which are under construction

The organisations who are registered at the activities WSF
2006 workspace will be able to:

- Invite other organisations to prepare common activities
- Identify organisations which have interest on the same themes
- Search for organisations of the same field of activity
- Contact organisations in order to build links for common activities
- Invite organisations that have similar interests to carry out joint 
activity(ies) and/or merge similar proposals in one
- Interlink windows activities (which can be carried out simultaneously in one 
or more polycentric events)
- In the case of Bamako (Mali) and Karachi (Pakistan), suggest broad themes for 
the two events.

Attention: in the morning of September 22nd, there were some
problems at the <>
website. If you have done organization registration during
this period, please, enter the website again. Click on the
option "organization/list of organizations" and check whether
the name of your organization is on the list of registered
organizations. If it is not there, please, register again. We
apologize for the inconvenience.

In order to clarify doubts about registration of activities, please check the 
FAQ page
or write to the e-mail: <•••@••.•••>

For further information about each polycentric forum:
Bamako (Mali)
Caracas (Venezuela)
Karachi (Pakistan)
43-4B, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S,
Behind Nursery Market
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: 9221-8240716 Fax: 9221 8240714
E-mail: <mailto:•••@••.•••>•••@••.•••

2. Meeting in Bamako (Mali) will put forward the preparation for the polycentric
A meeting in Bamako, in Mali (Africa) will discuss a work plan
towards the polycentric WSF 2006. The meeting will take place
from September 29th to October 3rd, 2006 and it will gather
the organizing committees from the three 6th WSF polycentric
events (which will take place in 2005, in Caracas, Bamako and
Karachi), members of the International Council and its
commissions (methodology, resources and communication).

Some of the meeting’s main subjects are the information about
the organization process for the three events, the
interconnection activities among the three polycentric events,
the event’s general design and perspectives for the WSF 2007.

At the last day, there will be a seminar in order to deepen
the debate about methodology. Meetings among local social
movements and a group of artist that will take part and
support mobilization and diffusion of the WSF in Mali are also

3. Report of the Hemispheric Council’s meeting  in Caracas
The full report of the Hemispheric Council meeting, which took
place from August 14th to 17th, in Caracas (Venezuela) is
already available online for download
CH_caracas_0805.pdf>PDF and
CH_caracas_08_05_esp.rtf>RTF format). During the meeting, the
thematic and transversal axes for the WSF 2006 Americas venue
were defined. The Americas venue of the WSF 2006 will take
place in Caracas, in January 2006. Read more below:

Thematic Axes:
- Power, politics and struggle for social emancipation
- Imperial strategies and peoples' resistance
- Resources and rights for life: alternatives to the predatory civilization 
- Moving diversities, identities and cosmovisions
- Work, exploitation and reproduction of life
- Communication, culture and education: democratizing dynamics and alternatives

Transversal Axes:
- Gender
- Diversities

For further information about the WSF in Caracas, write to: 
•••@••.•••, •••@••.•••

4. Last European Social Forum Preparatory Assembly took place in Istanbul
The last preparatory assembly for the 4th European Social
Forum took place in Istanbul, Turkey, from September 22nd to
25th, 2005. Its main subject was the discussion on thematic
axes for the 4th ESF programme. Work groups and networks also
met. For further details about the Assembly’s agenda (in
English), click on:

The previous assembly, which took place in Prague (Czech
Republic), from May 20th to 22nd 2005, discussed the results
of the thematic consultation on the 4th ESF programme, which
took place this year’s first semester. Read here the report on
the meeting:

The ESF will take place in Athens, Greece, in April 2006.
Further information:

5. Social Forums around the world
- West African Social Fórum, Cotonou, Benin, September 23rd to 25th, 2005
- 3rd Social Forum Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast, September 2005
- South-African Social Fórum, Harari, Zimbabwe, October 13th to 15th, 2005
- Austria Social Forum, Salzburg, Áustria, October, 2005
here to see the complete list, contact and other information.

World Social Forum Office in São Paulo
Address: rua General Jardim, 660 - 8th floor - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Postal code: 01223-010
<mailto:•••@••.•••>fsminfo@ <>

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