William Kotke: The Revolt Of The Militant Gardners


Richard Moore

The basic fact of empire is centralization of power. This is where the militant gardeners really hit them where it hurts – in the pocket book. Decentralization is the word that causes trembling up and down the halls of the International Bank of Settlements. As the militant gardeners achieve power over their own survival systems through self-sufficiency, they extricate themselves from the web of the money power. Decentralize now! 


Submitted by Carolyn Baker on Thu, 03/26/2009 – 8:05am.
The use of the word Revolution will cause the secret police who are doing world-wide electronic surveillance, to open another file (Hello! Project Echelon). That’s just fine. Those dinosaurs need some alternative information. The information for them is that they, the governments that employ them and the bankers that own the governments, are on a severe downhill slide. The growth system that they depend on has reached its apogee. The fuel of that growth over the centuries has been topsoil, forests, fish stocks, clean water, petroleum and a dependable climate in which to grow food. That’s all over now; industrial civilization has eaten it all up. The most creative ideas of present world leaders is to make money and grow big – that’s it!
The machine world of industrial civilization is dead. The hollow personalities and biorobots of the planetary ruling elite have led the human species into a cul de sac. The joke is, now that the human species is facing extinction from mass die-off and the final nuclear exchange over the last of the resources – these fat men in business suits are down on the floor scrambling for the last coins. What a joke!; take power in a crumbling civilization that is hell bent on planetary suicide? No thanks. An exponentially exploding population, each with expanding material consumption: based on dwindling resources, and a dying planet, will not work!
My German immigrant grandfather was a hard working sawmill worker with five children, who built his own house and lived frugally in Northern Idaho, until the depression, when the sawmill shut down and the banker locked the door and left town with all the sawmill workers’ savings, just like hundreds of other bankers around the country. But did the sawmill workers learn anything? No, they lived in a controlled information environment. They were saving up for a 1949 Chevrolet after the war. They liked Ike. They even said that some of the leaders were born again Christians. They were led along.
My family progressively lost their independence in the slide toward dependence. The grandchildren do not have the skills to build a house.
My mother grew up living in a hole in the ground called a “dugout” on a homestead in Western Kansas. They were survivors! None of the children have those skills. We have been forced into specialist slots in the industrial machine. We make money in order to purchase our survival systems. We live a life of powerless dependency upon the financial powers who sign the paycheck and sell the food; powers who’s money web connects all the way to the International Bank of Settlements in Switzerland. The world power of money controls our lives.
The Inca civilization that covered a huge land mass in South America functioned without any money. There were no poor people in that society. The money power came and smashed their society. They stole their art objects made of gold, melted them down and sent them away to the bankers of Europe. The living standard of the native people of that area still has not come back up to what they enjoyed five hundred years ago.
In the U.S. we have a similar icon which stands outside the money system. Those were the Minute Men (and Women). These were independent, self-sufficient people with power. At any point they could drop their hoe, grab the musket and go fight the British Empire. The leaders of industrialism dumped vituperation on them, calling them “homespun.”
They were probably angered that they couldn’t draw these people into the money web of profit and interest. These people were too powerful.
They depended only on their neighbors. They raised their own healthy food. They built their own buildings. They grew the flax and spun the cloth for their own clothes. The money system could not get leverage on them. They were not part of the system that produces profits for the thin layer at the top.
We can vote and vote and vote, for the stooges in business suits that the ruling elite props up for us, but militant gardeners are already rallying to the cry coming out of Western Oregon, “food not lawns!”
The guerilla gardeners are already dropping seeds in vacant lots and railroad right-of-ways. The suits want to rig the game so that we have no representation? Well, we will just take over the food supply of the country and dump the corporate cronies from the industrial food system, in the creek In Russia after the fall, sixty percent of the food supply was grown in citizen gardens. As we get more power over our own survival systems, we will target the real estate parasites by creating our own solar heated and hand made houses.
The basic fact of empire is centralization of power. This is where the militant gardeners really hit them where it hurts – in the pocket book. Decentralization is the word that causes trembling up and down the halls of the International Bank of Settlements. As the militant gardeners achieve power over their own survival systems through self-sufficiency, they extricate themselves from the web of the money power. Decentralize now! We take power over our own lives by our creativity! When the planetary food monopoly has collapsed, we will offer food to the suits of all countries, in exchange for dismantling the nuclear weapons which are armed and aimed at us and are so frantically over-produced they are capable of destroying each others societies twenty-eight times over!
Already we can hear the cries of those in coveralls holding pitch forks. Land reform! We, the descendants of our great leader, Emiliano Zapata say, “Land to the tiller!” The ownership of our planet has the same configuration as the 500 billionaires who control more wealth than half the world’s population.
Do not ask the militant gardeners what they think about the present planetary civilization, ask them how they feel about it. Industrial civilization has created an over- intellectualized culture for us to live in. We live in industrially produced, artificial environments and we are provided with an industrially produced artificial media reality for the intellect to chew on. We are the culture of the intellect. We are the specialists who know more and more about less and less. We as a society, intellectually understand a million dead in Iraq, but have no feeling about it. Death and life is simply an intellectual equation for the industrialist, but life is a feeling for the militant gardener who is encouraging life to grow. Reality comes down to a cash nexus for the industrialist and reality comes down to the intelligence of the heart for the militant gardeners. The intelligence of the heart has already produced whole, enveloping, conclusive feelings about the present planetary situation while the narrow intellect continues to churn out details.
The superpredators of empire have stolen our being, and as the Native American prophet, John Trudell says, they are feeding on that energy.
The empire has defined our power away. Militant gardeners know that high school science experiments show that germinating seeds which are prayed upon grow more vigorously than nearby seeds that are disparaged. The ruling elite’s definition of what a human is, says we can’t do that. Everybody has an aunt or a grandma who has precognitive dreams. That’s out too. Many have uncles or grandfathers who communicate with plants and trees. Why are these human abilities – and many more! – kept secret? They are kept secret because the empire has defined us into powerlessness. If we believe we can’t do those things, we can’t. We are living beings and we communicate with the living beings around us through the intelligence of the heart.
The intelligence of the heart allows the militant gardener to have respect for life itself. This is the political program: respect life, cooperate with life and help it grow here on our blue planet.
The economics of the gardening revolution is the solar budget. The climax ecosystem, such as an old growth forest or a natural prairie, is the most efficient at producing volume of photosynthesis because climax ecosystems have the greatest number of species per area (biological diversity). Photosynthesis, which is the initial energy feed of the living planet, then becomes the standard of economic measurement. As individual plants grow old and fall on the soil, the soil community transforms this energy into food for new plants. This is a biological energy flow system. The economics of gardening is to add to that energy flow and to restore ecosystems in the surrounding area. The Solar Currency would then be generated by the increased health and vigor the humans were adding to the earth’s life (growth of biomass per acre).
Militant gardening is only a precursor to growing our own lives, the lives of the children and the life of our village. Love is the power of militant gardening. Experiments by high school students show that love makes plants grow better than those disparaged. Gardeners also grow children.
One does not plant the seeds until the soil is prepared. In a gardening village where conscious conception is practiced, parents who have made the choice to conceive would be especially loved in a ritual manner by the elders. Medical research has shown that the future child will be shaped by genomic imprinting of the parents and the condition of their genes before conception. The conception itself, in a gardening village, would be ritually accomplished with the full conscious intent of the parents and village.
The celebrated medical researcher, Bruce Lipton has demonstrated that the DNA of the fetus in utero changes with impacts on the mother. As the mother perceives reality and reacts, her body produces a set of particular hormones from among the large inventory that we have. The hormones flow through the blood and trigger actions by various organs.
These hormones then get her body ready for the event she is perceiving. They also go in the bloodstream to the baby which reacts in kind. If the mother is subject to fear-stress, then hormones of the flight or fight nature are produced. This cuts off blood to the forebrain and gives it to the reptilian brain for a physical response.
In a fear based culture such as industrial civilization, there is constant stress. Gardeners know that when plants are stressed they become unhealthy.
Many hundreds of medical studies have shown that babies born to anxious mothers will more often suffer a wide array of diseases and disabilities and die sooner than others. What these new medical revelations point to is that money has nothing to do with a child’s ultimate flowering. In a village, where gardeners could sing, chant or communicate in some other regular way, with the baby in utero, this would add to the baby’s healthy growth by spreading the love vibrations to it. Each human is an extremely tender flower that can be injured by fear, anger and violence. The more care we can focus on growing children, means the more healthy and bright our children will be and the better chance our species will have to survive. This is true progress and growth.
In a village where the growth of life is the practice, the child bearing women are the centerpiece. The child bearing woman is the mother of the village and the hope of the future. It is from this biological fact that the structure of village society can flow.
The CIA and other spook degenerates have been fomenting revolts around the world and naming them with advertising words, like “the orange revolution,” the “velvet revolution” and such. Contrarily, the revolt of the militant gardeners could- legitimately- be called, “the revolution of the flowers,” because every garden has them.
Wm. H. Kötke has been disturbing the establishment and committing thought crimes for a long time and is the author of, The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the Future and Garden Planet: The Present Phase Change of the Human Species, which can be viewed at www.gardenplanetbook.com.