Why they are scared of Ron Paul


Richard Moore

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Ron Paul Revolution - The
Rebellion Of The Intelligent
By Jay Weidner

Between Huckabee's "Paul is dead" quote and Tim Russert's admonition to Ron Paul
on Meet The Press to "Stay safe on the campaign trail" it is time to say that 
there can be no doubt about it: These are threats. The establishment is 
delivering a big time message to Ron Paul.

They know what is really going on. They know the real poll numbers.

Ron Paul is doing very well and they are very worried.

The reason that the Ron Paul revolution is so worrying to the members of the 
Establishment is because this revolution is the most disturbing in history.

What I mean is that this revolution is the most disturbing to them.

The Ron Paul Revolution is the first web based revolt. This is the first truly 
post-modern political movement.

Pundits declare that Ron Paul is the Internet's choice for the Presidency. But 
when I drive to the store, in my very liberal town, I don't see any yard signs 
for Rudy, Hillary or anyone but Ron Paul and he has five signs.  If this is an 
Internet revolution ii is now threatening to break through to the larger outside

The meaning behind being the Internet's choice is what is interesting here. Like
it or not, in my own decidedly unscientific polling of people, I have decided 
that those people who get most of their information about current events from 
the internet are better informed. I have also discovered that those people who 
get most of their information from TV or the newspapers are the most ill 

So if Ron Paul is the Internet's choice, and the people who get their 
information from the internet are better informed, than that can only mean that 
Ron Paul is the choice of the best informed of Americans.

And this is what is rubbing Paul the wrong way with those in charge.

This is not a revolution like anything that has occurred in the past. This 
rebellion, best personified by Ron Paul, is a knowledge-based revolution.

This is a rebellion based on the facts.

In a sense it is the worst possible nightmare for the elites.

This is a rebellion by the most intelligent of the population.

And they will out-think everyone else.

This is a rebellion of the intelligent against the plans of those who are also 

But unfortunately for them we have the numbers. There are more of us than them. 
And we are also putting up our own money for this rebellion.

Because the elites know all of this they are stymied. They don't want to resort 
to violence, yet, but they are resorting to threats. They are trying to unnerve 
Ron Paul. But history is on our side and we have a candidate who is smart, like 

Give your money to Ron Paul. Write to Tim Russert and tell him what you think. 
Thank the universe every day for the Internet and do everything you can to make 
sure that the monkeys in Congress don't let anything happen to it.

But most importantly join the Ron Paul revolution.


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