What is Katrina all about?


Richard Moore


Sorry for lack of recent postings, in these news-rich times.
Continuing to focus on book. I'll come up for air long enough
to raise some questions about the New Orleans situation.

I downloaded an article dated 2 September from the BBC, at the
URL: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4207202.stm. It
began as follows:

            Crackdown in fearful New Orleans

            US troops, armed with a shoot-to-kill policy, are being sent
            to New Orleans to quell growing lawlessness, four days after
            Hurricane Katrina hit. ... 
            Announcing the deployment of 300 "battle-tested" National
            Guardsmen to New Orleans from Iraq, Louisiana Governor
            Kathleen Blanco said the men were carrying deadly weapons and
            were ready to use them. ...
If you go that URL now, the same day, you find a different
article. There was no retraction of the previous BBC article:
it was simply replaced by another. Evidently, unknown to the
BBC at the time, the shoot-to-kill policy was not supposed to
be known by the public. And I could find no other news sources
reporting that policy. Suspicious.

I don't know about you, but I find the rescue response to be
beyond belief. I don't say that in the sense of a superlative,
but rather in the sense that the response is, again,
suspicious. Why are they able to send 300 troops from Iraq to
shoot the starving, yet are unable to mount an effective Federal
rescue effort? They had several days of advance warning of the
hurricane, and knew it was of unprecedented magnitude. And
how can they possibly give priority to stopping looting, by
the starving, over the rescue effort itself?

Also suspicious are the reports of people firing on rescue 
helicopters. It is possible, but it makes little sense. Perhaps
people are totally pissed off at the rescue response, but I still
find it doubtful that they'd try to stop what rescue efforts are

One other suspicious aspect has to do with which of the levees
broke. It was not one of the old, earthworks levees, but rather a
newly refurbished section, a concrete wall several feet thick.
And it was along a canal which did not suffer the brunt of the
wave action.

We might also note that the danger facing New Orleans has been
know for some time. Scientific American published an article
on it, "Drowning New Orleans", and in 2001, FEMA warned that a
hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most
likely disasters in the U.S. But the Bush administration cut
the New Orleans flood control funding by 44 percent. In addition,
the Louisiana National Guard has suffered the second most
casualties in Iraq, after New York, which suggests that they have
second most troops in Iraq, conveniently leaving New Orleans
without local rescue support.

Overall, what I think we are seeing is a live test of a
martial law regime. Perhaps the levee was blown up by
pre-planted explosives, or perhaps not. But the response
indicates that rescue is not the main agenda. If the objective
is instead to test how people respond under post-apocalyptic
martial law (i.e., after the planned nuclear attack on Iran),
then it becomes likely that it is intelligence agents, not the
starving, who are shooting at rescuers.

Not only does the disaster give the Feds a chance to see how
local folks respond to martial law, but they also get to see
how the nation responds to reports from the area. This is very
valuable research, given the likelihood that much of the U.S.
will soon be under martial law,  from the World War to be
sparked in Iran, and the soon-to-come economic collapse - both
engineered by New York banking interests. As a test of martial
law, it makes sense for the disaster to be aggravated as much
as possible, which seems to be what's happening.

That's all for now folks. Back to work.


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