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    By creating false documents and false threats, the
    neoconservatives pushed the U.S. into an invasion of Iraq
    as the opening step in their plan for a wider war that
    would remake the Middle East.
       Libby lied to the grand jury in order to protect this


October 31, 2005 

What Libby's Indictment Means for the Jacobins 

by Paul Craig Roberts 

Lewis "Scooter" Libby, chief of staff to Vice President
Richard B. Cheney and assistant to the president, has been
indicted for a cover-up.

As U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald made clear at the Oct.
28 press conference announcing Libby's indictment, he
believes Libby "went before a federal grand jury and lied
under oath repeatedly and fabricated a story about how he
learned this information, how he passed it on." By
obstructing Fitzgerald's investigation, Libby has
prevented Fitzgerald and the grand jury from finding out
who leaked the name of the covert CIA agent, Valerie
Plame, and why.

Libby did not lie, commit perjury, and obstruct justice
for no reason. As Fitzgerald made clear, these are serious
crimes. For a high government official to commit such
crimes, the crime being covered up must be very serious

Those who have been following Bush's invasion of Iraq know
what that crime is. They also know who are the guilty

The crime is the falsification of intelligence in order to
deceive Congress and the American people. The Bush
administration could not have invaded Iraq unless Congress
and the American people believed the U.S. was in dire
danger from Saddam Hussein. Forged documents purporting to
show uranium sales to Iraq and false intelligence reports
from Iraqi exiles allied with neoconservative officials in
the Bush administration served as the basis for the false
claims about weapons of mass destruction and "mushroom
clouds" made by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and
National Security Adviser Condi Rice.

The Bush administration neoconservatives who assembled the
"intelligence" knew that it was false. The
neoconservatives had their own agenda. They used the
terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 to turn the Bush
administration to their agenda. As the leaked top secret
British government Downing Street memo made clear, the
agenda was to invade Iraq, and "the intelligence and facts
were being fixed around the policy."

There was a conspiracy among neoconservatives holding high
positions in the Pentagon, the State Department, the vice
president's office and the National Security Council.
Lawrence B. Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary of
State Colin Powell from 2002 to 2005, described the
conspirators as "a secretive, little-known cabal Š made up
of a very small group of people led by Vice President Dick
Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld." Wilkerson
says that the secret workings of this furtive cabal took
foreign policy and decisions about war out of the normal
government channels.

By creating false documents and false threats, the
neoconservatives pushed the U.S. into an invasion of Iraq
as the opening step in their plan for a wider war that
would remake the Middle East.

Libby lied to the grand jury in order to protect this

Fitzgerald has stated that his investigations are not
over. There are indications that Fitzgerald is aware that
more is involved than the blown cover of Valerie Plame's
CIA counter-proliferation operation. Fitzgerald is on the
trail of the conspirators who have committed high treason
by taking America to war on false pretenses.

Facing 30 years in prison, will Libby talk in exchange for
a lighter sentence? Will members of the cabal come forward
to save themselves before other members of the conspiracy
seize the opportunity to turn state's witness?

Now that there is blood in the water, media executives
will not be able to continue to muzzle reporters.
Democrats might find some backbone. Republicans might
realize that they are facing a far worse crisis than

Will the unindicted co-conspirators at Fox News, the
Weekly Standard ,National Review , the Wall Street Journal
editorial page, the New York Post , and the Washington
Times learn the Judith Miller lesson, or will they
continue to serve the conspiracy that hijacked U.S.
foreign policy and deceived the country and, perhaps,
President Bush himself?

Will neoconservative strongholds such as the American
Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institution, and the
Heritage Foundation continue to back the agenda of a cabal
that deceived our country into a disastrous war of

Unless America has lost its soul, Libby's indictment is
the first step in the unraveling of a criminal conspiracy
of high treason. Fitzgerald's continuing investigation
could serve as the counterrevolution that overthrows the
neo-Jacobin coup engineered by the neoconservative cabal.

President George W. Bush seems determined to take himself
down with his sinking administration, declaring in the
face of strong public opposition to the ill-conceived Iraq
war that he will accept nothing but "complete victory" in
what he has characterized as the first great war of the
21st century. Despite his failure as president, Bush might
survive the housecleaning with a deal that leaves his
father and Brent Scowcroft in de facto control of the
White House. The elderly members of the old Republican
establishment are all that remain of the GOP's

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