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Richard Moore

Although mainstream reports refer regularly to foreign
fighters in the Iraqi resistance, we know from occasional
reliable reports that foreign participation is actually
very minor. And although Al Qaeda is blamed for events all
over the world, we know from Chossudovsky and others that
Al Qaeda is part fiction and part a CIA-controlled
organization. See for example:

With these facts in mind, what do we make of the article
below? It seems to me that an "offensive along the border
with Syria" can only be interpreted as part of the overall
pressure campaign on Syria, which also includes the
attempt by Washington to get the UN Security Council to
sanction Syria.

The scenario reminds me of the Mexican-American War
(1846), which was intentionally provoked by U.S. forces
along the border with Mexico. Of course in the U.S. media
at the time, Mexico was named as the provocateur.



US launches offensive near Syria 

From correspondents in Baghdad 

November 05, 2005 

US and Iraqi forces have launched an offensive along the
border with Syria called Operation Steel Curtain involving
some 3500 troops, the US military said today.

The goal of the military sweep "is to restore security
along the Iraqi-Syrian border and destroy the Al-Qaeda in
Iraq terrorist network operating throughout Husaybah,
located on the Iraqi-Syrian border," the military said.

The operation involves some 1000 Iraqi army soldiers as
well as 2500 Marines, sailors and soldiers.

"Operation Steel Curtain marks the first large-scale
employment of multiple battalion-sized units of Iraqi Army
forces in combined operations" with US-led forces, the
military said.

Agence France-Presse

This report was published at dailytelegraph.news.com.au



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