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Published: Sunday, October 09, 2005 
Bylined to: Bob Chapman 

Bob Chapman: The Bush administration has a long history of
being untruthful

Venezuelan oil minister Rafael Ramirez says PDVSA will buy an
Argentine oil refinery for US$100 million. Argentine President
Nestor Kirchner and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias
have approved the deal. PDVSA will expand its operations in
South America to increase business with Repsol YPF. The
refinery is in Compana (near Buenos Aires) and will use 6,000
bpd plus 3,500 barrels of refined products. Repsol will give
PDVSA up to 10% of its business in Argentina.

PDVSA will start building a $100 million natural gas pipeline
in June 2006. The gas will come from onshore and offshore.

We find it strange that the Bush administration, which is
scrambling to find enough troops for the occupation of Iraq
and Afghanistan, would be sending troops to Paraguay on a
humanitarian mission. That is 500 heavily armed troops with
air support.

Why would these emissaries of good will be parked at an
airbase in the middle of a jungle only 200 km from the
Bolivian border?

Human rights' groups are concerned and they should be.

The Bush administration has a long history of being untruthful
... the White House would have us believe there is a threat of
terrorism in the region ... how dumb do they think we are? The
base just happens to be where the countries of Brazil,
Paraguay and Argentina meet and Bolivia is just a stone's
throw away.

Now let's see how many humanitarian soldiers they send in
beyond the initial 500 and what units and specialties are
involved. That intelligence will reveal a great deal regarding
US intentions. If they have sent in or do send in Special
Forces, Rangers, or the 82nd or 101st Airborne Divisions you
know there is nothing humanitarian in their mission.

When we exposed this mission a few months ago we mentioned
that the Guarani Aquifer ... the World's largest reserve of
water just happens to be in the region as does Bolivian
natural gas deposits, which are only 250 km away.

Could it be that George and the neocons want these deposits
for American consumption?

Could it be that if Bolivians do not vote in tune with the
neocon version of democracy that the US would implement it via

We have seen this US ruse over and over again.

What is very interesting as well is that the White House has
demanded and received total immunity for US troops from
national and international criminal court jurisdiction.

Why do US troops need such immunity?

What do they have planned for the people in the region?

Could it be torture, abuse and rape such as we have seen them
use in the so-called war on terror.

Putting all the foolishness aside, we all know George and the
neocons want to control the Guarani reservoir, Bolivia's
natural gas and to use Paraguay, Columbia, Bolivia, and
Ecuador as jumping off points for the invasion of Venezuela.

There are absolutely no reasons to believe that any terrorists
are operating in the region.

If the US expects us to believe that terrorist groups get
funding from there, they are stupid. We believe some
Paraguayans said it all when Donald Rumsfeld landed in
Paraguay in August. The crowd shouted, Rumsfeld, you fascist,
you are the terrorist.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan central bank has confirmed that the
bank transferred its foreign currency reserves, some $20
billion of its $30 billion, from the US to the Bank for
International Settlements, the bankers' bank. Sixty percent of
foreign reserves are in euros and 40% in dollars.

The move was prompted by further threats by the US government
... which Mr. Chavez would not elaborate on.

Some have said Venezuela will lose several hundred million
dollars in interest each year due to the switch. We say you
never chase a yield, because currencies have higher yields
because of higher risk.

We wished they had moved 5% to 10% to gold following
Argentina's lead.

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