Venezuela to offer free eye treatment to 6 million Latin Americans


Richard Moore

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Chavez says Venezuela to offer free eye treatment to 6 million Latin Americans

A total of 6 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean will receive free
eye treatment thanks to Venezuela's Mision Milagro (Miracle Mission), President 
Hugo Chavez said Thursday.

"Throughout history over thousands of years, I doubt there has been a 
humanitarian operation on this scale," Chavez told a gathering of thousands of 
so-called "missionaries": the people who will care for the people suffering from
eye problems.

Mision Milagros, a joint Cuban-Venezuelan organization offering free eye 
treatment to needy patients, began by serving only Venezuelans but is now 
available to all Latin Americans.

It is one of the social projects launched alongside Mision Habitat, Mision 
Ribas, Mision Milagro and others to boost standards of living, education and 

In March, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said dozens of Guatemalans were among 
the first to benefit from the program, to be followed by 100 Central Americans 
in the month to receive eye operations including cataract treatment.

Source: Xinhua

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