Venezuela: struggle with oligarchs continues


Richard Moore

Chavez orders occupation of Maracaibo, Puerto Cabello and Porlamar ports

VHeadline Venezuela News: President Hugo Chavez has called on the Venezuelan Navy to prepare to take port facilities at the country’s major cargo terminal at Puerto Cabello … he says it “must happen this week” and adds that there’s no going back in his head-on conflict with the (opposition) Governors of Carabobo (Henrique Salas Feo) and western Zulia State (Pablo Perez) who have said that they will use every means at their disposal to maintain regional autonomy over the ports.

Chavez told reporters “if Henrique Salas Feo gets difficult, he will captured right away because he will be sabotaging and opposing the enforcement of a National Law … and that leads to prison… the same thing for the Governor of Zulia!”

“Governor Salas Feo says he’s going to defend Puerto Cabello … but the Navy is already on its way there. I don’t know what Salas Feo is planning to do … he may want to defend it with the state police. But he’ll go to jail … no authority, Mayor or Governor can oppose the Venezuelan Constitution and the laws of the Republic by interpreting them at their own convenience!”

In an aside, Chavez explained that inshore fishing trawlers that refuse to comply with the law will be expropriated … according to Agriculture & Lands Minister Elias Jaua, some thirty trawlers are scheduled for expropriation.  “In the past this way of fishing destroyed kilometers of marine life with specialized ships. Everybody must realize that those ships will not be allowed to operate any more.” He adds that authorities were sent to seize the Hato Caroni ranch and that many similar operations are planned … it is a direct “confrontation with the oligarchy … to death if need be!” and that he will not be stopped in his efforts to radicalize much-needed land reform.