Venezuela shopping for submarines


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Published: Sunday, September 25, 2005 
Bylined to: Yury Nikolayev 

RIA Novosti: Venezuela's Navy considers buying Russian

RIA Novosti's Yury Nikolayev writes: Venezuela intends to
consider buying Russian Amur-class submarines, the country's
Navy said. Vice Admiral Jose Laguna, the (Venezuelan) Navy's
commander-in-chief, will discuss this issue during his
upcoming visit to Russia.

Laguna intends to go to sea onboard an Amur-class
diesel-electric submarine to inspect its tactical and
technical characteristics. Venezuela is set to buy three new
generation submarines to replace German Type 209 submarines.

Venezuela is holding a tender on the purchase of submarines.
German Type 212/214 submarines and French-Spanish Scorpio
submarines are also bidding for the tender.

Vice Admiral Laguna said the Venezuelan Navy would choose a
submarine that has the best tactical and technical
characteristics and is easy to train personnel.

Amur-class submarines have the new Club-S antiship weapon
system. This system enables the submarine to fire Club-S
missiles, as well as torpedoes, from ten torpedo tubes in the


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