Vanity Fair – Bruce Willis on JFK: The perps are still in power


Richard Moore

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From Unlikely Quarters, Bruce Willis Ends The JFK Debate

The Kennedy assassination furore is over and the "conspiracy theorists" won, 
9/11 is soon to follow

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bruce Willis' insightful and definitive comments to Vanity Fair about the 
assassination of JFK, in which he boldly states that Kennedy's killers were 
never caught and are still in power today, are a benchmark as to how far the 
truth movement has progressed since 9/11.

"They still haven't caught the guy that killed [President] Kennedy," Willis told
Vanity Fair's June issue.

"I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in 
power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted," 
adds the Die Hard star.

Bruce Willis is a perfect example of how the rampant corruption of the U.S. 
government and the overwhelming evidence proving that the entire war on terror 
is a manufactured hoax has ostracized even the administration's most fervent 

The son of a military man, Willis was and still is an ardent patriot and like 
many was caught up in the post-9/11 fervor, believing that his beloved America 
had been attacked from outside and committed his work to supporting a positive 
and healthy message that America's motives in the war on terror were just and 

Willis' genuine patriotism and moral compass was exploited and perverted by the 
Neo-Con agenda to police the world not in the interests of America but to serve 
the agenda of the military industrial complex. Again, like the majority of the 
nation, for a time Willis was fooled into supporting the lie, but soon came to 
the realization that he had been double crossed.

After Hollywood director Richard Linklater handed Willis DVDs of Alex Jones' 
documentary films Terror Storm and Martial Law on the set of Fast Food Nation, 
Willis underwent a political awakening and his entire paradigm was shifted.

Sources tell us that Willis is now virtually obsessed with "conspiracy" material
and, like Charlie Sheen before him, spent months researching the JFK 
assassination as well as 9/11 before he spoke publicly to Vanity Fair.

We salute Mr. Willis for having the courage to use his huge profile to draw 
people's attention to subjects of vital importance, flying in the face of the 
fear, in his own words, that they might kill him for doing so.

Willis' comments follow last week's definitive revelations concerning the role 
of CIA veteran E. Howard Hunt in the murder plot and his deathbed confession 
that the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy on behalf of Lyndon Baines 

The establishment news media have completely blackballed one of the stories of 
the decade and it would take a very naive person to believe the ignorance wasn't
deliberate. As Bruce Willis said, the U.S. government was overthrown in November
1963 and the military-industrial complex have been running the show ever since -
they are still in power today. The press are afraid to cover this story because 
a lot of people who have pursued the truth about the assassination or simply 
been in a position to know certain information - have ended up in a coffin 
pretty soon after.

Some even scoff at the tape's authenticity simply because it was aired first on 
Coast to Coast Live, a show that tackles a multitude of controversial and quirky
issues. How else could Saint John Hunt have got the tape released when no 
corporate media outlet dare touch it? Coast to Coast has 20 million listeners 
every night, in using them as a forum, Hunt was ensuring the maximum exposure 
possible outside of mainstream channels.

The tape is real, the confession is real - burying your head in the sand and 
pretending it's all a fairy tale is not going to make the truth of this story go

We are now declaring victory on proving the assassination of JFK was an inside 
job - polls routinely show that around 90% of Americans agree and one of the 
main conspirators has now admitted this to be the case, in addition to others on
the inside like Madeleine Duncan Brown and LBJ's lawyer who also blew the 
whistle on the fact that it was a coup de 'tat orchestrated by Johnson. 

There can no longer be any debate, the establishment press can continue to use 
their little "grassy knoll" cliches to try and debunk anyone who questions the 
official government version of anything, but the fact is that they now reflect a
tiny minority of popular opinion in this context.

Similarly in the case of 9/11, polls show that around 84% distrust the 
government's account and suspect a cover-up, and no amount of ad hominem attack 
slurs and Popular Mechanics style hit pieces are going to reverse that growing 
trend. (

The game is almost up, we are in the fourth quarter and we have accrued an 
unassailable lead - the "conspiracy theorists" have won and though things may 
get worse before they get better, the success of our mission to rouse the human 
race from its sleepwalk will soon begin to catalyze measurable change in the 
world around us and freedom will rise again.

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