US troops kill 13 Iraqi protesters


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Subject: US troops kill 13 Iraqi protesters 

Sarah Left and agencies
Tuesday April 29, 2003
The Guardian 

US troops opened fire on a group of Iraqi demonstrators
near Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 13 people and
wounding 75 others, according to reports from the area.

Qatar's al-Jazeera television station reported that
troops had fired on the demonstrators in the town of
Falluja, around 30 miles west of Baghdad, after someone
in the crowd threw a stone at US soldiers. The
protesters had been demonstrating against the continued
US presence in Iraq, al-Jazeera said.

US central command in Qatar said troops had shot at
armed Iraqis who had fired on the soldiers. Witnesses
said that the demonstrators, who had been protesting at
a local school, had not been armed. They said that the
protest had been peaceful.

A correspondent for the Reuters news agency in Falluja
said that residents put the death toll at between 13
and 17 people. The director of the main hospital in
Falluja said 13 people had died and said his staff and
treated another 75 people.

A local Sunni Muslim cleric, Kamal Shaker Mahmoud, told
Reuters that the demonstrators had gone to a school
occupied by US troops to ask them to leave.

"They were asking the Americans to leave the school so
they could use it," he said. "They opened fire on the
protesters because they went out to demonstrate. We are
asking the Americans to completely leave Iraq, but
first we want them to leave residential areas."

An al-Jazeera reporter in Baghdad said that the injured
were being treated at five hospitals around Falluja.
The Reuters correspondent witnessed six burials.

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