US to stage world’s biggest anti-terror exercise


Richard Moore

        The exercise is expected to centre around a maritime
        terrorist attack. 

And a maritime terrorist attack in the gulf has been named by Bush as one of the
triggers for an Iran attack. The false-flag scenario is now clearly laid out for
us to see in advance.


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Published: 19/02/2007 12:00 AM (UAE)
US to stage world's biggest anti-terror exercise

Saipan: The world's largest anti-terrorism exercise will be held on the Pacific 
island of Guam this year, emphasising the growing importance of the island to 

Exercise TopOff4 is part of a series of large-scale exercises to help strengthen
the United States' ability to respond to terrorist attacks involving weapons of 
mass destruction.

The TopOff4 exercise will be bigger than last year's Valiant Shield war games, 
in which the US mobilised 30 ships, 280 aircraft and 22,000 military personnel.

The exercise is expected to centre around a maritime terrorist attack.

Guam and neighbouring US territories including the Northern Mariana Islands are 
considered by the US as strategic locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The island is home to one of the largest US military naval bases in the region 
and 8,000 marines will soon be relocated there from Japan.

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