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Subject: Venezuela: US government implicated in the assassination of Danilo 
Date: November 20, 2004

 News and opinions on situation in Venezuela

US government implicated in the assassination of Danilo Anderson? by Oscar Heck

Published: Friday, November 19, 2004
Bylined to: Oscar Heck commentarist Oscar Heck writes:  I was going to
take a day off to do run-of-the-mill things like invoicing,
filing, bank deposits, etc. Š until I heard about the
assassination of National Prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

Venezuela is entering into another phaseŠ

However, before I continue with the article, and although I
did not know Danilo Anderson personally, I wish to extend my
sincere sympathies to his family and to close friends Š and to
the Venezuelan democratic citizenry. It seems quite obvious
that Danilo Anderson was coldly assassinated because he was
simply "doing his job."

Danilo Anderson was heading up the process to bring several
hundred Venezuelans to court regarding their involvement in
recent criminal events in Venezuela, amongst these, the
US-backed April 2002 coup against Chavez, embassy bombings,
incitement to civil unrest and sabotage. The process toward
prosecuting guilty parties was/is being done by the law and
with valid reason Š contrary to what the US-financed
anti-Chavez movement has been claiming (that the people to be
prosecuted are victims of "political persecution") .

Is it a coincidence that Danilo Anderson was assassinated only
a few weeks after having begun the process to prosecute
"prominent" Venezuelans who have been involved in criminal
anti-government activities in Venezuela?

It is possible that the assassination had something to do with
personal revenge Š perhaps a feud of some sort Š or a settling
of accounts Š but I doubt it. Traditionally in Venezuela, as
in most Latin American countries (and most parts of the world)
, "prominent" citizens are "immune" from almost any kind of
prosecution Š but now that Venezuela has a true democracy,
"prominent" Venezuelans no longer have "diplomatic" immunity.

The fact that these Venezuelans are no longer "protected" has
certainly outraged them Š especially those who are on the list
for prosecution and investigation.

Now, no matter what anyone says, I am convinced that the US
government is behind this tragic, anti-democratic event. I
will explainŠ

The US government has financed the anti-Chavez movements in
Venezuela (primarily) through the National Endowment for
Democracy (NED). Many of the people who are to be taken to
court for prosecution or questioning (what Anderson was
working on) received financing from the NED, whether directly
or indirectly through fronts of different kinds.

There is plenty of evidence to back such a claim.

The Venezuelan government knows it Š and so do I and so do
many other people. The proof is there, much of which is public

But why do I accuse the US government of being involved in the
assassination of Danilo Anderson?

Why do I accuse the US government of being complicit?

Simple. The NED has recently been financing what they call
"pro-democracy" "organizations" in Venezuela to the tune of
millions of dollars. Most, if not all of these organizations
are anti-Chavez, as recently implied by the NED's president
himself. Many of the members of these "organizations" have
been the overt leaders of the rabid (and often criminal and
violent) anti-Chavez movements in the last three years Š or
they have been directly involved in publicly discrediting
Chavez with lies and false accusations, manipulation of
information and outright disinformation.

These Venezuelans, the ones who have been backed by the NED
and other supposed pro-democracy NGOs such as USAID, have been
publicly involved in everything from promoting civil unrest,
to calling for the death of Chavez Š to being present at the
April 2002 coup against Chavez Š and signing coupster Pedro
Carmona's dictatorial decree dissolving the elected National
Assembly, the reform laws and the constitution.

The NED is well aware of this Š especially since much of the
incriminating evidence was publicly televised by the criminals
themselves. "Organizations" such as Sumate, the CTV and
Fedecamaras are amongst these.

Note: There are many more "anti-Chavez" Venezuelan
"organizations" which have received funding from the NED and
USAID and whose members were also involved in sabotaging the
Chavez government and the country. This is part of the
investigation which the Prosecutor's office is involved in.

Some people might put up the argument that there is no proof
that the US government was involved in the assassination of
Danilo Anderson. Of course there won't be any "evidence."

The US government has a clear track-record of "hiding" the
evidence when it comes to their subversive anti-democratic
actions abroad Š in Venezuela included.

Here is a fictional (yet potentially realistic) scenario.
Suppose that I am a without-conscience, wealthy, upper-class,
corrupt Venezuelan. Chavez is elected into power Š mostly with
support from the 80% poorer Venezuelans whom I have been
exploiting and abusing for years. I start to get worried and
share my concerns with "fellow" mid-to-upper class,
apartheid-promoting Venezuelans who share the same
preoccupations about Chavez' capacity to "unsettle" our
traditional mafia-like ways.

While conversing with my "peers," I discover that I can create
a not-for-profit organization which promotes US-friendly
activities in Venezuela. So I do it. I incorporate a
not-for-profit organization called, "Venezuelans for
Democracy, Liberty & Social Democratic Renewal."

Through my "connections," my organization applies for a grant
from the NED under the project-title of, "Assembling local
pro-democracy movements for the purpose of promoting a return
to democratic, inter-American principles during this time of
political turmoil in Venezuela." The NED grants me US$50,000,
which I must account for in terms of its use, expenses, etc.
My budget includes $15,000 for purchase of office supplies,
equipment and furniture, $5,000 for volunteer stipends,
$10,000 for one year's rent and $20,000 to cover the costs of
trips to (Miami) to attend "inter-American democracy
collaboration" events.

Once approved, I purchase " supplies and equipment" from my
brother-in-law (who runs a bankruptcy purchase company) for
$2000 Š and I "rent" office space in a building which my
cousin owns. After pay-offs (est. $5000) , I pocket $18,000 Š
from this part of the budget. As for the $20,000 allotted to
travel expenses and the stipend money ($5,000) Š it provides
me with enough resources to spend two months in Miami with my
volunteer (mistress) to attend some "meetings" with fellow NED
recipients in Miami. When we are not in "meetings" discussing
"how to get rid of Chavez," we are partying with our
mistresses, drinking Black Label whisky and smoking "illegal"
Cuban cigars at exclusive clubs.

This is fun. I repeat the same NED-financing process a few
times (and so do my fellow "democrats") until one day, when we
are completely drunk out of our skulls, we get completely fed
up with Chavez and his government (they just won't let go!) .
Now we really have to do something Š we all agree. But what?
And how? Assassinating Chavez would not be the "best bet," at
least not for now Š but maybe we can "get rid of" Danilo
Anderson Š especially since some of us are on the list of
people to be called for questioning by the courts. Yeah, that
seems like a good option. But where do we get the money to do
this? We all know that it is relatively inexpensive in
Venezuela Š but still, we need some money. We can't use the
NED funds to directly pay-off the assassins Š so we better use
our own cash money so that we cannot be traced and so that we
can continue receiving NED money. Anyways, the NED provides us
with enough money to subsidizes our mistress-pleasing
vacations in MiamiŠ

I don't know if the above scenario is real, But I suspect that
it is close to reality Š closer than some would want it to be.
It is certainly not beyond the realm of reality. Similar
events happen throughout the entire world, often in
"diplomatic" circles.

How do you think that people end up having such extravagant

Furthermore, the use of threats, lies, media manipulation,
death threats and assassinations on the part of wealthy
mafia-like Venezuelans is traditional and well known. Similar
tactics (threats and lies) are also regularly used by the US
government in its criminal activities abroad Š so it is of no
surprise that the NED and the NED recipients are more or less
on the same wavelength.

So Š was the US government implicated in the assassination of
Danilo Anderson?

In my opinion, certainly Š just as the US government has been
implicated in the April 2000 coup against Chavez and in the
heartless, without conscience sabotage of the Venezuelan
economy in 2002-2003 which left thousands upon thousands of
innocent Venezuelans jobless Š not to mention the deaths and
assassinations which the NED-backed Venezuelan
civil-unrest-movement is responsible for.

The question now is: Who's next? How many more Prosecutors
will be assassinated?

Fortunately, in Venezuela today, there are plenty of true
democrats who are willing to forge ahead in a true democracy Š
even whilst the NED (and other such anti-democracy
organizations) continue to finance criminal, anti-democracy
activities in Venezuela.

The following is a quote from my November 5, 2004 article
about the NED: Why would Venezuela even let these terrorists
(the NED president and his entourage) into Venezuela in the
first place? What for? To let them secretly meet up with more
anti-democratic Venezuelans who might need more financing for
an upcoming plan to try to oust Chavez from power again? The
visit by the NED to Venezuela would be the equivalent to the
USA allowing Osama Bin Laden to freely enter the USA where he
would meet with Washington officials to talk about his stance
Š and where he would be allowed to present his
rationalizations for all the "terrorist" threats and actions
taken against the USA on US territory. During his "free" visit
to the USA, Osama would also take the opportunity to meet with
radical anti-USA terrorist factions within the USA itself.

Oscar Heck

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