Ukraine: launching Project Genocide


Richard Moore

On November 2, Infowars Ireland reported that authorities in Kiev were spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over city. … Pneumonic plague is one of the most virulent and deadly diseases on earth …an even more powerful brother of The Black Death.     

     …“Shortly after his arrest there were reports that he had called into a radio show with a warning about a biological weapon being prepared in the Ukraine by a company called Baxter International. According to these reports, Mr Mosse said that the weapon would be spread via a flu vaccine”

Mosse has been proven right as regards the outbreak in the Ukraine, and the fact that they silenced him adds to his credibility. This implies a modification to the scenario I presented in our previous posting. When the mass vaccinations begin, they’re likely to be distributing a new vaccine that directly infects you with pneumonic plague, perhaps to be distributed selectively to ‘undesirable’ population segments.
This makes sense of reports we published months ago, about the mass ordering of body bags, and the nationwide survey conducted by FEMA, to locate sites suitable for mass burials. 
Here’s a bit of macabre serendipity. It was only yesterday… I was chatting with a Scottish woman, and she suggested that next time I’m in Edinburgh, I should take the Underground Tour. That’s a tour of an underground city-beneath-the-city, where they confined the victims of the Black Death in the Middle Ages. How strange (?) this should come up, just as that bit of history is about to play itself out again, all these centuries later.
It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, to take in the big picture. We are smack dab in the middle of The Final Solution, being implemented according to the principles of The Shock Doctrine. The Big Hammer of intentional historical demolition has been striking, and it won’t stop until the New World Order is established over a depopulated global landscape.
     Strike One was 9/11, illustrating the bold nature of the Hammer, demolishing in a single stroke the Constitution and International Law. Strike Two was the Economic Collapse, another inside job, with derivatives as demolition charges, bringing down the global economy at free-fall speed. 
     Strike Three was the Bailouts, turning nations overnight into Debt Slaves, and leading to the rapid consolidation of the NWO infrastructure, as Savior Obama begins chairing the UN Security Council, and the IMF begins issuing SDRs. Strike Four is the Pandemic Project, the coup de grâce, with vaccines as demolition charges, bringing down world population at free-fall speed.
The arrogant elites who wield the Big Hammer seem to love symbolism. They used the emergency number, 911, as a kind of signature of their handiwork, first in Chile and then with the Twin Towers. And of course there was KLA 007 and the spy-plane incident. How cute. I can almost hear their pathetic little chuckles, as their bony hands fondle their money, their precious, and they drool over the prospect of mass genocide.
     In this regard we might note that we’re only a week away from 11/11, which will be forever associated with the end of World War I, which in turn is associated with the Spanish Flu, another mass die-off precedent, also associated with a vaccine program. Perhaps it will be on 11/11 that Obama will announce that vaccinations will be mandatory, justified by events in the Ukraine. OK folks, line up to take your kool-aid.

Prognosis and treatment

Pneumonic plague is a very aggressive infection requiring early treatment. To reduce the risk of death, antibiotics must be given within 24 hours of first symptoms. Streptomycin, gentamicin, tetracyclines, and chloramphenicol are all effective against pneumonic plague.
     Antibiotic treatment for seven days will protect people who have had direct, close contact with infected patients. Wearing a close-fitting surgical mask also protects against infection.
Without treatment, the mortality rate from pneumonic plague approaches 100%.


Martial Law, Forced Vaccinations May be Unfolding in Ukraine

The darling of the globalist NGO “color revolution” in the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, has issued an official statement suggesting as president he will impose martial law on the country, force citizens to take toxic vaccinations, and outlaw demonstrations by the political opposition. 
Kurt Nimmo

November 5, 2009

“I instruct the Government and the Ministry of Health to immediately start preventive and promotional work in areas where there is no epidemic, targeting primarily the special risk groups,“ declared Yushchenko. “This means that medical aid must be urgently reinforced by emergency, critical care treatment. It is generally known that the only way to prevent any infection is vaccination.”

In his declaration, Yushchenko made the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council “the center of decision-making” and said that “failure to comply with its orders will immediately result in application to the law enforcement authorities.”

In addition, Yushchenko said demonstrations against the government during the growing flu epidemic would be considered acts of “criminal irresponsibility,” a hint that the government will crack down on opposition under the cover of protecting the public. “I have addressed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with the request to institute criminal charges of negligence” against government officials “who, despite having daily information on the epidemic situation in the country, neglected it in pursuit of political dividends and ambition,” said Yushchenko.

On November 4, Yushchenko accused rival Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, ex-prime minister Viktor Yanukovich and parliamentary speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn of ignoring the growing epidemic and organizing mass rallies for their own campaigns. “The first and most effective method of prevention is not to allow mass gatherings of people. But, ignoring this rule, hundreds of thousands of people were brought to Kiev for various events from different regions,” Yushchenko said in a televised speech, according to Reuters.

In late October, the government imposed a quarantine around the country and public events were banned, including the elections. Police enforced the compulsory wearing of protective face masks and citizens caught not wearing a mask faced harsh legal penalties.

On November 3, Ukraine shut down its schools, universities and cinemas, and banned public gatherings for the foreseeable future. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said “special regimes” designed to limit the movement of Ukraine’s citizens were being introduced in an attempt to prevent the spread of the mystery virus.

On November 2, Infowars Ireland reported that authorities in Kiev were spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over city. “The office of Emergency Response in the district of Desniansko, Kiev, are tonight (30th Oct.) strongly refuting reports that light aircraft were spraying a substance over the city intended to counter a ’swine flu pandemic’ in Ukraine,” Infowars Ireland explained. “It was reported that light aircraft were seen over the Forest market area of the city (close to the Forest metro station) and they were spraying an aerosol substance intended to ‘counter swine flu,’ this of course would constitute forced medication of the population.”

The office of Emergency Response in the district of Desniansko strongly refuted the accusation.

After the UN’s WHO sent an emergency team to Ukraine to monitor the outbreak which as so far infected 450,000 people and killed more than 80, it was determined the illness has been caused by H1N1 swine flu. British scientists are examining samples of a strain to determine whether the virus has mutated, Sky News reports.

Other health experts believe that the virus may actually be a different pathogen, not H1N1, with some observers suggesting it may be a return of the pheumonic plague, a bacterial infection that can be 100% deadly if not treated quickly.

Earlier today, an outbreak of pneumonic plague was reported in China. “Chinese authorities have put a whole town in quarantine after an outbreak of horrifying pneumonic plague,” notes Health Freedom Alliance. “Two people have died from the highly contagious disease, an even more powerful brother of The Black Death – the bubonic plague believed to have wiped out a quarter of the population of Europe in the 14th Century…. Pneumonic plague is one of the most virulent and deadly diseases on earth, usually fatal within 24 hours.”

In August, 2008, the Israeli microbiologist Joseph Mosse, who is allegedly connected to the Mossad, said Baxter International had manufactured a bioweapon in the Ukraine. Mosse was arrested for supposedly making threats against the White House. “Shortly after his arrest there were reports that he had called into a radio show with a warning about a biological weapon being prepared in the Ukraine by a company called Baxter International. According to these reports, Mr Mosse said that the weapon would be spread via a flu vaccine,” Radio Netherlands Worldwide reported on November 3. “Credence is being given to these reports because Mr Mosse’s qualifications as a microbiologist are confirmed by his research profile” on the BiomedExperts website.

Is it possible the events in Ukraine are a precursor of things to come in the rest of Europe and the United States? If the virus currently spreading in Ukraine is a new and more deadly mutation of H1N1 or pheumonic plague, we may very well see enforced quarantines and forced vaccination in the United States.