UK Police State, Surveillance Society Out Of Control


Richard Moore

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UK Police State, Surveillance Society Out Of Control
Crude propaganda posters mirror images from Orwell's 1984

Steve Watson / Infowars | April 17 2006

A new poster has been plastered around London over the past few months to remind
us that Big Brother is watching in order to keep us all safe.

The poster headline reads simply "Watching over you 24/7" and features giant 
eyes set into the landscape of the Houses of Parliament in London.

Of course we are being surveilled constantly for our "safety and security" as 
the sub headline reads. The telephone number below promises unique benefits if 
you become a member of the London Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Since when was the entirety of London a "neighbourhood"? This is a city with a 
population of nine million people - do we all need to spy on each other and be 
constantly watched by cctv cameras in order to be safe and secure?

This new poster is similar in appearance to a previous example that was paraded 
around bus shelters in London a few years ago.

The "Secure beneath the watchful eyes" poster featured multiple all seeing Horus
eyes. In Egyptian mythology Horus presented his eye to Osiris, the god of death,
who experienced rebirth in the underworld.

The symbol of the all seeing eye was adopted by the Bavarian Illuminati and has 
pervaded modern culture.

How ironic or coincidental that the iconic London red bus would shortly down the
line once more appear, this time blown to smithereens, despite the helpful and 
loving watchful eyes.

Even more farcical was the fact that the "investigation" into the July 7 
bombings was hindered when it was discovered the CCTV cameras on the bus that 
blew up were not working.

Britain is acknowledged as the world leader of Orwellian surveillance. An 
estimated 4.2 million closed-circuit TV cameras observe people going about their
everyday business, from getting on a bus to lining up at the bank to driving 
around London. It's widely estimated that the average Briton is scrutinized by 
300 cameras a day.

Authorities maintain the cameras deter crime, despite the fact that police have 
admitted that they are 'too busy' to watch CCTV, even AFTER a crime has taken 
place. The outrage of civil libertarians has fallen on deaf ears as the public 
seems willing to accept the constant monitoring for the greater good.

The Posters are both eerily similar to shots taken from the film re-productions 
of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four in which a totalitarian government 
regime rules over the people with an Iron fist and relies on a total 
surveillance society to scare the population into submission and docility.

The posters are nothing more than crude and simplistic propaganda informing us 
that we are all under suspicion in this surveillance society. The fact that the 
in this latest one they feel the need to add the words "security and safety" is 
an attempt to play down the immediate aggressive and threatening feeling that is
instilled upon its viewing.

Other posters that have gone up all over the UK recently inform the population 
that should they spit in public, on a bus or train for example, then their DNA 
will be collected and stored on the national database FOREVER.

Under current UK laws, if you are arrested for any recordable offence, police 
are allowed to take your fingerprints and a sample your DNA. Even if you are 
subsequently released and found innocent, police can still keep your DNA, which 
is added to a PERMANENT database.

Worse still, hundreds of thousands of children aged between 10 and 18 have had 
their DNA added to the database despite never being cautioned or charged for any

How can all this be to protect freedom and ensure our liberty? Some are 
awakening, but still no one dares to suggest that on our doorstep is a Police 
State surveillance society that is worse than Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. We 
have to speak out now before it's too late, because it can happen and it is 
happening here.

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