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Today ---------- 14 November 2007

News & Analysis
France: Sarkozy seeks confrontation with the working class

More in regret than anger
Bhutto calls for Pakistan's US-backed military strongman to resign

Congressional report puts cost of US wars at $1.6 trillion

Britain: Queen's Speech signals attack on civil liberties

WSWS speaks to show runner on writers' picket line

Film and television celebrities express support for striking writers

An explosion of billionaires in China

Turkish union bureaucracy adds its voice to nationalist campaign

SEP/ISSE Public Meetings
International Students for Socialist Equality meetings in Britain
90 Years since the Russian Revolution

2007 Australian Election Campaign

Industrial relations and the trade unions under Labor: From Whitlam to 
Rudd--Part 3

SEP's Patrick O'Connor speaks at Grayndler forum
Socialist Alliance and Greens back Labor

The SEP and preferences in the 2007 election

Letters from our readers

New in German
Frankreich: Sarkozy sucht Konfrontation mit der Arbeiterklasse

Sarkozys Washington-Besuch: Die Huldigung eines Vasallen

New in French
France : Sarkozy recherche la confrontation avec la classe ouvriˆ®re

France : Les ˆ©tudiants se mobilisent contre la rˆ©forme des universities

France : ¬´ Tout est dirigˆ© contre la politique de casse sociale du 
gouvernement ¬ª, disent les ˆ©tudiants qui manifestent

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