Threats Force Virgin To Pull Loose Change


Richard Moore

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Neo-Con Threats Force Virgin To Pull Loose Change

Free speech hating slugs smear documentary, link 9/11 truth with Nazi propaganda

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 4, 2007

Virgin Airlines have pulled Loose Change from their in-flight movie roster after
a cadre of Neo-Con slugs, bullies and enemies of free speech sent threatening 
complaints to the company, smearing the documentary and comparing it with Nazi 
propaganda films.

"Virgin Airlines has pulled a controversial internet documentary on 9/11 from 
its in-flight entertainment system after complaints from bloggers and radio 
shows," reports a technology website.

"Well, it didn't take long for Virgin to backpedal. While we fully understand 
and support Virgin's decision, we also fully understand that they signed a legal
binding contract, so essentially, they paid us for the rights to NOT show the 
movie," writes Dylan Avery on his Loose Change blog.

But the complaints were nothing to do with scaring passengers by offering a 
movie primarily about airline terrorism, they formed a coordinated campaign on 
behalf of government boot-licking brown shirts who throw their toys out of the 
pram every time anyone interrupts their bedtime story - the government's 
official version of 9/11.

The source of the Neo-Con revolt was seemingly Michele "put every Muslim 
American in a concentration camp for our safety" Malkin's Hot Air blog, an 
electronic compound for Bill O'Reilly acolytes and frothing Bushites who spew 
threats and intimidation whenever their precious 'waving plastic American flags 
made in China', war cheerleading illusion is challenged by anyone who dares 
question the government.

"I thought since that since Virgin Airlines was going to give us a 'chance to 
make up Œyour¹ own minds' with regard to the 9/11 attacks on America, by showing
the Loose Change movie in-flight, we all would greatly appreciate seeing the 
works of Leni Riefenstahl so we could 'make up our minds' about Nazis," wrote 
one sheep California. "And, how about all those wonderful German documentaries 
from 1939-1945 showing how subhumans are destroying European culture, and how 
Germania is a bulwark against the Bolshevik hordes and jazz-spouting American 

Playing the Holocaust card in attempting to smear 9/11 truth has all but 
replaced the "insulting to the victims" scam that has largely been dropped since
it was the government itself who egregiously insulted and endangered the heroic 
first responders in the very hours after 9/11 by lying and telling them the 
toxic air as safe to breathe.

This talking point emanates directly from Fox News and Bill O'Reilly, who in 
March compared questioning 9/11 to Holocaust denial - which is the numero uno of
ad hominem attacks that debunkers have to resort to when facts are in short 

Making out Dylan Avery to be some kind of Hitler figure might hold more weight 
if Avery were in control of a powerful industrial country, ran its media and 
commanded its standing army, but last time I checked Dylan still lives in 
upstate New York with his friends and a dog called Justice.

Virgin Atlantic finally collapsed under the weight of frothing Neo-Con fury when
producer Nick Rizzuto from Andrew Wilkow's Sirius satellite radio show, had a 
"heated 20 minute conversation" with Virgin in which he threatened to instigate 
a "media firestorm" unless they canned the movie. Virgin were obviously misled 
as to the notoriety of "Andrew Wilkow's" rinky-dink never heard of broadcast and
immediately pulled the documentary.

"Although the movie has been thoroughly debunked since, it has been a huge 
success on the internet, and downloaded by millions of users," reports the 

Debunked by who? The very progenitors of yellow journalism - Hearst Publishing's
Popular Mechanics? The gaggle of government apologists whose advertising 
contracts depend almost entirely on the military-industrial complex that got fat
off exploiting 9/11? The same hacks who lauded their pathetic debunking attempts
as politically independent and yet had Republican warmonger John McCain pen the 
forward to their book?

The official fairy tale apologists' sloppy ad hominem attack pieces and 
error-strewn polemics have been debunked to kingdom come, including in a 
fantastic new book by David Ray Griffin, but they still delude themselves into 
thinking that the majority still believe their lies, despite polls showing over 
80% distrust the government's version of events.

A startling referendum on who the general public believes on 9/11, the truthers 
or the debunkers, was underscored yesterday when it emerged that the government 
was having problems finding potential jurors for the Jose Padilla case, because 
many of them didn't trust the media and government proclamation that "Al-Qaeda" 
was behind the 9/11 attacks.

"A cottage industry of conspiracy theorists has sprung up among academics and 
others who claim such things as that the U.S. was involved in the Sept. 11 
attacks, or that explosives planted inside the World Trade Center towers brought
the buildings down rather than the jetliners that crashed into them," reports 
the Associated Press.

A cottage industry? More like the most vocal, influential and passionate 
political movement since the 60's, but don't expect the establishment 
gatekeepers to give us any credit, and don't think for a second that they will 
ever admit their complicity and cowardice in failing to out the lies that have 
led to the deaths of over 600,000 civilians and thousands of U.S. troops in 

The tipping point already passed a long time ago - 9/11 truth is here to stay 
and it's only going to get bigger, eclipsing the feeble efforts at intimidation 
and censorship on behalf of the all the Neo-Con slugs, Malkin and her 
anti-American bootlickers included.

E-mail flood! Tell Virgin how you feel about this decision. E mail them here. 
Call them at the numbers listed here.

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