Thomas Piketty on capitalism: NWO propaganda


Richard Moore

Bcc: FYI

The groundbreaking status of the book was recognised by a recent long essay in the New Yorker in which Branko Milanovic, a former senior economist at the World Bank, was quoted as describing Piketty’s volume as “one of the watershed books in economic thinking”. In the same vein, a writer in the Economist reported that Piketty’s work fundamentally rewrote 200 years of economic thinking on inequality. 

From the reviews I’ve seen of Piketty’s new book, it seems he is presenting a quite valid analysis. The same analysis that has been available from other writers for many decades now. His book is a ‘watershed in economic thinking’ for only one reason:  because the mainstream media is featuring it. It is absurd for him to claim he’s the first to gather significant data on economic inequality, or for the Guardian to claim that his is the first ‘scientific’ treatment of the subject.

Created problem, created crisis, offered solution – that’s the standard method for elites to transform society. That’s how they start world wars, and how they brought in the Federal Reserve. They created globalization; they created the 2008 collapse, and that’s what has brought capitalism to the point where its failures have become obvious. Now Piketty has been chosen by elites to be the ‘designated revealer’ of the truth about capitalism. Let me repeat my favorite political mantra: Beware of elites bearing gifts.

In order to bring in their new global micromanagement form of tyranny, aka Agenda 21, they need first for the mainstream to start criticizing capitalism.